Lifted (May Be TMI)

Saturday Sky with a Contest!

The mountains are obscured by a hazy curtain (inversion) and the valley temperatures are much colder than normal.  We will be heading 'up' tomorrow to take advantage of full sun and clean air. (I love the old barn in this photo.)


The winter funk has taken a hold of me and in order to lift my mood I've decided to have a contest.  It was the week before Rhinebeck when I had my last haircut and I'm in great need of grooming. Not that this has anything to do with the contest but...with the very cold temps I've decided to keep the extra insulation until we see more normal weather.  The average temperatures should be 37F during the day and 20F at night. We're had single digits at night and have not been above freezing for more than a week...no end in sight.  The local weather and weather.com have very different forecasts for the next 7 days. I'm going with the local not-so-gurus, as that's what my intuition tells me will likely happen. 

SO, here is the contest.  Leave a comment as to the date the temperatures will rise up to 'normal'.  Let's go with day time highs.  What day will SLC finally hit the more 'normal' of 37F or above? 

The person who picks the date (or closest to it) will win a Mason-Dixon round warshrag (knit by me) and a bar of "Hand Knit" Blessed Juno soap.  Oh, and of course, a yarny prize as well..something bright and sunny for your feet!


Good luck!


February 14th - people may be generating some extra heat that day since it's Valentines Day.

February 2nd. Groundhogs are good for bringing better weather, right?

You are so cute!

Let's say.....January 26th.

I pick Jan 29th, but 37 degrees in Michigan during the winter months would be heavenly. I could just wear a light wool jacket, and a handknit scarf.

My guess is February 13...since Feb 14 has already been guessed!


My guess will be February 2nd.

Oh man that is already been guessed, okay. February 4th

I'm going to go with Jan. 29th. Although I hope for your sake it is sooner!

I pick January 31st. Stay warm, chica. Cold comfort, I know, but it's even colder down here...go figure?

Not soon enough, or January 26th, whichever comes first! Blue skies, Lark

I'm guessing Sunday the 28th. (Hopefully sooner, though) Just in time for another trip out of the valley. But who knows?? Keep warm!!

I'm guessing Sunday, January 28th....
Brrrr......hope for your sake it's sooner though :-)

My guess is January 26th. Although I hope that I'm wrong and it's sooner, for your sake!


I hope it's sooner, but you did say guess. ;^)


But I hope it's MUCH sooner!

I'll say the 27th, but I'm hoping for your sake it's sooner. I feel your pain. I grew up in Canada. If it makes you feel any better, here in the California desert we've been having below freezing weather and actual frost in the mornings! (I know you'd be happy with that, but we're usually in the 70s to low 80s now...)

I'm going with January 26th, just because :)

How about 1/25? But for your sake I hope it's before then.

I'm going to guess January 28..... And I know that the weather forecasters swear it's a science, but they're really just guessing, too! It's cooler than usual here in San Antonio, too - we should be in the low 60s for highs, but have been in the 30s and 40s .

January 22 because 22 is my lucky number and seems like a good date for you to get a little warmer. Hope I'm right and you don't have to wait too long at all.

I'd say January 30 ;)

Monday will bring you a happy surprise. January 22 the weather will make it up to the normal. If it does not, do not worry. Normal is quite overrated.

I'm convinced you do this just to lure "us" lurkers out of the shadows, grin. We have been so mild here on the East Coast this year I can't imagine your discomfort with your wind chill temps.. I'm going to guess Jan. 26th, 2007. Stay warm.

I'll say around the 24th of January. It's got to warm up sooner or later.
Sheri in GA

January 24 at noon!

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