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The Beauty of Blue Socks

Whatamesswhatamess My plan was to cast on for a quick and dirty beautiful sock for myself once the Bloomin' Feet socks were finished.  The plan was brought up short by the great yarn winding disaster of 2007.  Some how the skein must have been tangled by the manufacturer when it was wound.  FixingthemesslittlebylittleI've been working on untangling it for two days.  Every once in awhile I need to walk away as the scissors sitting near become very tempting. The idea of blue/green spaghetti sized bits of yarn has stopped me from picking them up....I want socks, not yarn spaghetti.   I am hoping that by the time this pair of socks is off the needles (or at this rate even ON the needles) that I will no longer be in need of warm socks.  This is a yummy, squooshy, bouncy yarn that Judyakathegoddess left with me before she headed South. Fiesta Boomerang is new enough that I had a hard time finding a link, but I think it's going to be pretty popular. It's BIG yarn and I expect (oh dear no expectations, please) to be finished quiet quickly, IF I ever get the yarn into a ball.

Remember the cute little Park City Cabin from this post? Well, Birdsong looked up and it's only $1,095,000.  You can check it out here.  Just thought it would be worth sharing with those of you who have big tax refunds to spend! Oh my, oh my...you know that poor little cabin will continue to be unloved.

Thegardenofzenpatio Several of you have commented on the rocks I use as a back drop in my photos.  They are in the Garden of Zen on my patio.  The garden needs a good cleaning and the edging needs to be replaced. We're also considering a bamboo trellis with a climbin vine.  As soon as it warms up a bit we'll make it a weekend project. 

So, the BF socks are finished!   I'm also working on a little surprise to included in the package and I might just send it out next week...a wee bit early as I'm too excited to hang on 'til the end of the month.

Mypalssocksellenssockbynancybushinc click it

Pattern: Ellen's Sock from Folk Socks Knitting in Estonia* by Nancy Bush ETA: Thanks Rebecca for the correction.
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill - Special Blues
KAL: Bloomin’ Feet Sock Exchange
Time to Knit: 2-26-07 - 4-11-07

I'll be knitting the blues this weekend.  Have a good one!


Oh the socks turned out beautifully! Sometimes that spaghetti works itself out most easily with a friend and a glass of wine or nice cup of tea.

I have become an expert at untangling yarn. Why do students feel that it is OK to undo the ties , unwind a bobbin of the yarn, and then chuck the mess back in the cupboard for me to find? I usually just keep slipping the ball winder head (which is thankfully removable) through the hanging loops as needed. And what ever you do...DON"T TUG! The yarn is so beautiful that it would be horrible for it to end up as spagetti.

It's so frustrating when you have to spend time untangling yarn! Ugh.
The socks are lovely and your surprise is a great idea.

I shall send my daughter forthwith. She finds untangling yarn spaghetti to be relaxing and meditative. I KNOW - can you stand it?

Pretty, pretty socks - and a wee little one, too!

I've been having trouble winding up the Tahki Cotton Classic - which is a real pain in the ass. I'd say like every other skein is twisted in some way and I have to pay attention when I'm winding it up.

Very nice socks.

Ahhh.... It's like coming home.

Beautiful socks!

I totally sympathize with untangling yarn having just had to do it with some laceweight. It's the worst to have pretty yarn that can't be used immediately!

I had a skein of Fiesta Rayon Boucle dissolve into a mass of tangles once, and by the time I got it untangled (and not without a few snips) I was so disgusted that it has never seen the light of day since! I'm off to WEBS and a spinning guild meeting this weekend, but I will be working on socks, strangely, for me, blue! Enjoy yours!

The socks are beautiful! I love winding yarn; but, I hate dealing with a big tangled mess. Good luck, and stay away from the scissors!

I'm getting right ON that tax-refund-haven-cabin. Yes. Thank you SO MUCH, Margene! You are always such a wonderful source of helpful information. Bitch. :D

Lovely, just lovely. And the color is perfect. Good lucky with the untangling!

Love me them blues. I too like untangling yarn. I agree, don't tug, but look for a hole to pull the yarn through.

That is lovely yarn. I have had tangling difficulties with Fiesta's two-strand mohair/rayon combination. I always thought it was the mohair's fault....Hmmmm. Still wonderful yarn though.

Those blooming socks are the best yet...beautiful!

I hate the tangle. I try like hell not to do that to people, but I know it still may happen from time to time. I usually keep the messes and boy, I can't stand them.

I think there are too many 0's at the end of the price of that uninhabitable cabin.

Your bloomin' feet socks are gorgeous.

Yarn untangling seems like a very Zen opportunity. :) The BF socks are gorgeous!

You have a very lucky pal! I love the tulip pic you have on your sidebar. So springy and wonderful.

Thanks for the yarn link! I may just wander over there and accidentily buy myself some of the surf. OOPS! :)

Love the socks -- multi-hued solids looks so beautiful in lace socks. Lovely. Have a great weekend!

So did you ever make it through that tangled mess?? It'll make some very pretty socks if it makes it to the needles! :)

Lovely socks. Do you know I love to unskank yarn. After the kids got to bed, TV on...me and the blasted ball of yarn. Send it here if you really get frustrated. Put the scissors in another room. Thanks for the link. Granny is closing out her Fiesta. I am glad they came up with something new.

Oh no! I am wishing you untangling sock yarn vibes. Speedy knitting!

The socks are beautiful! Good luck with that tangled yarn. I don't mind untangling it too much, as long as it doesn't happen while I'm knitting something.

I got a good laugh at the price of that cabin, especially when I read that it is "currently not a habitable structure". I guess location is everything, though a little cabin on the highway isn't my dream house, even if it is in Park City.

That's the first I've heard of Fiesta Boomerang. The colors are beautiful. I think you're right in predicting it will become popular. I'd love to have some right now.

The socks will be a wonderful surprise! Love the color.

I remember one day in the shop it took two of us 45 minutes to wind a skein of Colinette ribbon, with a swift and winder, with a customer who finally gave up waiting and went to have lunch.

Wish I lived next door. I love untangling. And what lovely yarn!

The socks are boootiful. Good job!

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