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Mountolyoncoldspringdaywithnewdusti The sky has gone from blue to gray, the cool crisp air of unsettled spring has returned, and the mountains are once again dusted with snow.  While Cara is feverishly immersed in colored mitres, Ruth is pixilating her colors into patterns, and Lolly is enjoying the new Project Spectrum colors for April and May, my world is still blue.  Color abounds in the landscapes, as spring blossoms pop forth and brightly colored sock yarns attract knitters, like bees to red tulips. I’m happily singin’ knitting the blues. The blues invade my heart and filled with joy as I knit a blue Lacy Waves.


Instead of the continuing on with the back, I opted to knit the front, along with the lace inset, as curiosity won the day. The laciness of the sleeve attracted my attention next and the simple *yo, P2tog* has been just the right amount of holey-ness for my brain to handle. I’m truly tangled up in this calming, gentle blue.

The blues continue, as the lovely socks for my Bloomin’ Feet pal are growing quickly.  The nice thing about the beautiful blue bloomin’ sock is that it will be slow to fade, unlike spring flowers. My pal, who is often in my thoughts as work on this sock, has a big event coming her way (and that’s about all I can say). So, I knit good thoughts, positive vibes and prayers into the stitches.  I’m a little sappy when it comes to clothing the feet of another, in this case another person I don’t really know.  For some reason (perhaps it’s the impending event) I feel an intimacy with my pal as I knit her socks.  I do want them to be perfect, in color, style and fit, and hope that because I love them so, she will too.


Knitting two projects, two blue projects, has been the right way to go, plus it’s calming and relaxing to have only two projects calling for my attention. While there is no rush, no desire to start something new, the un-Zen part of my brain is wondering what the next project will be.


That is going to be one beautiful sweater! The socks look great. I'm sure your pal will love them!

Blue is loved for a reason. I think I saw that it is the most often chosen color for favorite color status.

I get sentimental about knitting socks for others, too. Your blues are lovely.

I love blue. The only color I love more is purple; those socks are gorgeous.

Blueblueblue. :)

Looking forward to seeing Lucy Waves completed. The 'wave' insert intrigues me! Elsebeth does create beautiful colours!

Today my zen thing came up LOVE. And that's just how I feel about you!

Pretty, I have also been in a blue mood lately

I think those are lovely colors for the season. I am sure that your sock pal will be thrilled with the socks. I wish you speedy knitting on both.

How delightful to see and hold these two blues in person yesterday! Thanks for the spinning lesson too.. spring will change to summer soon enough and the skies and mountains here have been so very beautiful that I hate to leave.

All the blue is lovely, so calming!

I've got to go get me a bunch of rocks. Your knitting always looks so wonderful posed on those pebbles!

we haven't had true Florida sun in a few days. so today i'm going to buy yellow yarn, even if it's just cotton from Walmart!
the Lacy Waves is beautiful. wonder how it would work up with a verigated yarn?

This post could be used to lower blood pressure. Serene. Calm. Stillness. sigh.

I like your blue trend. I ordered some blue bamboo from WEBS whenever it was that their sale started. I think I need a transitional sweater in case the weather ever crawls out of the wool level.

I wonder how Ellen's Stockings would look in orange? Hmm. ;-)

We're getting some snow tonight, too. I hope it will be gone in time for Marathon Monday. Yikes! I wish spring would hurry up and find us.

I never get tired of blue. It's been my favorite color since I was a little girl. Hope the sky soon matches the color of your knitting.

I LOVE those socks -- the blues are so beautiful, but, alas I don't think they are for me :-(

You have conjured up a lovely image in my mind's eye - seeing you knitting away on those lovely socks, filling them with love, tenderness and joy in every stitch. They are sure to be winners.
and those lacey sleeves are wonderful.

I'm with Marcia - I was just thinking how nicely those pebbles show off your knitting! I've been spinning and dyeing blue lately, maybe I caught it from you! Heh.

Lucky Bloomin' Feet pal - those are absolutely stunning!

I didn't remember the lacy sleeves from the pattern. That will be lovely!

Anyone would be thrilled to get those beautiful socks. I'm sure your sock pal will flip. I rarely knit anything blue, but it's true that your photos transport me to a very calm and serene place. Lovely, all of it.

How could she not love those socks? Yea for blue!

Your pal will LOVE the socks! And you will love that SilkyWool sweater. Oh the joy of wearing it. It'll look good AND feel good!

I always get very sentimental about the person I'm knitting socks for. And so far it's never been someone that even KNEW OF before starting! I'm silly that way. :)

Lucky pal! I love those socks and think it's really cool that you're sending them good karma as you knit them up. I really like that idea!

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