happy birthday! from a lurker...

Happy birthday, Margene! I hope it is a wonderful day for you.

Many Happy Returns! That's a marvellous quote; it should be displayed in public places as a reminder that how we 'act your age' depends on how we perceive our age. Not how others perceive it. I like being old enough not to care at all what anyone else thinks. A bit of a trial for my husband, though :-)

I wish you a lovely day, the first of a lovely year. You're partly responsible for my learning to spin, so you deserve it!

Happy Birthday, young un!

Happy birthday, Margene! Fifty-seven is looking fantastic on you!

Happy Birthday! Looking good!

I am wishing all the happiest of wishes that I can and sending them zooming across the country. Wish I were there so I could squeeze the stuffing out of you!
Many more, grrl.
love ya!

my, my -- 57 sure does agree with you!

happy birthday!

A very happy birthday!

Happy, happy birthday! I hope it's a very special day.

Happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday, Margene! Fun pictures :)

Happy Birthday, Margene! You're a rare and precious gem.

You are AWESOME! Happy Birthday, Margene! xoxoxo

Happy Birthday Margene! Age is all in the mind! Enjoy your day!

Just popped in from Norma's to say Happy Birthday! Awesome pics. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday to a very special friend.

Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Age, Smage! It's all the way we choose to live our lives!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Margene.

Love the Madeleine L'Engle quote. One of my favorite authors. :)

57 looks fabulous on you! Happy Birthday, dear friend. May it be a day full of wonderful surprises and happiness. I love you!

Happy Birthday :-)Hope you have a lovely day - did I tell you I bought a wheel! - Squeee!

Happy Birthday!
You look good and happy!

May we all get to do the same! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you and Taz!

Happy Birthday. Have a great and fabulous day.

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