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March - Three of a Dozen


You all sure know how to throw a party!  You are all so wonderful and, like Vicki said in her recent post, I am amazed at all that blogging has brought to my life. I had a blast yesterday with all the good wishes and martini recipes that filled my email.  Thank you Carole and Teyani for that extra surprise!

The winners (drawn randomly) from the 'share your secret contest' are:
Susan, Rebekah and AnnieB63!!

Thank you everyone for sharing your secrets, giving a bit of yourself by commenting each day, and hanging out with me the last three years. And, thank you for the birthday wishes, too!  When I first came to Blogland I was nervous about showing pictures of myself.  I was old, you were/are (mostly) younger, smart, savvy and, well, intimidating.  I'm not easily intimidated and wondered at my 'shyness', but you made me feel comfortable enough to just be me and I've had a lot of fun being here with you.

As a special thank you for the great party you threw yesterday, I bring you "How to wrap your wife's Big Ass present", by Smith.

Find a colorful garbage plastic bag big enough to hold the gift. Place the gift inside the bag and tie the opening shut with a pretty ribbon. Leave at least 10" of bag above ribbon and cut every 5" or so to create the illusion of flower petals.


Take a black marker and scribble in the center of the tied section to create the illusion of a flower center.


Write Happy Birthday (or other greeting) on the side of gift.  Stand back and smile with happiness as your wife declares you very clever and covers your face with kisses.

Isn't Smith a cool, creative and clever guy?  The gift was a fancy, smacy radio for my 'now beyond junque and into major disastrous mess' room and it has the best looking remote control I have ever seen!

Awesomenewstreoplayerformydisasterr Myfavoriteremotecontrol

Thank you again for all the birthday wishes.  I feel like George Bailey at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life when his brother Harry propose a toast: "To my big brother, George—the richest man in town."  I truly feel like the richest person on earth because of all my friends, both real and virtual. 

To make life even richer I had my own Menage A Trois with Janice and Marge and the only thing better would have been a foursome with Vicki.  Plus, several friends will be coming to visit over the next few months.  Kim will be here on the 23rd so we can celebrate together on a day that falls right in-between our birthdays (hers is April 1st).  My dear friend Blogless Judyakathegoddess is coming to visit on April 3 (she's coming to SnB, too!).  Birdsong is coming a few days later with her hubby Glenn in tow and I'm trying to talk Stephanie into a visit, too.  Carole, the happiest spinner I know, is coming in September! That maybe a long way off, but it will be so good to see her smiling face again. And in June, there is Estes Park, another chance to hook up with more friends/bloggers!  Life is good...very, very good.

Yummyspunkutahsunrise I recieved many wonderful gifts, including the delurking of many commenters. However, this one is 'pretty special'.  Susan had Amy dye this colorway just for me. It's so gorgeous and Amy did one better by calling it 'Utah Sunrise'.  It looks just like the sunrise I saw on Monday morning (through very sleep eyes).  I'm going to let it marinate a bit until it tells me just what it wants to be and then I'll spin it with intent.

The weather this week has been beyond beautiful and tomorrow I'm taking the work day off (there will be a 007 post just for you) to enjoy some pampering. A pedicure, fiber shoping (for others not myself-who needs not one more thing) and a nice long walk with Moxie (who's birthday was also yeterday!) will be the leisurely pace of the day.  Have a wonderful, weekend...I know I'll be smiling for the rest of the month!  The kid in me says I should find a mud puddle to play in and I just might! 


Life got in my way yesterday morning and I missed your birthday! So Happy Belated Birthday! It looks like you had a grand time. And you are right about Smith! Definitely a keeper! ANd it looks like you have an exciting spring and summer all planned! Wonderful!

I'm so glad that it was wonderful!

I'm thrilled to be a part of your happy day! You deserve to be the richest person on earth.

Happy Birthday to Moxie, too! Enjoy your day off.

A belated happy birthday to Moxie, who has the neatest dad in all Utah.

AHHH!!!! I missed your birthday!!!! Hope you have fond memories of it for a long time to come! Happy Birthday Margene! Hubby sure knows how to wrap a gift:) oxoxoxo

I'm so happy your day was a special deserve it! Hmmm.....I'm tempted to come out with Carole in the fall...hmmmm

I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday!! Hee hee - that's how my family wraps presents, too...

Oh, how cool that Moxie shares the same birthday as you! Well, then, a happy belated birthday to Moxie, too! It certainly looks as though you had a wonderful day. You deserve it!

Happy Belated Birthday to Moxie! What did sweetie face little Moxie get for his birthday? HM?

That Utah Sunrise roving is beautiful - I'm just thinking you might need to rent a storage unit for all the roving you've been accumulating! hehe

Have a great day - oh that remote IS the coolest! :)

Sounds like a fantastic day! Gee - Smith got you the only non-fiber related gift, it looks like. What a nice addition to the fiber room!

Oh! The stereo is SO cool!! Love it! And that man o'yours is pretty darned creative in the wrapping department, isn't he? Very cool.

Carole is coming in September? Yahoo!! And the Utah Sunrise roving---WOW! I wanna be able to dye stuff like that, don't you? Huh? Don't you? Hee!

So glad that your birthday was a good one, honey. You deserve it, and so much more.

I'm sure Moxie can find a mud puddle big enough for the two of you ;-).

That gift wrapping IS the most wonderful and creative! Love what's inside, too.

That Smith is one creative guy! My present (which of course, I would have to pick out myself) would come 'wrapped' in its packaging from the store. Or in the box it was shipped in. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday, with more still to come.

So glad your birthday filled you up. You bring much to us through the reading of your blog, that it's only fitting that we can give back to you. Soak up all the warmth!

I'm sure Paula is right that Moxie would be happy to oblige with a great big mud puddle. So the question is- do you jump in with him when he finds it? :)

So glad you had a wonderful day, but, sniff, didn't you remember that I'm coming out in June? With all those friends, I guess you can't remember everyone! That fiber is just delish, by the way! (I see, too, that Smith has attended the same gift wrapping school as MY husband!)

I think trash bags are a great way to wrap a gift, wrapping paper is expensive, and well difficult to use at times. Plastic bag, much smarter, and very creative with the flower. IT's really what's inside that counts. The same way it is with people. Outside appearances are just fluff. It's the middle that's more important.

I'm so excited I won! I never win. Well one time when I was 13 I won a 10 pound Hersey chocolate bar. That was good.

Very clever, that man! As we say round these parts "Many happy returns for the day" (I have no idea what it actually means!)

A day off work is one of the best presents you can give yourself. Have a great weekend. Enjoy the fabulous weather. I'm not scheduled to visit SLC anytime soon, so you should have a nice run of sunny days.

Happy first day of your 58th year, Margene! Sorry I missed the party, but my best wishes to you today for a fabluous year.

What I first saw the photo of the stereo, I thought it was one of those self-propelled robot vacuums. Now THAT's a gift I want. *sigh*

That is a fantastic wrapping job--kudos to Smith. Very creative!

I am glad to hear that you had a great time and it seems that it will keep on going as people come to visit. Yay for good times. =)

Is a four-way even possible? ; )

I'm glad you had such a great day!! I'd like to know if you were sent any particularly intriguing martini recipes -- anything that you've just got to try!

I hope you get all the pampering you can stand tomorrow.

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