Lifted (May Be TMI)

Saturday Sky with a Contest!

The mountains are obscured by a hazy curtain (inversion) and the valley temperatures are much colder than normal.  We will be heading 'up' tomorrow to take advantage of full sun and clean air. (I love the old barn in this photo.)


The winter funk has taken a hold of me and in order to lift my mood I've decided to have a contest.  It was the week before Rhinebeck when I had my last haircut and I'm in great need of grooming. Not that this has anything to do with the contest but...with the very cold temps I've decided to keep the extra insulation until we see more normal weather.  The average temperatures should be 37F during the day and 20F at night. We're had single digits at night and have not been above freezing for more than a week...no end in sight.  The local weather and weather.com have very different forecasts for the next 7 days. I'm going with the local not-so-gurus, as that's what my intuition tells me will likely happen. 

SO, here is the contest.  Leave a comment as to the date the temperatures will rise up to 'normal'.  Let's go with day time highs.  What day will SLC finally hit the more 'normal' of 37F or above? 

The person who picks the date (or closest to it) will win a Mason-Dixon round warshrag (knit by me) and a bar of "Hand Knit" Blessed Juno soap.  Oh, and of course, a yarny prize as well..something bright and sunny for your feet!


Good luck!


Delurking to say January 29th. I hope you are at least getting some sunshine with all that cold air!

I'll go with Jan.30

I'm guessing...January 31st. Maybe by then it'll be a little bit warmer in Massachusetts too, this whole winter thing is starting to get old.

February 2 in honor of Groundhog Day. Hope it's sooner for your sake:D

January 26th is my guess also.

I finished my mittens, so theoretically, it should be tomorrow (Jan 22).

Holy smokes--look at all those comments!

Nice soap, there-- ;) the pretty "warsh"cloth is a nice combo

I hope we don't have to wait until February for normal temps. . .

What the heck, I'll say January 26th. I fly into Idaho that day, and maybe the weather will get the heads up that I'm no longer used to that sort of cold!

January 24th. Inversion is the pits! Even little old St. George has been cold! There is ice on the pond at the golf course. The Ducks/geese/swan are all huddled together at the end of the pond.

I'm going for March 1st. Yes, I am evil.


Lovely prizes! Unfortunately February 6th seems to be the date. I certainly hope not for your sake.

We are busy hoping for some colder weather and some snow, I hope it warms up for you soon, I think by the 30th.

January 23rd!

I'm going to say January 27th. Only because I'm hoping.

I'll say February 4, since no one else has yet, and I don't want to keep you in the deep freeze too long. I hate cold weather. Yes, Norma, I am a wimp. Deal with it.

Let's go for Wednesday the 24th. I'm crossing my fingers for you---and hoping to thaw out here as well.

What about February 8th? (How much is 37F in Celsius?)

February 14th :)

"Tuesday Grommit". So I'll guess next Tuesday, which would be...ack tomorrow! Jan 23. I'm with Norma, 37 is WARM!

I wanted to guess Feb 3rd but it was taken so I am going with Feb 25th-my mom's birthday!

LOL ; ok, you'll return to normal on februray 2nd. my dad's birthday. hehehe...

Feb 3, the day after Groundhog Day. Michelle in Perth Australia
who hopes it doesn't reach 37C this weekend, but it probably will. Missing good old New England winter weather Down Under.

How are you gonna determine the winner with so many people choosing the same date? the first correct guess, or a random drawing? ;)

Goodness...I hope that it warms up for you soon. We finally got some measureable snowfall on Sunday. The kids were thrilled, and can't wait for MORE!!

The 29th of January. Sorry!
It's 16 here at present, but that is in celsius....

I'm guessing January 30th.

Temperatures here are warmer then normal, and I'm wishing they weren't because now we have a whole lot of slush.

February 4th is my very late guess.

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