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Three Years Ago Today...

...is when this all started...I hit publish on my first post (no link- it just said I'm here).

I had been reading blogs for about 2 months and had a job that afforded a load of down time.  So, "Why not.", thought I, it shouldn't be too hard to knit and talk about it, too.  Well, here I am three years later still in Blogland...a very different Blogland than it was back then. It's bigger, full of celebs, full of designers and more dynamic than anyone thought it would be (don't you think?).  I knew there would be community (we all knit, for heaven sake), but I didn't know the extent to which yarn and needles would connect us.  Many of my 'best' friends, the people I 'talk' to daily are here in Blogland. We are connected throughout the day, easily available to each other and that makes for a strong friendships. My 'real' friends often wonder why I'm not around as much and it's in large part due to having so many friends, true friends here...in cyberspace.  Is that a sad thing or an amazingly wonderful one?  Both, is my answer.

The very best thing to happen during the three years I've had a home in Blogland was Rhinebeck last October.  To visit face to face, spend time hanging, knitting and shopping to with many of my pals was a true highlight...not only by Blogland standards, but a highlight of my 'real' life, too.
Anncarameandvickilaughingalwaysrhinebeck_1 Carasaidthelambchopswerethebestever Caroleandrisaatmeetup_1
Iselaandnormagethugsatrhinebeck Jesseluandkellyatmeetup Kimandjudyfiberloversanddyer
Melanieandjohannaatmeetup Teresaandrisaatmeetupwithlaurieinbackgro Notsolittlelambwalkingaround

Laurieandmarciaatmeetup Thebeautifulvickiinherfibbysweater_1 Crowdsandcoloratrhinebeck_1

I just love to revisit these pictures and think of the friendships that grew stronger with my visit.  I miss you all everyday!

Birdsong (who needs a special hug) and Kim are two more bloggers who live a ways away, but it hasn't hampered the growth of our friendship.  I hope to see you both soon.

Being in Blogland has produced many friendships close to home, too.  I'm not sure I would have met Susan, Miriam, Blogless Karen, Anne or any number of the Ewe-tah Grrls. Anne, who I helped enticed from Vermont to Utah, has now opened a great shop full of fibery goodness. And, what a great name she chose! Congrats on Wooly Wonka Fibers, Anne and may it be very successful.  I'll be doing my part to make sure it is!

There have been some ups and downs over the three years, as Blogland is surprisingly like 'real' life.  There are people who don't understand you, and visa versa, people you can't connect with in a positive way, and people who turn their back and walk away.  As in 'real life' you can hurt someones feelings, cause a rift, or make lasting friendships.  Life is very real here in our virtual world, too.

As a way of thanking you for taking time everyday to come here and read, to spend time with me and share who you are, I am giving away some prizes.  Three prizes for three years.

The fun bubblegum roving from Amy will hopefully become a nice handspun sock yarn...


Fleece Artistsock yarn in Hercules...


and Textiles A Mano 50silk/50 wool skein around 660 yds.


So,  here is the part where you must perform in order to be in the running for prizes.

When at a large dinner party, surrounded with people I don't know well or have met for the first (and perhaps last) time, it has been my ploy to ask each person to reveal a little secret about themselves.  Nothing too daring, dangrerous or shocking, just a little tidbit. Something that will help the rest of us at the table can get a sense of the person.  This technique has started some very interesting, and long lasting conversations. So, that's what I'm asking you to do...reveal a little secret about yourself, something you feel comfortable sharing, something you may not reveal to others often. 

We all have secrets...now share yours!  Everyone who leaves a little tidbit behind will be put into the drawing for several prizes which will be given away on March 14th...another special day in March.


Oh yeah...the secret. I have none...I'm such a blabbermouth. My life's an open book...and most people probably have heard WAY more than they're interested in. lol

I think WE, your readers, are the ones to be congratulated, my dear! That we found you, and that you consider us your true friends! As for a secret, I have a few I won't share, and a few that I could share but have already been mentioned, so I'll just say that my secret is how much I depend on all my blogging friends to keep me literally sane. You see, most of my family questions that I am. Congratulations on three years!

Happy 3rd Blogversary Margene!!! I've enjoyed your blog for some time now and have appreciated your willingness to lead us to Knit Unto Others during November:~D
As for a secret...not many people know or even suspect, but for one evening when I was in my mid twenties (late 80's), I was a runway model for the Heer's store. I modeled a nice black pleated colum dress with a multi strand of faux pearls (which were gifted to me by my maid of honor Sharlotte). There was also a real mink coat. (I didn't have issues with wearing fur then as my Grandad was a hunter.) It seems like a dream now!
Here's to many more years of blogging goodness! CHEERS!!!

Happy Blogiversary!

Hmm... I like to pretend that I'm busy on Tues/Thurs when all of my kids are in school but really I'm sitting in bed watching tv and knitting.

Happy 3rd! I usually lurk, but I have been to a couple of the Sunday SnBs (would that I had been there for the "strange" one). Even though I don't keep a blog, I read many. A little secret--Long ago, I participated in an anti-nuke-waste guerilla theatre demonstration that disrupted a federal public hearing. No arrests--my mom would have turned me into dead meat, too!

Happy 3 years! So glad you are in blogland, and looking forward to the next three years!

Here's my little secret. When I go up and down the elevator at work and nobody is in there with me, I sing hip hop and shake my booty.

Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad that you took the plunge and that I found your blog. It (and you) has inspired me, made me pause and think, made me laugh and most of all - made me drool like a dog with rabies. :)

My secret is... I'm still legally married. 12 years after we separated. Due to a series of circumstances - my husband refusing to sign, a lawyer getting arrested for embezzlement and a judge retiring - I'm still married. I know I should refile, but I have a stick up my butt about paying for it again. Obviously, he's not worried about it either.

Oh, and also, I think Che Guevara was HOT!

Happy 3rd blogging anniversary.
My secret? I don't really like my remaining grandparents (as people). I really loved the now-deceased one. Terrible, isn't it?

My secret....I am currently in the middle of a divorce. It is sad/difficult/draining and I feel very much like a failure. I have not and most likely will not discuss it a lot (if at all other than the upcoming move to a new house) on my blog.

Deep down I feel like I tried my best but...it wasn't enough and I obsess about the long term effects it will have on my children.

I'm delurking to say Happy Happy Blogiversary!

what fun to read secrets! Mine is...I've never been in a "real" yarn store. Yes you may shake your head sadly at me now.

btw I do love your beautiful photo's you post!

Happy Blogiverary, Margene! A secret? Despite my mild mannered persona, with the right mix of music and wine (or really anything!), I become the dancing machine :-)

Happy blogiversary!

My secret is that I still have a bit of a crush on a guy I semi-dated (i.e. fooled around with) in college. I haven't seen him in something like 7 years, and I don't know where he lives, but every now and then I'll see the back of someone's head that looks like it might be him and my heart races.

And he was a total dick to me. Isn't that sad?

Happy blogiversary! Hmm... all the secrets I can think of are not all that secret, being hangups that really bother me even though I know a lot of people have them. Here's one: I am so petrified that people I admire(1) will disdain me that when meeting them I either become completely tongue-tied or turn into a babbling blithering idiot.(2)

(1)If you have a knitting blog that I have read more than once, you are in this category.

(2)If you fit (1) and have met me, this is probably not really a secret. If you have not met me but fear you might, I recommend earplugs.

Happy 3rd!
My not-so-secret conversation-starter type-dealie would have to be that I went to boarding school from when I was 12 until I graduated at 17. And no, it wasn't a correctional centre. :)

Happy blogiversary!

A secret? Aw, geez...I'm an open book! How about this: despite the fact that I am way too tall, way too heavy, and not nearly graceful enough...I've always wanted to be a ballerina. Still do.

Happy Blogversary Margene. Your blog is one of my favorite places to visit. I always feel that is has the warmth and comfort of sitting in a living room with a dear friend drinking tea:)

As for my secret I don't have many but I suppose there is one that gives me pause the most at this point of my life. My grandmother always told me to marry a man who loves you more than you love him and I, not meaning to, believe that I did (as my mother did before me). I wonder, often, if my husband is missing out on a better wife and a better marriage because of it.

Three WONDERFUL years! I've enjoyed every single post! :-) And I hope you'll keep going for as long as the spirit moves you.

Secrets? Here's my big one: I have an appointment to get my tubes tied. Sometimes Blogland feels like one giant maternity ward, so I keep to myself the fact that I don't want any children. But in two weeks it will be a moot point. :-)

Hooray for three years! My secret is my incredibly bad tase in music. Okay, that's widely known, but just how bad is it? I've had in the last month: Meatloaf (icluding a new one!), Bon Jovi (old and new), old Pat Benetar and Dolly Parton singles and some very indie nerd-rock playing on the cd player in my car. And I sing it out at the top of my lungs. I'm sure I look like a freak, but I am so happy doing it:)

Happy Day, Margene! I'll have been blogging for two years in April, so I can appreciate the work it took you to get to three. Good for you!

My secret: I'm afraid to listen to music. I'm afraid that, if I allow myself to listen to much music (other than old, familiar songs as background noise), I'll drop everything else and spend all my time listening.

The problem is that I can't just listen to music - I have to stop doing anything else, and just sit or lie down and listen. I can feel the desire to do that pulling at me anytime I'm someplace where there's music playing. My brain can't seem to shove the music into a background noise role, unless it's very familiar oldies music or something. Given the chance, music would entirely take over my life - and I like the life I have right now.

So I actively struggle against the music thing.

Weird, huh?

Happy Blogversary....I've been reading your blog for over one year now and my day wouldn't be complete without reading it.

My secret is that I've begun writing a blog inspired by all the blogs like yours that I read. I wish I could be a better knitter...I just need to do more of it but when you have lots of interests, quilting, crafting all sorts of stuff and knitting...there is not enough hours in the day. Keep up the good work and I know you'll keep inspiring me.

Found my way here through January One blog... happy blogiversary!

My secret is that I was so shy growing up that I couldn't even call the library to ask what their hours were, nor could I call and order a pizza... I would get so anxious that I'd feel physically ill. I've come a long way since then, and most people are surprised to hear this about me :)

Happy Happy blogiversary! Secret, secret....how about my sometimes ritual of watching reruns of Beverly Hills 90201 on Soap Net when Little Man is at preschool and Monkey Boy is sleeping? :)

Happy Blogiversary! My secret is that years ago when I was young and thin I was an exotic dancer.

Happy blogiversary!

My secret - that only a handful of people know - is that my father is in prison. I haven't seen him since I was five. I don't talk about him and people usually assume he's dead. My sister recently started corresponding with him and I can't decide if I want to or not.

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