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Yes Kim, I got a pedi last night and it was grand as it has been too long.  (No iris were hurt for this photo, the rain knocked them over last week.) 

Yesterday a bit of Kismet happened. Vicki saw my newly dyed blue yarn and named it Blue-tiful (Is that not perfect?) and Cassie published a new sock pattern.  I think the newly dyed, and newly named, yarn was meant to be knit into Loksins!, don't you?

Largerthanlifebagisfinished A few months ago, if you'd asked, I might have said that there just wasn't much in crochet patterns to entice me away from knitting.  That was before I saw the Larger Than Life Bag on Lynne‚Äôs blog and thought it would be very fun to be 'vintage' (as the younger folks call what I call retro.  How'd I get to be retro OR vintage, anyway.  Hurmph.)  I jumped in with both feet and enjoyed wielding a hook again. It was amazing how quickly this project came together, and ultimately, the end product. The 'process' just wasn't knitting and, therefore, not as much fun. 

Mylittleberninaisagoodfriend The idea of pulling out the sewing machine and doing something I hadn't done in a long, long time felt daunting at first.  This little Bernina came into my life around 1972-3 and by todays standards that would make it vintage, right?  It made most of my clothes (with my help) for several years and has stood me in good stead. A few years ago I had it refurbished and, once again, works like new. It's a basic machine with few extras, but it does a good job...a great job, in fact.  Sadly, it now resides  in the closet most of the time.  After pulling her out into the light of day and spending Saturday morning at her side, I think there maybe more sewing in our near future.  It wasn't as fun as a barrel of monkeys, but I would love to have a couple of skirts for warmer weather and no longer feel adverse to the idea of sewing them myself.  But, back to the bag...


The fabric on the outside is the same shade of brown as the edges of the bag. The fabric inside is a soft coral pink stripe that echoes the colors in the squares.  There is no zipper (I never use them unless I'm flying) and no pockets (unlike Vicki I always need a purse), so it went together simply, quickly (sorta) and fairly easily.  The handles were a stroke of genius are from a decided bit of laziness. While wandering (in awe) through the bigbox fabric store, I happened by the drapery isle and the drapery tiebacks caught my eye.  Wouldn't, couldn't, shouldn't they make good handles for the bag?  Since they were returnable (and inexpensive) I took them home to try, and YES, they worked!  The floppy handles in the magazine just didn't do it for me and I was happy to find this solution.


This Larger Than Life Bag holds a lot of yarn, so it is well named, too.  Count me happy!

Pattern:  Larger Than Life Bag from Interweave Crochet Spring 2007
Yarn: Louet Gems Sport - multiple colors
Time to Knit Crochet:  April 15 - May 22, 07


Bag looks great! Lovely lining, it's perfect! Ohh blue-tiful!! How perfect!

Sometimes the older sewing machines are actually the best - vintage for sewing machines sometimes works in the same way it does for wine.

Can't wait to see someone else's Loksins socks. Hope you enjoy the pattern.

This bag is really getting around! I really like your handles. I can never seem to find bag handles that I like. Seems I need to look in other types of stores. ;)

Yet another talent unveiled:) It's a really cute bag. Tempts me to start crocheting!

The handles were definitely a stroke of genius! The bag is wonderful but now it will be all knitting and spinning, all the time. Right?

Your bag is just faboo! Love the lining, and the handles are so very clever.

Wonderful bag! Love the handles and the lining matches well. Need to get crackin' on my own now cause I want to use it!!

That bag looks great. You guys have me wanting one!

Those "vintage" Berninas are the best machines. My mom has a Bernina that she got in about 1970 and that machine rocks. I really want it, but I think my sister has it at her house which means no matter what happens (and she doesn't sew a stitch) that machine won't see the light of day until she decides to put it on ebay, where they really sell. You are lucky to have it.

I have the same machine, bought around the same time. Vintage? OMG, we are vintage? I think my Grandmother once expressed this feeling to me, so long ago. Oh my. I love my Bernina, used to make all my clothes, and haven't used it hardly at all for years now.

I also am enchanted with that bag. (v again, right?)

Our mothers would never have had a pedi to go with their tevas. Not so vintage.

Lovely bag! I'm planning on sewing a few skirts this summer, too. I love Amy Butler's Barcelona pattern.

I LOVE it!!! Once I finish up the small projects I have kicking around, I am going to start this bag........yours is one of the best yet!

Hmmmmm............I have an old Kenmore machine from that same retro/vintage era......mine came to me in 1979 and still works great...LOL

Your bag looks so great! I love the lining.

I don't even know the vintage of my Husqvarna sewing machine, but it is as solid as they come and I love it. Sadly, it doesn't get used much, either.

I'm so excited to go shopping for drapery and upholstery trims -- I can't believe how much I love your tie-back handles and I hope I can find a similar solution for my bag (it's one of the reasons I'm stymied). It's a very fun bag for summer, Margene. Congrats on the finish.

Now I've got feelings for that Blue-tiful yarn... it'll be fun to see them become Blue-tiful Loksins.
; )

The handles! now that is a great idea. I don't like the ones in the magazine either. A trip to the store is in place.

It is just beautiful. I'm ready to line mine and can't wait now that I have all the good examples and inspirations to follow!

The handles grabbed my attention immediately. Great choice! Love it!

I love how that bag came together. But you still can't lure me back to granny squares. I'm having some vintage childhood flashbacks.

You made me want to run outside and sink my feet in the grass before I head to work. :)

Cute toes! A pedi's on my pre-vacation checklist. :) The bag turned out fabulously!


Wonderful! And what a great inspiration to use the tie-backs for the handles - it's just perfect.

Oh, darn it, I love it. I say darn it, because it might have to go on my rather long list of to-do's. I haven't crocheted anything in a while.

There is a downside of blogging - I find way more projects that I want to do than I think I could ever do in five lifetimes. Of course, that could be an upside, too :-)

It looks so good! Love the lining and the idea for the handles! Mine is about 2/3 done, but is sitting on the backburner while I finish an unexpected baby sweater, but I can't wait to get back to it and finish it!

Did picking colors for the squares cause you any anxiety? Probably not--you're so good at stuff like that.

Your bag turned out wonderful, and I doubt you are as 'retro' in your thinking:) The drapery tiebacks will make much stronger handles than the crocheted ones in the pattern; I sewed up a few little totes last summer using placemats for the bodies and drapery ties for the handles. Cheating? Maybe, but I agree, sewing just isn't as much fun as knitting.

I was forced to buy Interweave Crochet because of you and your posts about this bag. And now I'm going to be forced to try to make it because it just SO. DARN. CUTE!

Thanks for the push to the other side...

The bag is really awesome. And I love the handles!

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