July - Seven of a Dozen
An English Garden in Red Rock Country

Bryce...Pretties for My Pretties

Bryce is one of the most amazing places on earth.  The hoodoos, plateaus and forests make up one breathtaking vista after another.  No picture can do it justice, and my pictures are rather poor.  There are many hikes of varying difficulty that are worth the effort, but we were lazy (and hot) and stayed car-bound.  The sky was full of storm clouds for much of the day and we chased a thunderstorm to the end of the canyon. It was cooler where the rain had been.

The hoodoo cities of Bryce are nothing short of amazing. Where else can you see mile after mile of red rock spires?



The rock spires also form windows, shapes (see the alligator?) and interesting formations.

Windowsofbrycecanyon Interestingrockformationseverywhe_2 Naturalbridgeisreallyanarch_2


Mother nature is at her most interesting, rugged and enchanting here.


Before you enter Bryce Canyon, there is another short canyon that had even more impressive contrasts of red rock and blue skies (due to the storm conditions we found in Bryce). We stopped in Red Canyon for a few photos and stopped again on our way out of Bryce to take more Hidcote photos (tomorrow, I promise, my sweets).

Blueskyandredrockinredcanyon Castleinredcanyon

We saw this sign and had to walk up the draw...wouldn't you.  We found a nice spot for more pictures of Hidcote (tomorrow, tomorrow!).



The weekend was just what we needed.  It was good to relax and do something we love to do.


A return to Bryce next spring is a must as we'd like to take a hike or two when the weather is cooler.  Even at 8,000' it was still very hot, but we had the most enjoyable day.  What is that saying about I never promised you a rose garden? However, tomorrow I do promise Hidcote's debut.


That is just unreal. I haven't been out that way in almost 15 years. I think i need to plan a trip!

Oh beautiful pictures Margene!!! We're going to Zions in a couple of weeks and I can't wait!
I also can't wait to see Hidcote!

Looks like my kind of place. So many interesting sights. One of those places you could visit every year and never see everything. Absolutely beautiful!

omg, sigh; perfectly beautiful. but; for Gator's i'll look out the back window at My Son's house....LOL

Now I want to go to Bryce again! and will check the red canyon next time we are there.
I loved Bryce in the snow too.

All the Utah parks are so high on my list. You're so lucky to live there and be able to get to them (fairly) easily!

I love Bryce Canyon! I haven't been there in 30 years, but it was amazing. I'd love to go back. Spring would be wonderful.

you two are so stinking cute. and the scenery so goregous in a way I am not used to.

Gorgeous! I think I need to start planning a trip for next year!

thanks for sharing breathtaking shots of your wonderful day - last year at the arches national park i was too exhausted to take such beautiful pictures, this hawaiian was not used to to that kind of trekking....

Those pictures are stunning. You are so lucky to be in a place so full of natural wonders and beauty.

I LOVE that picture of you and Marshall! You should get a frame and give him a copy for his office or something.

What a wonderful view!! Looks like you had a great time.

Can't wait to see Hidcote!

I scrolled down - and my breath just caught in my chest - absolutely astounding photography! Amazing. I must put this on my list of places to see before I die.

And that last shot of you two? Well, you don't see happy couples like that often. You should frame that one!

Margene, the hoodoo shot at the top is so cool. You can really see off into this distance, range after range.

I'm gonna have to check out Bryce Canyon - it looks amazing!

Here in Virginia we have Bryce Ski Resort - a long valley between parts of the Appalachian and Shenandoah Mountains - also very beautiful, but in a more green way!

I need to get to your part of the world -- we tend to go to the Pacific Northwest (where Mom and Dad are) or stick around the East Coast (Outer Banks, Bryce Mountain).

Now I have to go look up hoodoo.

Thanks for all the Bryce Canyon pix. I've always wanted to visit. I especially like the last one and the hoodoo reflected in your sunglasses!

That landscape seems so alien to someone from my part of the world (Britain), so I love seeing your photos.

you are a really great photographer...you have an artistic eye...i love looking at your pics ty for sharing them...

Bryce is wonderful. Y'all look so great - so happy. :)

Now bring on Hidcote already!! :D

You don't have to convince me about Bryce. Too bad it was too hot for much exploring.

Fabulous photos! You should try taking the horse ride down into Bryce Canyon. Even my husband, who hates horses, had a great time. It's really amazing down there at the bottom. And it's much easier to get back up on horseback!

Great photos! My family camped at Bryce when I was 11 or so - we started out for a wee walk and lost our way, winding up on a pinnacle in the very centre of the canyon. It was a hot day and my folks had not brought water - we made it back OK, but it sure wasn't pleasant! Incredible scenery, though - I have never forgotten it.

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