Walking in the Springtime
Spinning Continues and I DID Knit

I Will Knit Again..Won't I?

Floweringforsythiaandmountainswithc Moxie and I took another walk last night as the rain had cleared and it was another beautiful day.  Several of you asked what type of bird the feather it was I might have found and I do believe it is a quail feather.  It was found near a small group of bushes where the quail often hide.  It's the first quail feather in my collection (which is mostly mourning dove and magpie feathers).


Sara Lamb wanted to know how we could tell if Moxie was happy, which as it turns out, is a very appropriate question to come from Sara. Moxie hops and jumps in a lamb like fashion that makes us laugh out loud. Just head towards the door and you'll find out. He also has a great time if you chase him while he has the yukky, ukky blue thing in his mouth.  He'll be hopping around in a happy fashion this weekend as Kim and Bailey are coming to visit! 

A couple of weekends ago, while at breakfast with Miriam, I looked through a new book she had to review. I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy of my own as there were several projects I knew would be good summer knitting (and the yarn for one sweater was in my stash).  While purchasing the book at Black Sheep, Vonnie mentioned that the author, Barbara Albright, had written numerous cookbooks, as well as knitting books, and that she had also passed away shortly after, or maybe before, she finished The Natural Knitter.  I took the book home and read it, looked through it thoroughly, with added reverence, and realized what a loss this was for the knitting community.  This book is a lovely swan song and one to be cherished and enjoyed.  The sweater I want to knit from The Natural Knitter is Memories of the Ukraine and I have the needed yarn in my stash! It's Euroflax and design looks like the perfect sweater for the yarn, one that will be fun knitting, very attractive and useful, too.

LacywavessweaterfromlacestylereadyAswatchedaswatchandreadytoknitlacyw But, first sweaters first, I'm going to knit Lacy Waves from Lace Style and I even had time to SWATCH.  The yarn for this sweater was also residing in my stash and it's one of my very favorite yarns, Silky Wool.  I could have tons of it on hand, if the budget would allow.  Fortunately, I had this beautiful turquoise and decided I would enjoy wearing Norah Gaughan's design.   It's not as 'out there' as some of her other patterns, but still has unique styling.  A grrls gotta have a plan and that's mine...now if I can only find some time to knit. (At least I got a swatch!)


Wow - first again...
Thanks for the link. The Natural Knitter looks like a good book to have. Have you checked out her cookbooks?

It's hard to stay inside and knit when the weather is fine. Not that I would know around here yet.

Mmmm, always love your Silky Wool projects and am thinking now of what I can do with mine...

The mountains under the clouds look blue-green and mysterious. The swatch just looks beautifully blue.

I love Silky Wool... just looking for the perfect pattern to use mine on!

If we could only knit AND walk/work/jog/hike/blog/spin at the same time!

Bails & I are SO looking forward to this weekend!! Should I bring my dyes with me?


I love Barbara Albright's book, Knitter's Stash.

You'll get there. You now have all that spinning to keep you occupied. You just need to figure out how to knit and spin (and walk Moxie!) all at the same time, eh?

Silky wool is THE best! Your sweater will be lovely!

What a cutie Moxie is :-)

i love howthe blue thing wears moxie's whiskers. now... that IS style!

I haven't seen that color of silky wool -- I really like it. It will look great on you!

Moxie is a wooly baaa-lamb with fur-lined booties on! (Love P.G. Wodehouse)

Luscious knitting.

Moxie is so cute! That Silky Wool colorway is gorgeous!!

What a beautiful colour, Margene. I just wish I could wear the Silky Wool! Must keep my eye open for 'The Natural Knitter'.

I like Silky Wool a lot too, though I haven't the nerve to make a whole project then find it irritates my skin - I can't wear most wools next to the skin of my sensitive torso (waah). That is one great color for spring and summer, though it is hard to resist the call of the outdoors and sit and knit, once the beautiful weather arrives.

I love that color for the sweater!

The Natural Knitter is definitely on my list of books to buy and I need to try Silky Wool too.

I have never knit with silky wool but now I feel inspired to do wo. I am longing for the days when spring has swept through my corner of New England and I can spend more time out of doors...soon, I think.

Aren't our animals fun!? I agree that you can tell what sort of mood your pet is in! And how much fun is it to play!? Like you mentioned about chasing Moxie with his blue toy, when my cat is in a playful mood it is so much fun!

"Lace Style" is on its way to me in the mail at this very moment and I'm looking forward to seeing it. If that sweater calls for Silky Wool I'm sure I'll be all over it. I LOVE THAT YARN.

When I was selecting Lace Style on Amazon a few days ago I considered The Natural Knitter as an option. I've seen a few other reviews of it now and I'm sure it'll be one of the next books I add to my ever growing knitting library. Thanks for the good news about it and links about Ms. Albright.

Happy Thursday Margene! :)

I like that sweater! It will be fun to see you knit it :)

I am really jonesing to knit another sweater. With 2 garments in quick succession (Demeter and the sweater that shall not be named) I think I may have addicted myself. I hope the hipknits yarn comes soon so I can start another one and not neglect deadlines to do it :)

What beautiful projects you have lined up. Don't you just LOVE dogs with energy? My Gigi can go from dead to 90mph in 2.7 seconds.

That's why I recognize her name! I have Knitters Stash and love paging through it when I feel in need of inspiration.

Your forsythia pic is great. There is a tree on the way to school that reminds me of the dryad tree in the movie, Narnia ..., now that it has just started blooming.

margene, i had just ordered the natural knitter right before i read your blog. what a loss.
i'm looking forward to seeing your silky wool progress, i also have the book and yarn in stash.

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