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April - Four of a Dozen


The month of April is often the first month you can bare the toes and walk in green grass.



It's the month of greening trees and melting mountain snow.

Beautifulpinkblossomsandbuds_2  Tulipsandpansiesinfullbloom_2

April is the month when blossoms appear on trees and in the flower beds.


April is the month when the young at heart find they want to try something new (everything old is new again). Details later.


New can be so invigorating!

Lovely! Good toes. And it's the only place I'm seeing blossoms of significance. Alas.

Ah, a red toe girl! Those photos say pure spring! A crocheter too?

The perspective of the final photo is interesting. Are those balls of yarn as large as I'm imagining? Or does Thumbelina live at your home? :-) Lovely flower photos. We are still waiting for them in Wisconsin.....a few more weeks. *sigh*

Mmmm, your post is no nice and springy! Too bad it's sleeting here today--I'll just have to look at your pics and imagine I'm there!

No bare tootsies in the grass here yet. Damn.

Nice to see your toes! Must be warming up over there.

If I wasn't traumatized by granny squares as a child... I might ask my mom to teach me. :)

Maybe *you* can bare the toes. Send some of that spring our way, huh?

I'll pay to see you crocheting those granny squares.

Maybe you could teach me to crochet as well? :)

Oooh, crochet!
I can't wait to bear my toes - there were a few days there, then it got bitterly cold and rainy again :(

Love the contrast of those red tootsies in the dark green grass!

Oh! You, too!!! Granny square mania is just sweeping right through the knit blog list, isn't it?
I bought my copy of Interweave Crochet over the weekend.
; )

Lush green grass. I'm so jealous.

i love the crochet; really it was my first love. i don't love the sewing together; or even the crocheting together.
however; i've made enough crochet hats to reach the moon.
i whish i had yarn pats big enough to make me look like Thumbelina; hehehe: good one Angie.

Green grass, flowers, painted toes! I'm so envious. We're still fighting storms and snow and everything is brown. May is the month of green for us. Enjoy!

Yay for red toenail polish! I'm intrigued with the crochet...

I bought that very mag this weekend thinking of making that bag. Mind you, I've not crocheted since I was 5 or 6 when I a mad hooker of granny squares (for the Barbie townhouse of course). Can't wait to see your bag take bloom!

Crochet? Where WILL you find the time??

It's nice to see the sun shining and the trees budding out. Spring has been a fickle season this year.

Ha, this weekend I kept seeing college guys walking in the falling slush in their flip-flops.

That final photo is a hoot. The little hand and arm, the GIGANTIC balls of yarn....

When is Little Rhody going to get blooms instead of raw weather and rain? Thanks for reminding us that spring is coming.

Green grass and bare toes... *sigh*

Green grass? If I stuck my bare toes in our brown grass today, I'd get frostbite! We don't even have forsythia yet and I have only see a few very brave daffodils. It's been the WORST April I can remember! Thanks for the reminders, though. Crochet, eh? Don't neglect Emmy Lou!

Girl, are you making that bag? HA! I just bought the magazine on Saturday for that pattern. Were we actually seperated at birth? hehe

Ahh I'm having a great time spinning and knitting over the past few days and thinking of what yarn I want to use for the bag. I haven't even looked to see what's recommended by the pattern. Are you joining the KAL?

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