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First Saturday Sky for 2007

This and That Friday

Do you miss the ABC Along?  Does the 365 picture project strike fear into your heart? Is even Eye Candy Friday a bit too much for you?  Well, Stephanie and I have the easy, peasy solution for you shutterbugs.  Do the Bond thing and take a shot at 007 (as in 2007) in a Dozen Days.  There is no blog, no ring, you only need to post once a month, with as many photos as you'd like, and write on what that particular month means to you. There are only a few rules. You pick the day...but make sure you post during the month you're commemorating, and take the button and make sure to save it to your own computer.  Pussy Galore's got nothin' on us, eh?

I've taken Rachael's idea to heart and will go for the 100 Miles by April Fools Day.  Under the button on the side bar I'll up date my totals daily (or so).  Hopefully I will surpass the 100 miles and lift about a billion lbs of weight by then. Rachael has set up a blog, Run-a-go-go. Cool!

I am a big fan of Interweave and their many crafting magazines.  Piecework has come to my home since it's inception and it has only improved over the years.  Nancy Bush has been a contributor for several years and I have always enjoyed her articles and patterns on ethnic knitting.  Nancy was instrument in the newest issue, now on newsstands, and you can see her influence on nearly every page. The articles and patterns, as you can see from the link above, are full of good information and fun projects.  Nancy will take a brief break from Piecework because she is working on an Estonian lace book!  Can't wait.

Prettycolorsofrovingonbobbin Rebekah has created a button for spinners who want to spend Friday night a the wheel. The idea is to know that you are spending time with like minded people all over the world and then sharing it with a post about what you did.  You can read about it in her Friday Night Spinners post. I'm in because Friday night is our night 'in' and a night I love to knit and/or spin. The picture is what I'm spinning now. Purchased at Rhinebeck, it is a wool/mohair blend and the colors are so rich and varied.

Mini has asked me to spread the word about a contest she is having on her blog. It's for a very, very good cause. Here in part is what she said in her email.

I am running a contest for charity. I am requesting fun fur hats for kids with cancer at the local Childrens' Hospital. In exchange, I will be handing out yarn, needles, notions to contest winners. After many conversations with Child Life Specialists, it was determined the highest need is : fun fur hats. Yup. Ages 10-16, these kids want fun fur. And they want a lot of it. Imagine, kids running around, wearing goofy fun fur hats and even goofier smiles... wouldn't that just make you smile? It makes them smile. And smiling leads to laughter and laughter leads to healing: physical and emotional healing.

Doesn't it sound like a great way to help kids heal?  Send her an email at kskaare (At) gmail (Dot) com...you know the drill. 

You really must check out Erin’s Venezia. She was lucky enough to be in Hong Kong for the photo shoot.  Erin is one talented knitter!

If you would like to get started on your 2007 Holiday knitting Marcia has a way to help you out. Join her Holiday Head StartAlong and find like-minded knitters to encourage you towards a stress free, knit free Holiday Season.

Lark and Imbrium both received engagement rings for Christmas!  Congrats, grrls!

Oh and this is my 800th post!


Wow- that IS a milestone! You are just a wealth of information today; I had started keeping track of exercising this week, but didn't know there was a blog (duh, huh!). Have a great time spinning tonight - I will be thinking of you as I dig out the fun fur leftovers.

800???? ohmygoodness!

I had to come back and comment - thanks for the Piecework link; I don't subscribe, but have had fun reading other peoples' back issues and just loved the Northland mittens:)

800 posts! Wow! I'm in on the 007 because I've been doing ECF and am going to give 365 a try.

I can't wait to see you spinning efforts, that fiber is gorgeous!

Thanks, and congratulations to YOU on your 800th post!

Wow - 800!? Congratulations! I can't believe you've posted that many and I've read that many. Thanks for entertaining us that many times. I'm cheering you on for the 100 miles thing too!

Happy 800th post! And thanks for the call out--you are too kind.

So much! So much!!! Michelle of Not An Artist (you should see her gorgeous pictures!) also got an engagement ring for Christmas. :)

Congrats on 800 - very impressive indeed! Hope you and Smith have a wonderful weekend.

WOW! 800 posts! Congratulations! Here's to at least 800 more...

Here's to another 800! Too Hoot!

I was torn about the announcement thst NB was taking a sabbatical from Piecework. I mainly subscribe to that magazine for NB's knitting patterns... and the Year of Knitted Cuffs got extremely tedious toward the end. I was looking forward to a return to NB socks, scarves, and mittens! But the prospect of a whole book on Estonian lace is incredibly exciting. It might be even better than Victorian Lace Today, if her past books are any indication.

What a post pack full of information! Thanks for mentioning the Friday Night Spinners. All I can think about right now is getting home to my wheel.

Congratulations! And thanks for all the great links and ideas!

800 posts is amazing. It may take me another 5-10 years to do that. hah.
007, here I come. It's a great idea.

Congrats on your 800th post! Thanks for all the great links : )

Congrats on the 100th! And I love the new Piecework, too. Great depth there.

happy 800th Ms. Margene! and thanks for the tip about the Friday night spin in - that sounds like a great idea

Wow, kind of a little ring round-up in one post! Thanks for sharing all the info Margene. :)

800 posts!? Good golly! Congrats!

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