I Will Knit Again..Won't I?
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Spinning Continues and I DID Knit

Lotsofyellowrovingdyedinvariouways It's the end of another week of running around and little knitting accomplished...sigh.  However, Wednesday evening was the Wool Pack meeting and I brought a door prize (Anne's lovely bunny crack), which was won by Louise.  She was very excited to get her hands on the Hank's Bunny Blend, but as a new spinner she was a bit intimidated. Kim once told me that every new spinner should have some exotic fluff to try out, so go for it Louise!  The meeting was the annual Dye Exchange and, while I didn't participate, I went to see how it all worked.  Many members brought 2 lbs of dyed wool in the color of the year, yellow and the yellows were as varied as the participants. Everything from Kool Aid to onion skins and every type of chemical dyes, too. Dyeing hasn't been at the top of my list of 'to dos', but by next year I plan on joining in the fun. Wouldn't it be fun to spin a project out of all the different shades of one color?

I was able to knit on the Forecast sock (February's Spunky Club offering) while on the fly this week and finished it just before bedtime Wednesday night.  Size 3 needles and primitive yarn make for quick work.  It's rather thrilling to have my first handspun, hand knit sock finished.  Now onto the second one!  (Oh, and it fits, too!)


Chainedsinglesplyingofcorriedaleb_3 Last night was my one and only quiet night at home and I spun up as much of the purple BFL as I could before being distracted by the Brick Corriedale.  It just screamed to be plied and so, using my favorite 'plied chained singles' method (aka Navajo plying), the singles became yarn. I now have enough yardage to make one nice sock for Smith. And as soon as I spin and ply the other 4 oz. there will be enough for pair.  The colors are very rich and I'm very pleased with the yarn.


Bflpurpleygoodnessonebobbin_4 Over the the next couple of days I hope to finish spinning the BFL, Violette's Dream, and ply it too, as it must be in the mail by Monday. It will be a two-ply yarn which is best for lace. (How'd that red thread get in the picture?)  Kim and I will be spinning together and that should make finishing  in time doable.

My intention tonight is to knit, knit, knit while I await Kim's arrival.  Last night Hidcote received some quality time and tonight that should continue. The end could be insight!  Enjoy your weekend...I sure will!


Beautiful colours on the sock - they remind me of the beach - all washed out and sun faded - roll on the summer!

Have a blast with Kim this weekend! I'll be knitting on my Sock Madness sock - yikes!

I love your teeeny singles. Brick is beautiful, looks balanced and even. Smith will be walking on air.

Hooray for hanspun socks! It's gorgeous!! I love the yarn for Smith's socks too, very nice.

How wonderful your handspun sock is!! There is something so magical to me about a sock that was spun and then knit. Great job!

It really didn't take you long to become a full-fledged spinner, did it? :-) Wonderful spinning and wonderful sock!

Love that first photo, all the yellow yarn. Oh, there are so many things to try...

Happy Weekend, Margene!

I love the striping on your sock. And that purple you're spinning is simply luscious.

As usual your spinning looks great - and I love the sock!

Have a great weekend, and give Kim a hug for me. I'm not sure what I'm doing this weekend yet. My brain is still sort of foggy and I need to snap out of it!!

Your sock is gorgeous, the Brick, too! Have a wonderful weekend!

Oh, I love the sock from your handspun! It's beautiful! Girl, we are gonna spin ourselves silly! :)

Have a great day today--see you soon!

oooooo - I love the Brick...

Lucky girls. Give Kim a hug for me.

Gorgeous! Inspiring! I love them all. That brick yarn is sooooo manly! Lucky Smith!

Happy spinning. Happy hidcote. Happy weekend!

Have a great weekend! Isn't it wonderful how different all the yellows are and how something as simple as "yellow" can be so many things.

Congrats on your first handknit handspun sock. It's really lovely - the color combination is simply soothing. Wear them well.

I LOVE the colors of the sock! And the Brick is lovely too.

Louise can do it! The wool makes it okay to spin. It won't be skeery at all!!

I love that you have become such an addict....er... are enjoying spinning so much. :)

The Brick sock yarn is gorgeous. I can't wait to see the sock it becomes. Have a good weekend and enjoy your time with Hidcote.

The sock is lovely! Congrats. The colors work so well together. Amy is a great dyer. I'm afraid to use my Spunky until I get better. Looks like Smith is going to have a great pair too.

Have a great weekend!

I wanna meet Kim! Is she gonna be here for SnB or maybe the one on Sunday?

Look at that sea of yellow!! I was wondering what it was all for. =)

The plied corriedale is so lovely!! And the purple is just so bright and beautiful. I want a wheel so bad!!

The sock looks lovely - I bet the handspun feels divine, too.

I'm in awe of your beautiful sock. That's quite an accomplishment!

How long until you have a pair? ;-)

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