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Before the Summer of Socks Began...

I knit Monkeys.


Crazymonkeysockinredrockcanyon Monkey Dos* are the needles. It was just as fun to knit the second pair as it was to knit the first and I made the same modification...a picot cuff (and my toe is slightly longer).  This is my last Monkey. There are just TOO MANY fabulous sock patterns to be knit. A long row of sock yarn, avec patterns, sits on the floor of my 'fiber studio'. In addition, Sunday will be the first day of my Sock Club for One!  It's already time to pick a package from the wrapped up yarns in the sock club bag.  This is truly turning into the summer of socks and I wish for the ability to knit faster! (Yes, I know IT IS the process and I do enjoy it, but the desire to knit so many different patterns has me wishing the process was faster. Not very Zen, I know.)

Speaking of the Summer of Socks...


Meet Shock Wave, knit with my very own Strawberry Fields (Spunky Club) handspun. While spinning, I wasn't that careful about spacing the color changes and I'm sure the socks will be fraternal, but so far the sock looks pretty good!  I've heard it said the little joins that happen when you ply in chained singles will disappear in the fabric of knitting and I am finding it to be true.  Knitting with this tightly spun yarn is much like knitting with any other sock yarn, except it's not quite as perfect.  It lets me know it is MY yarn - yarn spun by my hand, a humble yarn that meets the need and fills the heart with the happiness of a job well done.

*Monkey2 is knit with Red Rock Canyon STR and took about 1 gotta love that!


Great Monkeys, but very pretty Shock Wave in your own handspun no less! Nice job.

good morning. i just put the last Kitchener stitchin my Opal Tiger Jaywalkers. Well done me. and now, on to socks from my summer of socks which was two years ago. i started (a*hem) several pair, just now getting them finished up. it was a mass attack of SSS.

Great Monkeys! Nice job with the dying too! gotta love that sock club for one!! Maybe I should try it! ;o)

I think I'll knit monkey socks in about 6 months - when everyone else has stopped! I agree there are way too many beautiful sock yarn patterns to keep up with! Loving yours, though. Let the summer of socks commence!

There are so many beautiful sock yarns and patterns that I'm a little bit overwhelmed--but it's a happy overwhelmed.

Your handspun is stunning!

Fantastic socks! One week for monkey socks, that's amazing. Hooray for handspun

I love the little picot cuff on the Monkeys.

Your socks, knit with YOUR yarn are going to be so so special! Although I don't think I'd ever wear them - just fondle them lovingly. Enjoy the knit!

Your yarn is so beautiful! And as much as I like the Monkeys, it will be nice to see some other socks floating around in blogland.

I love your Red Rock Canyon monkeys!

And your Strawberry Fields looks luscious all knit up! But could you please tell me (or link to a place I can find out) what a chained single is? I 'm not sure...

Do you have any plans to knit Sidewinders a la Nona?

I have been looking at all the different sock patterns out there just wishing there was another one of me who could just sit home and knit socks...LOL. So many wonderful yarns and patterns, so little time.

I LOVE your Strawberry Fields socks and believe it or not, I found that I love my fraternal socks the best :-)

Cool Monkey socks. Your hanpdspun yarn looks great! I've mostly given up on matching socks, I'm just too lazy.

I love your monkeys!!! Maybe now that swag is done I will pick up my knitting again. *sigh*

I'm with Carole about waiting on knitting myself some Monkeys... the line ahead of that pattern is way too long! I love it that you have gotten to the point of being able to produce a sock yarn that you love enough to use in a colorway you like. It is a great accomplishment.

Ooooo I love the Shockwave. Have to bookmark that one. Very cute. Thanks for the heads up, Margene!

I'm still trying to figure out what the heck "Monkeys" are, but I have to tell you that I get a warm, fuzzy feeling from your Strawberry Fields reminds me of something, don't know what, from my childhood! Maybe a favorite dress with those colors? (Hmm, I have yet to make socks from my own yarn! I should get busy.)

I love how the Strawberry Fields is knitting up! How pretty with the thick and thin stripes!

Your strawberry fields socks are turning out amazing!! I love the pursuit of spinning yarn suitable for socks! Now if I could just "not suck" at that chain plying!!!

Yay for [slightly imperfect, but delicious] handspun handknit socks!

Beautiful sock pictures! I know what you mean about too many patterns wishing to be knit. Working really bites into my knitting time! I haven't done ANY Monkeys (yet); it's one pattern still on my To-Do List. Your handspun looks wonderful knit up. I am in awe of you, but still not tempted to try spinning. (How would I ever get anything else done, then?) Right now I'm in the middle of a Kauni cardigan, but maybe it's getting to hot to keep knitting a sweater. So, I'm thinking about what socks to make next.....

I think knitting with handspun is so much more fun because of the imperfections. That is what makes it special.

I love when you knit with your handspun. It's twice as exciting as any other kind of project. :-)

Soon I'm going to work up the nerve to cast on with some of my own... ;-)

I love your handspun socks. What a feeling of accomplishment and joy. Congrats!

Yes, but are we going for perfect? Or are we trying for yarn that is alive, that has energy and balance that we put into it? There is no commercial millspun yarn that has the feel of yarn spun by ourselves, for ourselves, with our thoughts and passion right there in the thread. Perfect? Bah!

I love the Monkey's very cute. And the new one you are working on looks fabulous thus far :)

You have inspired me to get my Monkey's out of the deep dark depths of my backpack and finish them up :)

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