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Time for Change

Blackcloudscrossthevalleyquickly Snowdrapedlandscapeoutmyfrontdoor Monday night we were told by the weather 'guy' that a big ass storm was coming just in time for the morning commute.  I wasn't too surprised to open the curtain at 5:30am to a dry landscape, wind gusts blowing through the tree branches, and spots of blue sky (early dawn sky).  The wind was the give away....the storm was coming, it was just a bit late.  It's the time of year when gusting warm winds are the precursors to big ass storms.  It was 40 degrees at 6:00, but by 8:00 it was down to 33 and snowing to beat the band.  I watched intently as the dark clouds built up and tumbled across the valley during that two hour period. By the time I reached the office the snow was swirling around my head and blowing down my neck.  How could I have forgotten to wear my scarf!?  Within 30 minutes the ground was covered with white fluff.  Yes, I’m a bit of a weather geek.  It’s fascinates and interests me because it is ever changing, especially this time of year.

Spinningforestonian Lastskeinofyarnforestonianscarf Are you tired of seeing spinning progress and no knitting progress?  This year I have been much less productive than years past because of this current obsession with Emmylou.  But, like Cara, I am so ready to start a sweater and sink my needles into some REAL knitting. It is difficult to create, to stay focused on the now, when my world is cluttered with too many things on the needles. My mind feels scattered and pulled in too many directions.  Change needs to come, needles need to be emptied and I am working on the resolution. In the world of fiber, however, progress is slow and that's fine, as long as there IS progress.  I've made a list of what's happening and not happening on my needles.

  1. Estonian (ALL the spinning is completed, time to focus on knitting)
  2. Hidcote  (half way through chart #7-still love it)
  3. Scarf with French Trellis Border in VKT (what, who...sigh.)
  4. Jóhö (are you sick of her inability to grow?)
  5. Anne’s Shingle Creek (one sock just past the heel)
  6. Bloomin’ Feet (1" knit and frogged; wrong needle size)
  7. Moonlight from Rowan 34 (hmmmmm, may wait until next winter)

Ribbypulliyarnwaitingtogo A long list, too long and yet all I want to do is have some fun start Ribby Pulli!  And I will...tomorrow, March 1st.  March is good, March is fun, March is a great time for change and a great time for you, too.  Stay tuned.


Right now I only have a single sock on the needle. Isn't that amazing? I'm ready to start a shawl AND a sweater! But, do you really like March? I've always had a hard time with March.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time.

But I agree! Tomorrow is good enough, and for me too. Too many projects, and no satisfaction on many. (Would you ever just frog Joho?)

Ribby Pulli is going to be great! I've been good all winter about not having too many projects until last week, now my list looks like yours...LOL.

I'm with Carole though.........March is my hard month. I'm always glad when it goes and Spring is around the corner

I finally cast on for Moonlight last night. Of course, I am using a different weight yarn and adapting the pattern because I can't ever seem to let well enought alone. Plus, I don't like those tight sleeves and armholes that Rowan goes for these days. So far, an easy-peasy project. And since we may be getting snowed in again here in MN, I may finish it sooner than originally intended.

I love the fact that you've spun enough for several knitting projects. Grrl, you impress the hell outta me.

Here's a hug to help you stay warm during those big ass storms.


I don't even remember something called Moonlight.

I say bring on the snow! I love it, and yesterday's storm was pretty satisfying.

I like March too - I like the months with a lot of change in em.... like October. Winter into spring and all that.

Fantastic yarns you've picked out for the Ribby. Can't wait to see em knit up together.

i'm with you...ready to shift my focus from socks onto a sweater but it's already in the low 80s here. guess i procrastinated too long!

I never get tired of reading about spinning progress.

I wonder what you have up your handknit sleeve!!
; )

March is also a month of many great birthdays, so I'm with you. It's one of my favorite months!

Hooray for Ribby Pulli! I'm just excited that we change the clocks almost a month earlier this year. March 11th. Isn't that wild?

I never get tired of your spinning progress! It just makes me a little jealous though! LOL. Beautiful color of purple!

I'm so excited for March! This winter has just about worn me out.

This variegated ribby should be very interesting! I'm waiting to see which color will be the body and which the sleeves. :-)

March is a great month! We have three birthdays in March, and in the next week or so we'll be gaining a fourth. And everything in the garden finally starts to bloom. Hurray for March!

I intend to finish things, too! Hidcote can't be started until Icarus and the Cherry Leaf shawl are done................

I can't believe that I missed 7 of your posts..........(bad knitter)

Yay March!!!
Yay for new projects!
Yay for spinning!

I'm excited to see the Estonian scarf since it get a lot of airtime. BUT... I'm even more excited to see the forgotten child. Poor Joho.

I wouldn't even want to guess at a list of my WIP's. At what point do WIP's become UFO's? Because I may have more UFO's. :)

Ooohh -- can't wait to see Ribby Pulli!

I recognize a dynamic here. Been whittling down my own list for the same reasons. And I'm not starting a sweater on March 1st, but I welcome March wholeheartedly. Here in Michigan, spring is not likely in March, but it's possible. And I'm all for possibilities. So bring on your sweater and let's see it fly.

I love reading your weather posts and looking at your photos of weather in Utah. Weather is fascinating. Looking forward to knitting pics, but I am enjoying all the fine spinning too.

You're getting close on the Estonian scarf! Yay! I never get tired of the spinning OR the knitting OR the weather chat and mountain photos. I'm looking forward to seeing your Ribby Cardi!

According to some professional organizers, you shouldn't be working on more than three projects at a time because...your mind starts to feel scattered and pulled in too many directions. I would agree, given that my own project list is about as long as yours. Good luck with working on the focus.

No wonder you want to start Ribbi... you have the perfect "you" colors waiting. I really like the Shingle socks and have to add that pattern to my list. How's the weather treating you today?!

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