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June - Six of Twelve

We didn't go to the UAF  (although we usually do and should have again-it was just sooo hot).  I also didn't make it to Sunday SnB (I was having too much fun in the mountains).  We did take a nice hike Sunday morning to Donut Falls and also, walked around Silver Lake before heading to Silver Fork Lodge (yes, again) for a late lunch. Since we were away most of the day and had little time to get ready for the work week, I'll make this post short.

June is a perfect month to be in the mountains and to do almost anything you can think of doing.  The end of June is the time that wildflowers start to show off and are easily found by those willing to walk the mountain trails.

Beautifulwilkirisareinbloomaththela Pinkwildgeranimums

Wild iris are seen to surround the visitors center at Silver Lake and wild geraniums dot the edges of most mountain trails.

Wildcolumbineusuallywhite_2 Butterflyonofallthingsadandylion_2

Columbine (almost always white) are just beginning to bloom and make their ghostly appearance.  It was also very exciting to capture a butterfly sitting (unfortunately) on a dandelion.

The columbine below just seemed to shimmer as I bent to take its image. (Click for big.)


Elephantearplantatsilverlake(Click for big.)

This flower is one I've seen in wildflower books, but never really knew how to find it...well, find it we did.  Tell me if you know what it is and I'll tell you tomorrow if you're right. (If you don't know what it is, tell me what it looks like.)


I don't know what it's called, but it looks like wee elephant heads to me.

Something to do with elephants?

Pedicularis Groenlandica (Elephanthead)

That columbine photo is stunning! I was going to guess Chinese pagodas, but the elephants seem to rule.

Great flower photos. I can't identify that last one but it looks like an orchid to me.

Beautiful flower pics!

The pictures of the columbine are so pretty. The pink flower is Pedicularis attollens (Little Elephant's Head). It's such a neat-looking flower! It looks like you had a wonderful weekend. Could you send some of that nice weather my way? :)

Beautiful...absolutely beautiful. I love Columbine.

Great pictures for June! The columbine is gorgeous the way the light is falling on it. I have never seen the last flower before, but from reading the comments, I have a good idea of what it is now.

Very nice. I miss taking flower pictures. Too many kids these days.

You may have passed Mr. S-n-S and the DVs on your hike on Saturday. They decided to get out and enjoy the cooler weather higher up, too! ;)

a rose by any other name...

that's my way of saying i dunno, but myOmy pretty pictures

I love the butterfly on the dandelion. When I was in Alaska, on a retreat, the leader likened the populations we worked with to dandelions. Strong, beautiful in their own way and seen as annoying and bad by most. Her words were far more poetic. But it always stuck in my head.

That last columbine shot is worthy of enlarging and framing, really! I'm glad we missed the hot stuff when we were out (we had to climb over a few piles of snow at Silver Lake!) but we are going to be getting some here later this week, yuck.

What? You need house-scouring help? Don't think I wouldn't love to come to Ewe-tah. What a great road trip that would be! And I could pick Norma up and bring her too. Hmmm.

Oh, and that flower was a challenge but I think it is Pedicularis groenlandica (aka elephant head). I found it here:

No need to guess, thanks to Paula's link to an awesome website... I am looking forward to more wildflower photos of elephantheads, columbines and surprises. Do you have penstemons yet?

That last flower - the teensy purple elephants? I think my brother was describing that on his last acid trip back in the 60s.

If all the other commenters are correct, it is not a flower that I am familiar with. We have plains wildflowers and you have mountain wildflowers. I love seeing yours. They are so different. Do you have Indian Paintbrush or Tickseed Coreopsis? I'll need to check my wildflower books to see if they grow in the mountains. Lovely pix. Thanks.

Lovely photos! Glad it was pleasantly cool in the mountains.

Garg - I'd managed to go a full 5 minutes without thinking about Star Trek and than you had to go and use Borg ID code, didn't you!? :)
Stunning flower photos, by the way. And that purple one looks like an Elephant's head and trunk to me.

Beautiful photos!

I don't know what that flower is. It looks like a pagoda to me. :)

I don't know but it looks like a coat rack to me!

Gorgeous columbines! We just sowed some this year, but they aren't blooming yet.

Oh those are all SO pretty! I'm terrible at flower identification!

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