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How horrible. I am so sorry.

This story went national last night. I heard about it just before I went to bed. It's hard to understand why someone would do something so horrible. My heart goes out those who were touched by this tragedy.

This is so horrible. I was shocked to see this on the news this morning. I never would have dreamed this could happen in Salt Lake--It's just such a safe friendly city! The awful randomness of it just makes me sick. I know this must be a hard time for the whole city, and I pray you will all have comfort right now. Be safe, and be well.

Hey there. I'm sorry this has happened and I'm thankful that you are alright.

As we all too well know, it can happen anywhere. I'm so sorry you are so proximate to it and living it. Hugs.

I heard this when the television woke me up this morning and I instantly thought about you. I'm so sorry and I'm glad that you are ok.

It's truly horrible when people do awful and senseless things but more so when it happens close to home. I'll keep you and all the people in SLC in my thoughts.

I'm so sorry this random violence has occurred so close to you. My prayers go out to all who were and are affected by this- victims, their families, those witness to the horror and the community at large. Hugs.

Oh, Margene, I saw that item in our news here and I thought of you. How tragic for all involved. It really makes a city convulse when something like that happens. Take care.

I'm glad that the local police were there so quickly. It is horrible, but could have been absolutely horrendous if they hadn't been able to stop the shooter. A tortured soul, I'm sure.

I am so sorry.

I read about this first thing this morning and thought immediately of you. However, I couldn't picture you spending much time at the mall, so I figured you were safe. ;-)

How frightening and tragic. Things like this affect a community for a long time.

How sad. Things like this should never happen, and it's a shame that they do. Makes ya wonder what was going on in that kid's head.

Margene, that article is the first thing I saw when I turned the computer on this morning. Jeff was standing nearby. I gasped and said OH NO. He said, What? I said, I know too many people in too many places. THIS happened in Salt Lake City LAST NIGHT. (thinking to myself "where was Margene supposed to be last night?") I read the article and was surprised and RELIEVED that they stated the age and gender of each person who was killed or injured. I felt confident that none of y'all were hurt. I should have come here first I guess. But *whew*. It's crazy how the blogging has brought so many of us together.

Hugs and kisses and squeezes to you and Smith. I hope you don't know anyone involved but I've lived in places when tragic things happened (think Waco, TX) and I know how it affects the entire community. Take care.

Oh Margene. I am so sorry for your community. My thoughts are with you all. I will do something kind today in memory of those whose
lives were lost.

Peace to you, Dear Heart. Accept this, transform this, use it to make something good.

Oh, What a terrible tragedy! I'll be keeping everyone there in my thoughts and prayers.

How scary and sad.....

how horribly tragic. i am glad that you are safe.

You'll understand when I say that my first thoughts were for my son and his family (Tom's office isn't too far from there) but then I thought of you and all my other friends in SLC! There is no place really safe any longer, unfortunately.

I saw that on the news this morning and was shocked. I was worried about you and all the other Utah "grrrls" but am glad you are safe. I know how you feel, after having lived through the Washington sniper incident in 2001. Take care of yourself.

I heard about that and thought of you and Smith. Since you don't seem like the mall types, I was hopeful you were safe....

I too was shocked when I saw it this morning. My first thought was to check and make sure all of the Ewe-tah Girls I follow were ok.

Funny how a silly thing like blogging brings us together in strange ways. Glad that you and yours are safe and sound.

I can't add a thing...except to say your community is in my prayers.

I thought of you this morning when I read this. I'm sorry something so horrible happened in your place of peace.

I'll be thinking of you and all your neighbors today.

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