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Yesterday, 1/27/2007 in SALT LAKE CITY, UT: 31 high, 9 low (more of the same)

It may be colder where you are and I do realize it is colder in many places, BUT our air does move, is inverted (a picture shows how thick the air is!) because of a high pressure that isn't going anywhere. Day after day the mountains and sun are obscured and the air feels colder than the temperatures because of condensation from the snow.  We are on day 16 of at or below freezing and will approach the record of 24 days before there is relief.  We need snow, we desperately need snow.  The mountains are bereft. We need the snow for tourism and for drinking water.  So, there you have it...why this is so 'bad'.   


Right now, outside my door, it is 1 F. The high today is suppose to get all the way up to 18 F. Want to trade?

I guess I can't complain about 29 F??

Our frigid weather has ended for now, thank goodness.

Yeah, like 10 for a low here and up to maybe 25 today. Too cold for my bones, but I can't complain as we've had absolutely no winter so far except for the ice storm. Curl up and knit, I say.

It's 30F here, but I'm in Texas - it's not supposed to get this cold here!!!

I think I'm getting a cold. ICK!

The weather anomalies are becoming a huge concern worldwide. Almost every knitblogger I read has written about the bizarre winter they're having. I hope for your sake (and drinking water) that you get snow soon.

We've got lots of decidedly seasonal snow coming down here today which cuts the wind chill factor nicely. Hope you get yours soon.

Hang in there and knit/spin!

We actually were above 37 a few days in a row last week - lows in the 20s. It felt like a heat wave. Good thing, too, coz this week - more cold: 8 lows, 20s highs.

Wishing you lots of snow in the mountains preceded by a quick, warm, wet wind to clear all the air for you. I hate it when you can see the air.

I do hope you get more snow soon. We have had an excellent snow season, but tremendously volatile weather - many days of pouring rain in the valley, and this last week has been warm and humid.

Wishing you guys some snow... I'm not sure you want more cold, but if you need snow.

Ah, a damp cold. I like Winnipeg's dry cold... although it *does* take some bundling up. Temperatures here today: low -25°, high -13°. Celcius. Before taking windchill into account. Doing the conversions, it looks like your low is our high. ;)

Your inverson sounds like the pits and somewhat depressing on the psyche with time. Hoping that it lifts and that sunshine graces your valley soon.

Brrr. I will pray for snow;)

My husband turns the heat off in our office because supposedly the heat of the gazillion machines in here heats the room. Um, dude, we ain't in Nice, you know...

Freaking French. They don't put screens on their windows either.

I feel for you. No snow here either, just frigid, frigid air.

well it doesn't snow down here really much at all. however we desperately withuot a doubt need a good soaking rain that lasts at least 3 months. our reservoir's are empty we are at stage 3 water restrictions and our lawns are the beautiful shade of brown.

there is a famous australian poem called "my country" the first two lines read: "I love a sunburt country, Of drought and sweeping rains". I'm thinking that they forgot about the rains! hmmm...i should blog about this.

No snow there either? That's a real bitch.

Yes, the snow! Our houseguest from Germany (via New Jersey) says that if this is the Greatest Snow on Earth, he will have to move to a different planet. We have assured him it is usually better.

Coupla years ago, we tied our record for most consecutive 100+ days. (It was 39 days.) That was pretty rotten. I hope it clears up for you.

The lack of snow up here in the mountains is really hurting our ski areas too :(. It's cold enough to blow snow, but it's not the same kind of snow.

I hope it gets better your way soon. :-)

Well, cold is cold. Period. It's all relative. And you have icky cold weather right now. BRING ON THE SNOW! here too!

Can't breathe, can't blog, can barely comment, she gasped. Moving was suggested by my doctor this week. I did get the marvelous scarf-thank you! I feel foolish signing this way, but a girl must never lose hope, Blue Skies, Lark

Here's hoping you get snow soon!

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