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Three Years Ago Today...

...is when this all started...I hit publish on my first post (no link- it just said I'm here).

I had been reading blogs for about 2 months and had a job that afforded a load of down time.  So, "Why not.", thought I, it shouldn't be too hard to knit and talk about it, too.  Well, here I am three years later still in Blogland...a very different Blogland than it was back then. It's bigger, full of celebs, full of designers and more dynamic than anyone thought it would be (don't you think?).  I knew there would be community (we all knit, for heaven sake), but I didn't know the extent to which yarn and needles would connect us.  Many of my 'best' friends, the people I 'talk' to daily are here in Blogland. We are connected throughout the day, easily available to each other and that makes for a strong friendships. My 'real' friends often wonder why I'm not around as much and it's in large part due to having so many friends, true friends here...in cyberspace.  Is that a sad thing or an amazingly wonderful one?  Both, is my answer.

The very best thing to happen during the three years I've had a home in Blogland was Rhinebeck last October.  To visit face to face, spend time hanging, knitting and shopping to with many of my pals was a true highlight...not only by Blogland standards, but a highlight of my 'real' life, too.
Anncarameandvickilaughingalwaysrhinebeck_1 Carasaidthelambchopswerethebestever Caroleandrisaatmeetup_1
Iselaandnormagethugsatrhinebeck Jesseluandkellyatmeetup Kimandjudyfiberloversanddyer
Melanieandjohannaatmeetup Teresaandrisaatmeetupwithlaurieinbackgro Notsolittlelambwalkingaround

Laurieandmarciaatmeetup Thebeautifulvickiinherfibbysweater_1 Crowdsandcoloratrhinebeck_1

I just love to revisit these pictures and think of the friendships that grew stronger with my visit.  I miss you all everyday!

Birdsong (who needs a special hug) and Kim are two more bloggers who live a ways away, but it hasn't hampered the growth of our friendship.  I hope to see you both soon.

Being in Blogland has produced many friendships close to home, too.  I'm not sure I would have met Susan, Miriam, Blogless Karen, Anne or any number of the Ewe-tah Grrls. Anne, who I helped enticed from Vermont to Utah, has now opened a great shop full of fibery goodness. And, what a great name she chose! Congrats on Wooly Wonka Fibers, Anne and may it be very successful.  I'll be doing my part to make sure it is!

There have been some ups and downs over the three years, as Blogland is surprisingly like 'real' life.  There are people who don't understand you, and visa versa, people you can't connect with in a positive way, and people who turn their back and walk away.  As in 'real life' you can hurt someones feelings, cause a rift, or make lasting friendships.  Life is very real here in our virtual world, too.

As a way of thanking you for taking time everyday to come here and read, to spend time with me and share who you are, I am giving away some prizes.  Three prizes for three years.

The fun bubblegum roving from Amy will hopefully become a nice handspun sock yarn...


Fleece Artistsock yarn in Hercules...


and Textiles A Mano 50silk/50 wool skein around 660 yds.


So,  here is the part where you must perform in order to be in the running for prizes.

When at a large dinner party, surrounded with people I don't know well or have met for the first (and perhaps last) time, it has been my ploy to ask each person to reveal a little secret about themselves.  Nothing too daring, dangrerous or shocking, just a little tidbit. Something that will help the rest of us at the table can get a sense of the person.  This technique has started some very interesting, and long lasting conversations. So, that's what I'm asking you to do...reveal a little secret about yourself, something you feel comfortable sharing, something you may not reveal to others often. 

We all have secrets...now share yours!  Everyone who leaves a little tidbit behind will be put into the drawing for several prizes which will be given away on March 14th...another special day in March.


Ack, life gets so crazy and I haven't been here in so long! Anyhoo, happy blogiversary!! And, almost Happy Birthday ;)
My secret is that I made a CD when I was in college. I thought that I could be a famous singer...yeah, not so much. But, it was a fun experience and I am glad I did it. now I'll never wonder, "what if?".

Hmm, which secret to disclose....I speak German and Russian to my cat, just to keep it up :)

My secret: One day last week, upon returning home in the evening, I discovered that my box of thread and my favorite sewing scissors were missing. Given that I use these two items every day, I don't lose things, and that these two items NEVER leave my sewing table, I have concluded that someone has been in my house, and has taken only these two items... leaving all electronics, jewelry and other valuables alone... and I can't tell anyone because I know that no one will believe me. It is so bizarre, that I can't even believe myself when I say "I didn't just misplace these."

Thank you for sharing. I really find it interesting to see how blogging has had an impact on people's lives. I haven't been at it that long myself, but I do "bump" into the occasional person out there who really brings a light into my days.

The sort of secret that not too many people around me these days know is that I have a college degree in economics, from many years ago. It seems out of place about me now that I'm a mom of three and earn my keep as a seamstress. Life certainly can turn out other than one planned.

Happy Blogiversary!

I've been a lurker here (as well as on many other blogs) for about two years. I never really know what to say in comments, am worried I'll come off as crazy or too familiar, or just seem odd, so I lurk. That is my secret!

Everyone who knows me really well thinks I'm one of the most confident, fearless people they know. My secret is that I'm terrified. I don't try lots of things (even things I KNOW I'm good at) because I'm terrified to fail.

Happy blogiversary, and here's to many more years of blogging! When I read that you thought about giving it up, I was terribly disappointed. I can completely understand why, because I have thought of it, too, as I'm sure many other bloggers have, but you would have been missed.

My secret? I always clean up my house before leaving to go somewhere, partially because I hate coming home to a messy house, but mostly because if someone breaks in, I don't want them to think I'm a slob. As if they would care! It's stupid, but I can't help it. Which is why this is the first time I've ever told anyone.

Ok, here's my secret. I hate canteloupe. I've eaten a lot of strange things, like silk worms in Korea. And nothing compares to my distaste of canteloupe!

My secret? I live in my nightie and bathrobe. If I have a few days without any reason to leave the house, I just stay in my nightie and bathrobe. I only get dressed if A) I have to leave the house or B) someone is coming over.

Hmmm, a secret. Well, for 6 months after my daughter was born, I slept right next to her. now that she sleeps in another room in her crib, I keep one of her shirts under my pillow. I know, I'm weird, but sometimes I really miss sleeping cuddled next to her!

Happy Blogiversary!
A secret... I always knit my left sock first. You might ask how I would even know, but I know. During the first sock I always use my left foot to try it on & somehow use the right foot for the second sock. Don't ask me why, I just do!

Happy Bloggerversary!

My "secret" is that I do not handle being in a totally quiet house well. I like living alone, but having grown up in a house with six siblings, I need noise of some sort--TV, radio, music, etc.

Happy blog-aniversery :)

My secret is that I hate it when people ask the question, "How are you?" and don't then listen properly when and if I answer truthfully. It drives me up the wall. I therefore find myself lying to them all the time. Gee, that sucks.

Happy 3rd!! It has been such a pleasure getting to know you in blogland!!! You enrich my morning coffee each and every day!

A secret....hmmmm.....basically I am a very shy person, until I feel comfortable.

Happy blogging anniversary! My 2 year will be in April...boy does time fly. Couldn't decide on which secret to share so I went with two. First secret is that I breast fed my son until he was 2 1/2...he weaned himself one day cold turkey. Plus I'm a former pediatric dentist who had to stop practicing because of Rheumatoid arthritis in my hands. Wasn't cool dropping instruments in front of kids on the floor but a needle or two won;t traumatize anyone for life.

Happy 3rd blogiversary. I am a new blogger and can't imagine reaching 3 years.

My secret is somewhat related. This past summer, I became obsessed with reading knitting blogs before I even started knitting. Pretty strange.

Happy blogiversary! My secret? I like country music..in fact I listen to it (only certain artists) on my ipod while walking down the streets of NYC. I think it's ironic when I walk in really upscale/fashionable places. Silly as it sounds it's funny things like that which keep me grounded when I'm surrounded by expensive stores and well dressed people living beyond their means.

Happy blogiversary. I just love the blogging/knitting community. My dark and dirty secret is that I'm a closet fisherperson. I don't even care if I catch anything. I just love going alone to a lake or stream and fishing. Many people find this barbaric and akin to eating possums. I've never tried possum myself, but bring on the worms and trout!

Happy Blogaversary!

Ok my little thing to share is that I live in a house that is haunted. We live next to an old family cemetary plot and when we were working on the house my husband and I both heard kids laughing and playing and it was past midnight! The sound was coming from one of the back rooms and there was nothing there. Since we have moved in we have heard things and actually seen a few things as well. Ooooooeeeeeoooooo Spooky. =)

I always enjoy your blog! We have a Mini Schnauzer, Sadie, so I love the dog pictures and the sock knitting on your blog. Now, to secrets....well, we are secretly hoping to adopt a newborn baby that will be born in the summer. We have been asked to be the adoptive parents by the birthmom and are going through the process with our attorney. We are trying to find a way to be supportive and friendly to the birthmom, while keeping some kind of detachment to protect ourselves should she change her mind.

Congratulations on your anniversary!!!
I have a two year old son who is addicted to The Wiggles. So I guess my secret would be - promise not to tell my husband - that I have a secret crush on Anthony, the blue Wiggle. Just love that accent!!!!

A painting of mine hung in the Guggenheim Museum for winning a Gold Key in the National Scholastic Art Awards Competition, the year was 1969 and I stood on a local stage to receive my reward with Randy Compton (a naturalist painter who has owns a gallery in Alaska) and Dan Fogleberg (who became the famous singer/writer/music, designing all his album covers) and I was the only woman on stage with them!!!!

Congratulations on 3 years from a new blogger! (And you got me to delurk at the same time.) I think I just posted my "secret" on my blog. My secret: I'm a mess. I wasn't always disorganized (and I have proof). But there is an embarassing amount of clutter in my real home. I'm taking care of that this year. (It didn't happen overnight, it won't go away in a weekend.)

What a great contest idea! Okay, I'll delurk and tell you a secret. Hmm . . . I hate the smell of canned food (soup, beans, etc) before it's been heated up. While I'm opening and using the food, I hold my breath the whole time. If I'm using it for a long time I'll run into the other room so I can take another gulp of air, and rush back into the kitchen to finish cooking! Okay, that might be kind of lame.

As usual lately, I'm really late to this party. But Happy Blogiversary!! And don't stop! Ever - you are one of the celebs in blogland, ya know.

Secrets - hmmmm. Ok, I'm a very random seat of the pants kinda gal, scattered in the wind with my stuff. But when it comes to eggs - they gotta be ordered in the carton. As in, take an egg out of the carton, it has to be from one end or the other, not both, and certainly not from the center. I rearrange the eggs if someone else breaks my rule. If I try to get random with the eggs, it will bother me enough that I have to go back and fix it.

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