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War of the Whorls

Here and there, over the weekend, I was able to whirl away some time.  While it's been easy to keep my attention on only two knitting projects, the effort hasn't carried over to spinning.  This is where color abounds, color calls, and color entices.  (Love of color might also be why I dipped into a bit of dyeing, too.) Emmylou had 4 bobbins and you'd think that would be enough, but with a couple of long term projects on the whorls, I decided to invest in a couple more. 

It's going to take some time to spin up 8 oz. of Spirit in the Sky, and the Brick Corriedale roving, that will become a pair of socks for Smith, has also called out to be finished. And then I got a wild hair to spin some (don't fall out of your chair) greenKate’s Verdigris has a wide variety of green shades, along with tones of blue and rust, and I just had to see what it would look like spun.  In my minds eye I can see a yarn full of life, filled with light and shadow, too. It will grow up to be a 2-ply for lacy shawl (but not for me).


Singlesofspiritintheskyonbobbin Spirit in the Sky is full of vibrant light.  It’s very exciting to watch a bobbin fill with the colors of the sun.  I'm taking my time and spinning this slow and fine, while trying to decide weather to make a three ply or to Navajo ply. I should have plenty of time to mull it over.  Can you imagine how bright and happy the pair of socks knit with this yarn will be? 

In contrast to that, the Brick roving is spinning up into warm subtle neutral shades. Smith will love the socks knit from this yarn as they should be tweedy and handsome.   Spinning this Corriedale top is so enjoyable. I love the wooliness, the long staple length, the warm colors and the way it slips through my fingers.  I confess to spending much of my time with it and should be finish with this bobbin of singles by weeks end.  Plying will commence with the Weekend Whirlers or my Friday Night Spinning mates.


I am so pleased to annouce that Blogless Karen is no longer blogless!!  She was enabled into Blogland by our own Miriam. Make sure you check out Karen's fabulous Kaffe Fassett sweater. 


Your descriptions and pictures of spinning have got to be wearing down those readers who are not yet spinners. They're wonderful.

I have some extra lendrum bobbins if you'd like them. Your color choices are wonderful and varied. No wonder you're so entertained!

That green is very beautiful, but so are the other colors. I like the subtle shadings of the Brick.

After all the blues, your colors are gorgeous! I really got a chuckle out of today's title!

I'm always drawn to the brighter colors but the brick roving/singles/yarn is sooo appealing!

I love them all! Those greens are gorgeous!
I'm patiently (ok so not so patiently) waiting for payday to send off for some more rovings. I just keep seeing so any that look so nice- decisions, decisions :-)

Green!? You!? I don't believe it! (Did you photoshop this just so you could play Project Spectrum?) ;)

Lovely spinning! I'm liking the singles I see. Just wait til you start with the storage bobbins. $3 each.

How wonderful you have some many lovely things to choose from!! I hope you occasionally pull out your singles from when you first started and compare them to the gorgeous work you have on the bobbins now, so you can see how much things have progressed!

Juuuuuust beautiful. I was *this close* to grabbing one of my spindles last night, but I just didn't. I don't know what's gotten into me, spinning-wise, but I'm just not doing it at all.

Wow! The green is really intense and really unique -- can't wait to see the finished yarn!

That brick corriedale stuff you are making is really beautiful. It't just a lovely blend.

Those warm colors in the brick yarn make me drool.

I'm so eager to see that brick yarn knit up. Those will be the kind of socks you could wear to a boring meeting, prop your ankle on your knee, and just feast your eyes on the play of colors while everyone else drones on.

I love them all, but mercy, woman, when do you find the time?! Like Norma, I haven't been "in the mood" lately and even took knitting to my spinning group this month, but I don't have the wonderful color choices you do: most of my fiber is sheep-color!

Oh my! All those pretty colors. I felt faint just seeing the green--my signature color. Lovely!

The first thing I saw was the very green fiber and it's an understatement to say I was shocked, knowing how you feel about that color. Good for you for getting out of your comfort zone.

Spirit in the Sky is breathtaking! I love it!

Your spinning is beautiful! I love working with Corriedale, it's such a lovely fiber.

Ah, the spinning is gorgeous, as I'm sure you know. The "Brick" is my favorite this morning...

What great eye candy. One of the best parts of spinning is watching how the colors play. Thank you for showing us a bit of it spun with the roving. The Brick is stunning. Smith will have some good looking feet.

That Verdigris is incredible. Really splendid colors! Can't believe you are already planning to give it away. ;-)

I am looking forward to how you treat Spirit. I completely understand about how fun Teyani's fibers are to spin. I "rationed" mine. I also had the same dilemma with Wild Thing--two ply vs. navajo. It ended with two ply in the end--I liked the barber shop too much.

I'm in love with the brick!!!! The others are gorgeous too. I think I've decided I need more bobbins when I got to EPWM this year. My 4 just aren't quite cutting it anymore.

Such beautiful spinning! The colors are fantastic.
As for the need for more bobbins. When I need more room, I usually just wind off into a center pull ball. Voila - freed up bobbin. Plus the cakes stack better if you're working up say 2lbs of fiber and plying at the end of it all.

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