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Making Friends In Blogland

One of the reason I like to join a good swap is for the chance to make new friends.  Lately, many new swaps haven't been of the secret variety and that affords a whole new opportunity to get to know someone.  Instead of scouring someones blog and asking/answering questions in secret, you can come right out and ask.  It's a great opportunity to chat and get to know someone on a different level and it's a good chance to make a friend, someone you know will be part of your blogging life from now on out.  Renee, my pal for Lynne‚Äôs Special Swap, is just such a person. I've enjoyed reading her blog as she is a movie buff and I'm not much of a movie goer. Her posts offer a great chance for me learn of movies I might enjoy. She is also a fabulous knitter as you can see by this fabulous baby blanket.

Renee certainly figured out my likes and sent a wonderful package full of garden goodies. Lynne's swaps have a special theme and this time it was "In the Garden".  From the looks of it, Renee had as much fun with this theme as I did.  (Hopefully the package I sent out her way on Monday will arrive today!)


There were so many fun things wrapped up in the package.  Look at the charming colorful plates with garden motifs, and napkins, too. I love the herbal note cards and tiny pots of plants. (She has more faith in me as a gardener than I do.)  There is soap to wash away the soil  from digging in the garden (nice, lovely soap) and a candle so we can enjoy a romantic dinner in the garden, too. (You may notice the little bag of Jelly Belly's, which I am noshing on as I write this post.)

Maligrgoforbabyhatisjustperfect_2 Best of all is the yarn.  I know it will be hard to believe, but I haven't seen Malabrigo yarns around here. Renee included a beautiful blue, Indigo, skein of Chunky, as well as a pattern for a darling baby hat!  My brother's wife is expecting their second baby (second grrl) and there maybe a complication (we're waiting for word).  I'm going to knit this little hat for her and fill it with prayers in every stitch.  This part of the gift means more to me than you can know, Renee.  It feels as if you knew what I needed to help get me through this (hopefully small) crisis.

Now look at this....


I must say that this is the most beautiful colorway of Claudia Handpaint I have ever seen and it has a perfect name - Purple Earth...totally cool, totally!

Thank you so much Renee!  You are a superb swap pal.

Speaking of pals...each day this blog is getting a little closer to 29,000 comments.  By early next week that should happen and one of you will receive this yummy sock yarn, Iggy Pop, from the dye pots of blog pal Kim. I must admit it is very difficult to part with this colorway.  There will also be a few other things included if you are the lucky 29,000th person. Then it's onto 30,000!



oops, not sockpal--swap pal. I clearly have sockpalooza on the brain.

Awesome yarns and gifts from your Pal. Malabrigo is such sweet yarn, and one of my favorites. I've just ordered some Claudia's Handpaint, and I'm looking forward to receiving it soon.

I'll pray for a safe delivery.

Great gifts! Lovely colors....I'm in Love with that purple earth!! Your right what a perfect name! I'll be back to enjoy another view of the yarn soon too!! heeheee

What a wonderful package! I agree on the Claudia handpaint - totally yummy :-)

Great swap package and beautiful yarn!

That's a great swap package. I mailed mine off yesterday. I hope the baby is just fine.

Love those yarns! I have heard that Malabrigo has a laceweight now too, I want to feel it! Hope all is well with your brother's baby...nerveracking I'm sure.

What a wonderful package! The Claudia handpaint is gorgeous. Your going to really enjoy working with the Malabrigo, it's a a wonderful yarn. Hope the baby is alright.

What a fun gift from your pal! I have never used Claudia's handpaint....yet. It truly is lovely!

I hope that the little one is ok..........prayers are headed their way!

I saw that yarn on your Ravelry stash and almost drove over to break into your house while you were at work to take it. I heart it. Nice swap!

Cool Swag! Great colors. One of my pals gave me Malabrigo - it is soooo soft and pretty! I hadn't seen it around here either - but everyone knows about it so perhaps it just sells out as soon as it shows up!

Prayers for the baby and family.

I hope there aren't complications with your niece to be.

Lovely yarn and I know the love you put into the baby hat will help!

Nice swap.

What a fun and special gift! Love the Purple Earth:) I havent' done a swap in a long time, but you hit it on the head - it is a nice way to build a new connection.

purple earth made my mouth water

Great prezzies! Keeping my fingers crossed and sending good vibes to your sister and baby to be.

I agree with you about swaps. The part I love the best is the forging of new friendships. Looks like you definitely had a special one!
And your brother's wee one is in my thoughts ;)

What a nice swap! I love your yarn photos today.

What a lovely package! Malabrigo is such a yummy yarn. Enjoy!

That is an awesome swap package. And the purple yarn....it is so beautiful!

What a lovely parcel to recieve!
I'll send mental good wishes via the ether to you brother and his family.

oooh my, I just love that Claudia handpaint- I love purples so that is purrrfect!Nice gifts you scored there!!!

Sigh. Be still my heart! I love the purple earth colorway!

Malabrigo! I don't know why Unravelled Sheep doesn't get it. I ordered one skein from WEBS earlier this year, and ended up with enough for a poncho. Only now I'm not sure I want a poncho . . .

No Malabrigo in Utah? How can this be?...

That Claudia Handpaint is gorgeous! I don't think I recognize that shade. Lucky you, to have such a great pal! :-)

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