Three Years Ago Today...
dear bella

In Awe


No matter if the days are cloudy, snowy, cold, gray or clear blue with sun, they are all a part of our daily living.  The landscape of our lives informs who we are, can make us stronger, better people, and can enrich our lives in positive ways. It's up to us to make ourselves into people we would admire and, while we constantly grow and oft learn things the hard way, we are stronger better people for what is in our past. Many of you shared secrets that were sad, frightening, real and awe-inspiring. Some of you crack me up, but you all made me smile. 

I'm also amazed at how many of your secrets are also secrets that I keep.   Because you so willingly shared your secrets, I'll share one of mine.  I seriously thought about not blogging any longer.  Your comments and revelations changed my thinking about can I leave a place where there is such a connection, where people of the fiber come together and share what they know, what they feel and what they love? How can you leave a place where so many of us bare our souls and are accepted?  Blogland has a very strong draw and that might be why it's hard to think about leaving it behind and why it can also feel like an addiction.  It's in my blood at this point and there is no way to leave.

It's been a strange winter for me emotionally and during the last week, while trying to get some medication out of my system, my feelings have been all over the place...mostly down.  I knew it was 'drug' induced and would pass, but its passing has been physically difficult.  I'm still in a bit of a fog and it's been hard to concentrate.  However, I know I'm starting to feel better because I straightened up a few big messes that have been piling up, and...I cooked!  Now, don't faint.   The blame credit goes to Vicki and her post about food. I just had to make 'those' potatoes!  I also bought the needed supplies for Carole's beef soup.  Don't laugh Carole...I'm going to try it this weekend and I'll let you know if Smith survives. Proof of my kitchen prowess may be a feature next week. There's another secret for you...I'm no domestic goddess.

I have also been able to get my knitting angst under control.  The Estonian Scarf is blocking, Hidcote had some special attention the last two nights and she's now moved onto chart #8 (what a thrill!), and the Bloomin’ Feet sock is growing very nicely.  Laurie asked if I would ever frog Jóhö and Angela asked if I wanted some Jóhö company.  I can see this project finished and know I will love wearing her, too.  So, no frogging, but she will wait for awhile.  It's easy to become distracted by other projects when this one is such a slow process.  I need to concentrate on that...the process (and get a few things off the needles).  All other projects are, for now, out of sight...out of mind.

TkrovinganderinsgeishabagAmysforcastrovingohahlovely And look at the fibery goodness sitting on my door step yesterday. (Don't you just love days when the mail is all about fiber?)  The picture on the left is from the Twisted Knitters Club of Mama-E's. (The second edition is almost sold out!) It was inspired by Debbie Stoller and I just love it!  I also bought one of Erin's fabulous bags as I'm a sucker for Geisha images. It's the right size for carrying around socks or spindles.  On the right is the Spunky Club roving called Forecast. It's beautiful and the colors do evoke a winters day.  I can't wait to spin both fiber club offerings.  Now you know how much of my weekend will be spent.  Also, my prize from Norma’s WIP contest arrived and it is one POUND of Icelandic roving.  It's so wonderful and it will be saved for a special project. 

Enjoy your weekend and you can bet I'll be back here on Monday. Thank you all for your warmth, friendship and  care, both for me, and each other.


I'm soooooooo glad you are addicted decided to stay around!!!!!!

I'm also very glad you decided to stay in Blogland!

I understand the desire to stop blogging. I often wonder how you all do it. But I'm so glad you do, and I hope you keep it up! We'd miss you!

Oh my gawd, you're cooking? Alert the fire department!!!
Seriously, good luck with the soup. We actually had it last night because I had frozen 1/2 the batch when I made it. It was wonderful with grilled cheese sandwiches. Mmmm.

Holy crap, what did those drugs do to you? Considering leaving blogging AND cooking? I'm not sure which is more alarming. :D

I am a little more vocal about stopping blogging thoughts--yet less productive in the blogging dept. I would be very sad to risk losing the community that I belong to. I often wonder if just commenting would keep me as connected. You are a doll Margene. Good luck with the cooking.

I don't have the time or stamina to blog every day or most days. I belong to the ''blog when you feel like it'' school ! Maybe you could try that. Only blog when you want to, instead of every week day, so that there's no feeling of obligation. I bet you'd still blog most days, and we'd be all the richer for it.
Enjoy your weekend, your cooking and your blogging.


I'm making Carole's Beef Stew Soup this weekend, too!! Did you like the potatoes? They keep well for a couple of days and I like 'em warmed up for lunch.

I'm so happy that you're sticking around, Margene. Have a great weekend.

Feel good my friend! I hope the bad stuff is all gone soon. Love!

glad you are feeling better! use that inginuiTEA. that will help loads!

I'm glad you decided to keep blogging. It just wouldn't be the same without you!

I think it is natural to have those thoughts about leaving the blogworld behind - I have the same thoughts on a regular basis. I am glad you are here now though.

Oh my gosh. I never thought about you stopping blogging. I'm not ready for that. ha I'm glad you're hanging around and will keep up with the blogging. :)

Oh how fun to get the rovings and icelandic wool.... my goodness you must really be accumulating the wool stash... in the pre-yarn stage!

Have a wonderful weekend feeding your soul with knitting and spinning and fiber fondling and time with your handsome husband in your beautiful part of the world. xoxoxox

I would miss you a lot if you stopped blogging.

the fibers are gorgeous. Fiberotica. Happy spinning!

Over a hundred secrets? People trust you, dear.

I'm glad you decided to keep the blog, but if you didn't, I think we would all understand. Have a beautiful weekend!

I hope you do stay around, Margene. I would definitely miss you.

Glad to know you're feeling better! You know every time I take a break from blogging for moving or travels, illness, etc. I think of not quitting. It's time consuming to be sure but if I were to just read the blogs and not actually blog I don't think I'd have the same sense of community. And it's the community that rocks. Thanks for being such a vital part of that community!

I'm feeling a little disappointed in myself. I read your posts every weekday. I comment seldom. I understand your thoughts of no longer blogging, but honestly cannot understand why you would stop. You, of all of us, have connected in person with so many other bloggers. If you wanted to go to 3 days a week, fine, but I think most of us would truly be sorry to see you stop. In fact, you often help me through with your zen approach to things.

My Bloglines list is, of course, alphabetical, so "Zeneedle" is last. On the list...I go there first every day and work my way back up. While I understand wanting to stop blogging and have been there many times myself, my day just wouldn't be the same without "listening" to you first thing in the morning. I hope this passes...feel better!

I too lack the stamina to blog every day, and I too am glad you decided to stick around. You share so much with us, it's an honor to share with you.

Hopefully mine didn't give you nightmares....

I had no idea you were anything short of Julia Child herself in the kitchen. Hee!

You got a POUND of Icelandic?... Oh, WOW! Have you spun Icelandic before? I'm very curious to hear what you make of it. I'm a big fan of the Lopi in all its various permutations, but have not yet tried spinning it myself. ;-)

I'm glad you're sticking around. :-)

I am sorry you have been down. Wicked meds. Margene, you are a talented, gifted and spiritual woman. Your daily musings keep you close to us, and bring us up when we are down. You are a medicine in its' purist intent. The pictures you post keep Utah fresh in my mind. Your joy in fiber and your journey in spinning are a delight. I miss you, but feel connected because of your blog. Hugs!

I've thought about not blogging anymore, too. It's a combination of trying to simplify ("What's one more thing I can cut from life, hmmm?) and every now and then feeling like I'm too tired to think up things to add to blogworld. That's just me. But I'm glad YOU aren't leaving blogworld anytime soon! You would definitely be missed! Hope you feel better, and hope you didn't burn your house down.

I'm glad you're sticking around blogland. Your posts, like today's, are often very inspirational and make me feel better if I am down in the dumps. Or they just make me happier if I am feeling good.

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