Bryce...Pretties for My Pretties

An English Garden in Red Rock Country


Doesn't she look quite marvelous against the red rock?  The shawl, sillly, not me! Of all the places in Utah where my finished knits have been photographed, no place is as amazing as Bryce. 


Hidcote felt like the wings of an angel as I stood on the edge of the canyon. She feels like angels breath on the skin. 

Beautifulhidcoteontherockwallofdr_2 Hidcotehanginginbutchcassidydraw_2


Lace has only been part of my knitting repertoire for 3 years and Hidcote is by far the most complicated project to date.  Her finish gives me a true sense of accomplishment and I love wearing her delicate beauty.  Zephyr is so light and soft it can be worn year round and is perfect for too cool offices, movie theaters or restaurants.

Hidcote designed by Miriam Felton
Yarn: JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk 2/18 – 2, 2 oz balls
Needle: Size 4 Addi Lace
Size:  84" x 40" apx.
Time to Knit: January 1, 2007 – July 9, 2007


Very fine work! It's just beautiful.

Truly incredible! You both look beautiful.

Yowsah! Anything else I could say would be redundant!

Oh, I agree - you, Hidcote, and Bryce Canyon are all beautiful! Bryce is one of my most favorite places to motorcycle!

I think that last picture of you and the shawl and the scenery needs to be blown up poster size. It's abslutely gorgeous!

What a picture! Hidcote draped over you with the lovely canyons in the background. You better frame that one. I wish it were easier for me to knit lace, maybe one day. Splendid job!

The scenery & Hidcote are stunning!

Beautiful! (Bryce and Hidcote!)

OMG - you've only been knitting lace for three years?!?!! Unbelieveable! Fabulous photo shoot and worth the wait!

Congratulations on a beautifully finished project! A marvelous shawl and very nice photos as well... :)

Wonderful photo shoot. All 3 are beautiful, you, hidcote, and Bryce.

She looks like she could fly... as indeed she can and does, metaphorically speaking, of course.

It's hard to believe the vista behind you is real.

Beautiful shawl in a beautiful setting!

Beautiful shawl...beautiful knitting!

It's gorgeous!

Wow! What an amazing shawl!

Both just and the shawl!..What an awesome photo shoot!!

Wow. Absolutely stunning.

Stunningly beautiful shawl. You look lovely wearing her.
Fab !

Gorgeous shawl! Beautiful photos, too.

Hidcote is gorgeous. She looks so filmy and light as a feather. Wow!

Simply stunning! A true work of art!

that shawl is just beautiful. excellent work!!

such a stunning work of art and so beautiful with bryce canyon as the backdrop - you truly look like an angel ready to take flight! i'm inspired and have collected my needle and yarn after having decided on the forest canopy shawl as you suggested.

Well dayum. You can't beat the scenery, but the shawl is just the icing on the cake - GORGEOUS!

And thanks for allllllll your help Mon/Tuesday. Much much appreciated!

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