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July - Seven of a Dozen

I'm helping Anne put together kits of Anne's Bee Fields Shawl and therefore, I have less time in the evenings to work on pictures for the blog or write posts about our weekend   The fun should, therefore (again), drag on longer this week while you anticipate Hidcote's debut. Helping out a friend is very important to me, I'll cruelly keep you in anticipation a bit longer.

July is about our annual trip to Cedar City to stay with Neena while we attend the Shakespeare Festival, which we have attended for 28 years. (Oh my!)

What a like about Neena's place in the desert...

Stars!  There are more stars in the sky at her place than any other city spot I've been (you can even see the Milky Way!).

Surprises around every corner of her house and yard, along with desert detritus styled in elegant vignettes.
Moquimarglesonmoltonmud Geckoonthewallinneenashouse Thelightatneenasisamazing_2
Desertditritusofstoneandvirt Littlestonesonbeadedmat Rockinthegreenplant_2

Moquimarbleongreenplate_2 Colorcontrastasarebrightandstark_3 Rocksonrocksonrocks


Donstepsuptopatio Donstepsuptopatio_2Donstepsuptopatio_3 Donsfabstepstopatio Party time! Neena (and her hubby D) know how to throw a party. One of the most amazing places on their property is the fire pit.  Every stone you see (and about a billion more) N & D brought in and laid with they're own hands...sweat equity, in large proportions, has gone into the grounds around their home.


Scenery! Neena is one hour from Bryce and the views around her place are fabulous, too! Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos from her deck, but here is one of the plateaus and hoodoos in Bryce Canyon. (click for big)


Rubythelonioussock_2 Quiet time.  Because Neena's place is in the desert it is very quiet and peaceful.  The mornings were filled with natures sound track from birds and insects. It was a joy to sit in the quite landscape and knit. I made good progress on Ruby/Thelonious and the Phyllo Sweater (which is just a big block of stockinette stitch at this point).

Tomorrow, more Bryce pictures!


Beautiful photographs Margene! I too am a fan of stars and being able to see them ;), ha!

Beautiful pictures! It sounds and looks so great.

It does look truly restful there.

Keep those gorgeous pictures coming! You could publish a postcard series or a calendar or a coffee table book with these. I can't tell you how jealous I am of the dry heat and the starry night sky. Glad you're enjoying yourself!

I love Mr Lizard!!!

So you are the assistant yarn fairy ? :-) That's a pretty sweet job to have, visiting with all that lovely yarn and fiber... ;-)

I can just imagine what the stars are like, way out there in the desert. Has Neena got a telescope? Imagine setting a nice big one up by the fire pit... to me that would be heaven. :-)

In another life I must have lived in the desert....I always feel so "at home" when we are out there! Beautiful pictures, and if you are helping Anne you are excused for the week!

Lovely photos!!

Exquisite! I love Neena's vignettes and remember her blog entries when she was building those stairs... what a labor of love! And thanks for helping Anne out too; those of us wanting to knit that kit will have you to think of as well with each stitch.

Beautiful photos. And wonderful decor/style, too. I hope you're able to (remember to)take thousands of photos this trip.

What a good friend. Are you going to knit the shawl? I love the desert pics. So different from the flatlands.

Sigh. I loved visiting Bryce Canyon. It's so beautiful there!

Yay Neena! What a beautiful, restful-looking place. I too look forward to more pix.

Neena's place looks awesome! I remember being stunned by the view of the Milky Way when I was in the jungle in Belize. Never before or since have I seen anything like that. Incredible.

are hoodoos those pillar type things? gorgeous scenery, fer sure!

Waiting while you help a friend makes it like not waiting at all. Thank you for the beautiful pictures to begin my day.

wow - that place sounds awesome. enjoy it for those of us stuck in a city these days!!

Aah that lovely scenery is just what I need this morning.

Thank you!

Beautiful arrangements of native materials! How inspiring! Sounds like you had a grand time!

Absolutely gorgeous...

Beautiful pictures!!! Sounds like such a fun time.

Gorgeous! I'm jealous. I have not been able to talk Paul into going to the Shakespeare festival or sightseeing in the southern parks. I will have to sign up as babysitter some time when Howard and Amber go to her family's cabin at Brian Head. At least I will get to see some rocks.

i like the daily quote in the upper right hand corner, thanks.

okay, now I want to re-paint my house and arrange the rocks in my garden!

It's great to know that Anne has some help and that the response has been so great that she needed help!

Gorgeous textures around Neena's place. Thanks for sharing them with us!

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