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Mmmmonkeysocksathteoffice Everyday, during my very short lunch (half) hour, I knit. The project this month has been the Spiral Boot Socks, which I'm loving, both the yarn and the pattern. Talk about easy knitting. But, as happens so often in this Knit Blogland of ours, Cara's monkeying around has persuaded me that I too need to have a Monkey on my back.  The Spiral socks won't be abandon and I will NOT knit more than one pair of Monkey's, but I've just hadta start a pair now.  While talking to Cara about Monkey socks, we decided that, like her Jaywalkers, Monkey's would also look great with a picot cuff.  So, that's what I did and, before I knew it, Monkey business was taking over my life!  Don't you think it appropriate that my yarn is STR January One?   I thought so!


Music has been a part of my life since the beginning.  All music!  Classical, Big Band Jazz and Broadway musicals made up the sound track of my childhood. The Beatles came along about the time I started to pick my own music (and you know how they changed the world) and then, the Rolling Stones came along and I fell hard.  I was (still am) a big, big Stones fan...BIG (yes, I know that proves I'm old).  I had every album on vinyl and now have most of them on CD.  To wit...Monkey Man has been bouncing around in my head for DAYS!  I can't shake, it has become part and parcel with the Monkey sock...the Monkey's that go everywhere I go. The pattern is as fun to knit, as Cara said it was...addicting...completely addicting....I'm a monkey woman....m-m-m-monkey grrl!

Bluemoonjanuaryoneformonkeysocks As to the yarn?  Oh my goddess, I am in love!!  I've knit with STR before and this time I'm not talking about how nice the yarn is...I'm talkin' COLOR baybee...COLOR!!  The intensity of color is as intense as Cara's love of knitting, of miters, of Jaywalkers, of Monkey's (perhaps now crochet?)...it is intense, deep and beautiful.   JO is made up of MY favorite colors, and I do believe, I need to knit a sweater with it.  I DO, I'm gonzo for it, crazy for it...addicted to it. I'm a January One woman...j-j-j-January One grrl! 

Well I am just a monkey man grrl.
I'm glad you are a monkey, monkey woman grrl
Monkey woman grrl too, babe!
I'm a m-m-monkey!
I'm a monkey!
I'm a monkey man grrl! 


The colors ARE fantastic ... and I love the picot edge.

Great Monkey sock. I wondered how that colorway would play out in a sock- looks really nice.

So, ummm, you like the socks?

yummy little monkey you've got there :)

Do you remember the song "I love my socks"?

Great pattern, another for the list.

Oh, Cara's Moneky bug bit me too! I wonder what Bruce song she could sing along with???

Love that color for you.

Great pattern too.

will i still knit sox, when i'm sixty four?

now i have a song stuck in my head too, hehehe.

January One is definitely on my to-get list of STR. Now that I actually have a couple of skeins though, I think as soon as I finish Bonsai I'm going to start some socks. (However did I get to be a one-project-at-a-time person?! It's just not like me!)

Mick's growl is at its best on Monkey Man, and the Monkey sock is one of my favorites. Fun post!

Ooooo, that Monkey Sock is so pretty! That pattern is on my "list", but I need to finish some other socks (mostly seconds) before I'll let myself start them! Must! Resist!

You know, I was just thinking this morning that I am going to start a pair of Monkey in a bright yellow colorway from Judy -- I just may call them Chunky Money.

Something about the Monkey stitch pattern stands up so well to bright variegated yarns, and both color and texture are enhanced nicely.

I think I see more Monkeys in my future too.

Ha, ha... what a funny post! I can see what is stuck in your head:) You are right, though, the color of this yarn is so rich and enticing and so very much YOU! Happy knitting.

I am trying so hard not to cast on for my own Monkey. You and Cara are making it difficult.

very cool! After reading Cara's rave reviews, I've started a pair as well ;-)

You are too funny. Of course, now I have to put on a Stones record. How appropriate that the second line of that song is "All my friends are junkies." I think that's kind of accurate, no?

Hahaha, I love that the style of this entry is so much like Cara's. Are you sure she didn't write it???? XOXO

Sometimes a pattern just catches on. I've seen these all over the place. Looking good!

Those really are stunning colours!

I was thinking the same thing - I love the socks I have seen around the blogs! I need some of my own! great colors for yours - just perfect for PS this month :)

I jumped on the bandwagon, too! And didn't make any mistakes until after 11:30 last night (should have known better). My sock mojo may have returned...

I love how that pattern works with handpainted yarn. Your monkey look great!

I'd been thinking that when I'm done with my current socks, the next ones will be monkeys. I really like how it looks with variegated yarn.

looks great margene!! i really must find that one monkey sock and get it a partner soon!

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