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June 21st - First Day of Summer


Count my feet very happy!  The second Loksins! was finished while riding in the car, for hours and hours and hours, on the way to Estes. I fell, cuffs over heels, for my own blue dye job and this pattern was well suited for it. What a good time this sock affords a knitter. It didn’t live up to it’s name of FINALLY (translation for Loksins) as it was a very quick knit.

The elasticity of the yarn  makes for a snuggly fitting sock that feels good on the foot. Reynolds Soft Sea Wool has a very tight twist, quite a bit of bounce and it dyes beautifully. Ashford dyes are excellent for intensity and take up. There was no leftover color in the pot and very little came out of the yarn when washed.


The design on the socks is not only fun to knit, it has wonderful texture and gives the impression of wings going up the leg.  This pair of socks knit up as if I had wings on my fingers! The easy to memorize pattern repeats made for very quick progress. Stitches could easily be added to the stockinette panels on the front and back of the foot, which makes it easy to adjust for any size. Overall I loved the yarn, color and pattern so much, I just couldn't stop knitting!  I don't remember the last time a pair of socks took less than two weeks to finish.



Pattern:  Loksins! by Cassie
Yarn: Reynolds Soft Sea Wool - Hand dyed with Ashford Dyes, Blue and Teal -color Blue-tiful
Time to Knit: June 4 – June 15, 2007
Modifications:  Rolled cuff consisting of 6 rows stockinette stitch, extra heel rows and gusset stitches to insure the sock will fit my higher instep, Purl Swirl Toe.


Wow! You make me want to knit more socks (bad Jessie, must finish other ones first...). Those are amazing. Great color, too!

I agree with you, both the color and the pattern are beautiful!

beautiful! You did a great job doth dyeing and knitting!

That's a terrific pattern and the color is perfect for it. Lovely socks!

The color compliments the pattern wonderfully! Kudos to you and Cassie!

Just beautiful, and I have the pattern.

Your beautiful blue hand-dyed yarn is my absolute favorite yarn EVER. I may have to actually try dying myself. Wonderful socks ~ thanks for sharing!

Beautiful job all around! The color sings. The pattern is great. I need to figure out what yarn to do them in.

They're gorgeous, if I'm allowed to say that. I'll have to try that Reynolds Sea wool, although I haven't seen it anywhere yet.

They look wonderful - pattern and color are a perfect match.

The yarn and the socks are beautiful!

I never get tired of looking at the socks you knit!

Those are so pretty! I just got the pattern (and the Sea Wool yarn too) and plan to cast on today or tomorrow!

beautiful color;; i love the rolled top!

Really cute! And a great color.

Great sock!

Beautiful socks!

They're lovely, Margene!

Wow you cranked those socks out quickly and they truly are lovely!!!

Gorgeous color!!

lovely socks! and i love the color!

Those are beautiful socks!! Must add that pattern to my "must knit" list! Good job on the dyeing as well. I adore shaded solids.

Oooh, I want to come dye with you. They are the best!

Beautiful socks Margene!

Yarn, color and pattern all worked together to make these socks just fabulous!

They are soo beautiful! ;)

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