June 21st - First Day of Summer
Saturday Sky - Late Edition

Wrap Up of a Week

Animals!  Estes Park Wool Market had barns full of animals...goats, alpaca, llama, sheep and more! The goats are such funny creatures and they have a way of enchanting me with their 'look'. Their various horns, bleating sounds, fleece varieties and shapes seemed to bring a widening smile to my face as I walk through the pens.  The llama and alpaca barns are quiet (except for an occasional hum), but walking through the sheep pens one becomes aware of the symphony of sounds.  Each animal has its own tone and tenor of baa-ing and maa-ing...it's impossible to leave without laughing.

Youlookingatme Goatatestespark  Ijustcantseeonelittlething

Fastfriendshangingnouttotgehter  Averyfinepacawithprettyfleece Yesihaveamouthfullofstraw

Twolittlegrrlsathtefestival Yesiamabitmaniacal Hellowtherehowareyou

Estes is still on my mind, and in my heart. I've enjoyed reading other posts about the Festival experience.

Fjpiecesaregrowingquicklynow FJ was revisited after my return and it seems the separation did us both good.  The back has been finished and the fronts are growing nicely.  It took considerable effort for my brain to figure out how and where to start the front "slope", as the v-neck decreases are called in the pattern, in comparison to the armscye decreases.  Now that all that has been determined, the knitting is going along swimmingly.  Both of us are well behaved and happy. Our future together looks long and lovely.

Johoissafeandhappyshelives Hidcote  hasn't had much attention, but that should change this weekend and, despite recurring, seemingly unstoppable rumors, Jóhö rests quietly, happy in her hibernation. Despite the "Free Jóhö" campaign she will stay behind the scene, for now.

Prettyinpinkonmybobbin Emmylou and I have had only short bursts of time together and so, progress is slow on the Spun Stitches project.  When we do get a chance to spin time flies by...but it's still a bit of heaven.  I'd like to fill a bobbin with the lovely bunny crack by the time the weekend is over.

In more spinning news, did you see Tour de Fleece?  This sounds like a great way to spend July and I'll be joining in the fun!

There has been an  ongoing contest here, as the comments on this blog approach 30,000. As of today they are half way to 29,000.  Next week the 29,000th person will receive a box of goodies and I'm trying to think of something special for the 30,000th comment. 

Last weekend, when we arrived at Val's home after our ride back from Estes, I walked around and took pictures of the flowers in her yard (don't you always type 'yarn' first?).  The beautiful yellow lily you see here was in full sun and I wasn't sure the pictures would turn out.  What a nice surprise and a perfect way to start Flower Friday.



May your weekend be as beautiful!


I had to laugh about the "yard" comment, I always type in yarn first instead of yard! I love the pictures from Estes Park. Those fleecy animals are so photogenic, aren't they? Have a great weekend!

Haha! Free Joho!

I must say I always type "yarn" instead of "yard" too (I just did it then!) and I often accidentally type "knitting" instead of "kitten"! :)

I love the way those spun singles are looking! That's some beautiful fibre there! It looks soft enough to lick. (*Note* I don't lick fibre...yet.)

29,000?!? Wow!! Have a great weekend.

The "bunny crack" looks heavenly!
I wish I could join Tour de Fleece, but July is simply too busy this year.

The bunny crack is beautiful! Hope you have a great weekend, too!

Your Sherbet Bunny is coming along beautifully.....and your lily is stunning! Our lilies haven't started opening up yet, but soon :-)

Happy Weekend to the person who knows how to do weekends like no other! XO

I love the description of the differences in the animal barns! I visited an alpaca farm a few months ago and it was rather quiet. Until the head stud, Viagra ( I swear that was his name) let out what I was told was a mating call. As in "come hither baby, I am ready and willing!" It was really quite different from anything else that I have ever heard.
Lovely flowers too!

Just looking at all those faces and imagining their different personalities makes me smile!

That's a gorgeous lily. Happy weekend!

Oooohh.... Flower Fridays! It's the first I've heard of it. I'll have to check it out. Have a great weekend!

I'm so happy you're making progress on Joho!

Love the flowers...um, bunny crack??

Love the spinning - what a great color for you!

A lovely end to the week. Thanks for the link to Tour De Fleece... I'm so all over it!

The goats and llamas were definitely my favorites. But they were all fun to see.

What lovely pictures today. Thanks for the mental break!

Glad you and FJ are getting along better!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Flower Friday is such a beautiful idea! Love the lily! Estes sounds terrific and perfect for dreaming about. Happy Weekend!

What beautiful pictures you take!

(Now to figure out where in these progressive lenses to look ....)

Personally, I find the llama pictures the most captivating. Not sure why....

Um, Flower Friday isn't going to be happening around here, I'm afraid. Not unless I go to someone else's yard! Your lily shots were beautiful, though. Interesting stuff on those bobbins...can't wait to see it plied. (Note to self: get cracking on Spun Stitches!)

I don't think your gift for the 30,000 comment can be any better than mine. Thank you so much, Margene. Everything is wonderful. Here's hoping your weekend is terrific! I love your Spun Stitches. It's exquisite.

The animal pictures are fun. I like the goat with the long bangs. He could use a barrette or two to keep them out of his eyes.

Nice photo of the lily!

I LOVE that pink yarn!

Look at all the fibery animal goodness. I love to see all the different textures too.

That lilly is so pretty. What wonderful colors.

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