One Sock at a Time
There's More Pretty Grrls Than One*

It's MY Friday

The Electric  Kool Aid Acid (Smith's pet name), aka Desert Sunset (my pet name), aka Vesper Yarn Moonlight Knitter, Jaywalkers are finished!


This is one happy pair of socks, a pair of socks that will keep the feet warm just because of the electric colorway.  Count me and my feet very happy, indeed.

Mamaesummersolsticeandspindle Yesterday two packages arrived on my doorstep.  The last shipment of Mama E’s  Twisted Knitter Fiber Club arrived. What a great colorway this is! It's Summer Solstice and it does look like many of the flowers in the gardens around here.  Also, included was a handmade spindle AND it spins nicely! It will go along with me to Estes and I'll see if I can entice some of my non-spinning mates to give it a go.  Nice work, Erin!

Ilovebeinganotorioussockknitter The other package was a couple of skeins of STR. Truly, truly...I could not live without Knitty Rocks.  I couldn't...I tried...for about 3 weeks, and I swear I was at deaths door when I hit BUY.  I was feeling a little better, saw Sherbet...couldn't resist, and added it to my order, too.  The best part (OK it wasn't THE best part, but it is darn cool) is the sticker that was included in the shipment.  NSK - Notorious Sock Knitter! That's ME (and you too, no!?)

I've been on pins and needles the last few days just waiting for the week, my week, to end.  Tomorrow morning Blogless Val, Karen, Cheryl, Miriam and I, will be heading off to Estes Park and the Wool Market.  Yes, there will be 5 of us in one car (please pray for us), but it will be well worth it.  Wool festivals are better than Christmas...way better.  My knitting bag is packed, including a spindle. The second Loksins! should get lots of attention and I'm packing supplies for another pair of Monkey socks, 

CalmerflotsamjetsamlacecardibeforerI had hoped to use car time to make progress on FJ, but it might just be too fussy to mess with.  After reading, rereading, rereading and reading again. I think I have deciphered the hieroglyphics enough to continue.  Mim seems to agree with my assessment so, maybe FJ will become an Effed Oh later this month, instead of just effed off.

To keep emails to a minimum (because I can't keep up as it is), I've decided not to post tomorrow (we'll be out o'here at o'dark thirty), and since we'll be back late Sunday afternoon, you can plan on a post from me come Tuesday.  I'm taking Monday off to regroup and and rest up from the fabulous (you know it will be) weekend.  Enjoy your weekend, too!


Love the Jaywalkers. I think Desert Sunset is a very appropriate name.

How cool that the Twisted Knitter package comes with a spindle! I haven't gotten mine yet, but mail is very slow to get here. Now I know what I have to look forward to!

Enjoy your weekend at Estes Park. Buy lots of yarn and fiber!

Great colorway on the socks! I was just a second ago drooling over someone else's socks knit in that yarn over at the Socktopia photo pool. Must be a sign!

Effd Oh. hee hee that's funny. Have a great weekend!

Have a wonderful time and a great weekend (I know you will)!

OH! You have a fabulous time! And have fun on the drive!

Beautiful jaywalkers and lucky you with all the great packages. have a good weekend.

thanks friend! I learned on a spindle just like that! go ahead and spread the craft!

The Jaywalkers are wonderful and I'm glad you used that particular yarn for that particular pattern. It's been a year since I gifted it to you and I love that you finished the socks right before this year's Estes. Have a blast! Drive safe and enjoy yourself and hug everyone for me.

The socks look great! Enjoy Estes!

Four days with no Margene! How will I survive? I can't wait to see your weekend haul, and to read all about that Fiber Fest. I'm envious, even though I am broke from the New England batch of fiber fests.

Have a great weekend. And leave a few spindles there. :)

Ooooh - I'm waiting for Mystic Kelp and Chapman Springs as I type. (they could arrive any day now) Wonder if I'll get a sticker too?

Have a great time at the festival!


Beautiful sock yarn AND fiber. Have fun at Estes. Providing I don't have any "incidents" in the next 12 months, I hope to see you there next year.

Super Jaywalkers. Have a wonderful time at Estes. Looking forward to hearing about all of your adventures and acquisitions!

Have fun!

Have a safe trip, buy lots of fiber, knit and spin with friends and don't forget to take pictures.

Great socks!! Have a blast this weekend!

The jaywalkers and fantastic. And yes I am in agreement, wool festival are WaaAAaay better than Christmas! Have fun!

I'm glad you got those two Blue Moon yarns. I love them! I concinced Paul to actually let me put the NSK bumper sticker on my car (he hates bumper stickers). But then when while I was out of town he called me and said that it made my car look like I was selling something and could he please please please take it off. So I am again NSK sticker-less. If it's that important to him . . . and obviously he was washing my car for me or he wouldn't have noticed it . . .

What fun socks AND sock yarn.. yup, Knitty Rocks is you all over. Well, I am feeling both excited for you and just a bit sad for me that Estes has arrived... the Rockies were so beautiful last year that I think I will just have to start saving now to come next year and spend several days there! Give hugs from me all around and have a grand, wonderful time.

The socks are so cute! very happy, indeed! Have a fabulous weekend :)

Love those Jaywalkers! It's such a great pattern for a striped yarn like that. LOVE the STR you chose too. Sherbet is one of my favorite colorways! Have a great time at Estes Park!!!

Have a wonderful trip! I wish our trip had worked out to include EP, mainly because I wanted to follow you guys around. I never seem to find such great stuff! I did well in Montana, though...had to ship a big box of fiber and yarn home! Can't wait to see what you find!

Have so much fun!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Have fun! I hope you have great weather!

I love your jaywalkers. I still have yet to knit a pair but I keep setting aside yarns that I think would look great as a pair :)

Congrats on the socks, Love your additions to stash, and OH BTW - have a GREAT time!!!

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