Lifted (May Be TMI)

Saturday Sky with a Contest!

The mountains are obscured by a hazy curtain (inversion) and the valley temperatures are much colder than normal.  We will be heading 'up' tomorrow to take advantage of full sun and clean air. (I love the old barn in this photo.)


The winter funk has taken a hold of me and in order to lift my mood I've decided to have a contest.  It was the week before Rhinebeck when I had my last haircut and I'm in great need of grooming. Not that this has anything to do with the contest but...with the very cold temps I've decided to keep the extra insulation until we see more normal weather.  The average temperatures should be 37F during the day and 20F at night. We're had single digits at night and have not been above freezing for more than a week...no end in sight.  The local weather and weather.com have very different forecasts for the next 7 days. I'm going with the local not-so-gurus, as that's what my intuition tells me will likely happen. 

SO, here is the contest.  Leave a comment as to the date the temperatures will rise up to 'normal'.  Let's go with day time highs.  What day will SLC finally hit the more 'normal' of 37F or above? 

The person who picks the date (or closest to it) will win a Mason-Dixon round warshrag (knit by me) and a bar of "Hand Knit" Blessed Juno soap.  Oh, and of course, a yarny prize as well..something bright and sunny for your feet!


Good luck!


I'm guessing January 31 in honor of my nephew's birthday...and if not I'll send you a warm front form Tampa.

I'd love one of those pretty warshrags, so I'll guess February 3rd.

My guess is February 4, 2007. Good luck to you for awarding a winner earlier. :-) Otherwise, I highly recommend Vitamin D.

I'm optimistic. Let's say Jan 30.

January 31..and love the Claudia Socks you are making:)

Well, since I am in the yuck too, it feels like FOREVER. I am hoping that it is gone by my birthday, February 11. For all of our sakes, PLEASE let it be before that though!

February 31st! Ha! I wanted to pick a day nobody else had! I'm safe with that one! WHat a weird weather year. I live in Michigan and it's been so abnormal. Collllddddd today. Windchill predicted to be -15. Brrrrrr. I think you'll have some warm weather by February 9th!

you poor people in utah. i thought we had it bad in california. i'm guessing that you break 37 deg on feb 13th

okay i am going to go with this time feb 5 next monday.....

Since you are not hitting my guess today, I'm going with February 9.

I REALLY think it's going to be Super Bowl Sunday, the 4th but I'll guess the 6th - lovely gifts for SUMBUDDY!!

Sorry, I don't think it will happen until the 5th.

OK. Here goes. I'm coming in late, but honestly thought I was too late to enter. I'm picking Tuesday, February 6. It's my birthday and I'm hoping it brings you good luck, too.

Feb 12... (Since it's not yet taken) But surely we will get to 'normal' before then, Yes?

May I guess again since my day has passed? I really had high hopes it wouldn't go on this long. (((hugs))) I wish I could send some of the SoCal High Desert temps your way.

I'm going to say 7 Feb. I try to pick important days... and 7 Feb is the day that one of my favorite blogger's husband is returning home from Afghanistan. (jean at the scottish lamb if you were wondering) How could her happiness not light up and warm up the whole world?

Super Bowl Sunday Feb. 4th

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