Bryce...Pretties for My Pretties

An English Garden in Red Rock Country


Doesn't she look quite marvelous against the red rock?  The shawl, sillly, not me! Of all the places in Utah where my finished knits have been photographed, no place is as amazing as Bryce. 


Hidcote felt like the wings of an angel as I stood on the edge of the canyon. She feels like angels breath on the skin. 

Beautifulhidcoteontherockwallofdr_2 Hidcotehanginginbutchcassidydraw_2


Lace has only been part of my knitting repertoire for 3 years and Hidcote is by far the most complicated project to date.  Her finish gives me a true sense of accomplishment and I love wearing her delicate beauty.  Zephyr is so light and soft it can be worn year round and is perfect for too cool offices, movie theaters or restaurants.

Hidcote designed by Miriam Felton
Yarn: JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool-Silk 2/18 – 2, 2 oz balls
Needle: Size 4 Addi Lace
Size:  84" x 40" apx.
Time to Knit: January 1, 2007 – July 9, 2007


Fabulous shawl against a stunning backdrop. Great job!

Absolutely fabulous shawl, topped only by the stunning scenery.


So perfect Margene!

gorgeous! :) love it!

Spectacular - the perfect setting for her debut!

It's all good! The shawl is stunning and the scenery is breathtaking! Well Done !!

Wow! That is amazing.

Oh, man Margene. THAT is fantastic.

How beautiful, Margene. You must be very proud! Just gorgeous!!!!

How beautiful!! You are an inspiration!

Everything looks great! Glad you got her finished!

Stunning shawl and a stunning landscape against which to début it! Well worth the wait, I hope you agree.

Oh, Margene! That last photo absolutely should be a new banner for you. That sums you up so perfectly and gorgeously!!

Beautiful. (and the shawl/rocks ain't bad, either.) ;)

You give me hope...otherwise I'm just speechless! Angel wings, indeed!

What a lovely photo shoot! It is a great accomplishment. I hadn't realized how big this shawl is, but knowing you are close to six feet tall and seeing it draped around you so lushly and elegantly brought home the enormity of the project.

The photos on the rim are spectacular, especially the last one. What a wonderful place to have Hidcote's photo shoot!

Hidcote is stunning! as is Bryce canyon. Brava, my friend!

Gorgeous! I'm so envious of your backdrop, too.

Gorgeous! And what a wonderful location for a photo shoot! (I haven't been to Bryce, but I hold Zion dear to my heart for a wonderfully relaxing wedding we attended there several years ago.)

Breath-taking! So glad you're enjoying it all!

Gorgeous - model, shawl and backdrop!

Just beautiful Margene! Really breathtaking!!

You did a fabulous job with the shawl. Love seeing the pictures of Bryce. I haven't been since I was 13 (a looong time ago), but it still stands out in my memory as being one of the most memorable landscapes I've ever seen.

All I can say is, WOW. Just WOW.

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