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Horrible. Like Columbine.

I heard it on the news this morning, and immediately thought of you, Smith and Susan.
So sorry for your community's tragedy, but happy you are okay!

How absolutely horrifying. I'm so glad you and yours are safe.

That's an awful thing that happened, and it must be extremely difficult when it happens so close to home.

Take care of yourself. Our first October here was when the "DC sniper" was doing his thing. (Only the year after 9/11.) It was so random and it was scary. You just don't know when someone will do something like this. It's really hard sometimes to leave the house.

I always wonder why people who want to end their own lives feel the need to take innocents with them.

Holy shit. What is WRONG with our world where people go and do things like this? It's so horrible. I'm so sad for these innocent people and their families.

Sending you a big hug M.

I saw it on the Today show and immediately thought of you (and Smith). I am so sorry this happened in your city. *hugs*

That's horrific! I have many fond memories of visiting Trolley Square when I was a child. It's hard to imagine something like that taking place there. I'm so sorry...

Margene, my prayer for you is peace today.

Margene, my prayer for you is peace today.

I saw this and though immediately about you. This is tragic.

Oh my goodness, so sad to hear about this tragedy in your city. Many prayers for this family and to all residents who were affected by this incident.

Ugh, one of those senseless atrocities that's so hard to comprehend. We've a murder trial just underway here, dominating our news, making my heart ache every day and every night for the family of the young woman whose life ended so horribly and abruptly, and scratching my head that there is anything to defend. It's not the first time. I can only hope and pray that it will be the last.

What is it that we need to figure out in ourselves?

It's strange the connections you can make through the internet that make world news seem closer to home.

This is so horrible! I am so sorry!

At first I thought you were just talking about Romney declaring his candidacy. If only that were all... :-(

The randomness of such actions is incomprehensible... I hadn't seen the story yet, and it wasn't on the radio news as I drove in. I am so glad you are safe and my thoughts are with all of the wonderful people in SLC I have met through you. Glad my BIL was out of the country yesterday.

I heard about that last night on the news and thought of ya'll. *hugs*

I'm so glad that you and Smith are ok. Just another reason I don't go to malls.........

Oh, Margene -- so glad you posted this morning. I know it would have been a rarity had you been there last night, but I still thought of my friends in Salt Lake and hoped they were all home safe. I still can't believe it -- right here where we feel so safe and protected from all this stuff! When in Salt Lake, we take the kids to the Old Spaghetti Factory a lot. Sheesh! I'm still stunned.


It is so sad. Sam and I were chatting about it this morning...sad day.

Right to bear arms my ass. Guns are evil. Period.

So sorry Margene. I will never be able to understand or comprehend why people do these sorts of things. I'm glad you are safe and sound and my thoughts go out to all those who were touched by this horrible tragedy.

Horrible, horrible, horrible. I was there just two nights ago. :(

We heard a little about it on the news last night. "Oh my God" was all I could say. We went there a lot when I lived in Utah. DH's office was right down the street. It's frustrating to think that we may never know what caused that young man to do what he did. It's a shame, senseless, a waste, and my heart goes out to all who have lost someone.

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