Lifted (May Be TMI)

Saturday Sky with a Contest!

The mountains are obscured by a hazy curtain (inversion) and the valley temperatures are much colder than normal.  We will be heading 'up' tomorrow to take advantage of full sun and clean air. (I love the old barn in this photo.)


The winter funk has taken a hold of me and in order to lift my mood I've decided to have a contest.  It was the week before Rhinebeck when I had my last haircut and I'm in great need of grooming. Not that this has anything to do with the contest but...with the very cold temps I've decided to keep the extra insulation until we see more normal weather.  The average temperatures should be 37F during the day and 20F at night. We're had single digits at night and have not been above freezing for more than a week...no end in sight.  The local weather and weather.com have very different forecasts for the next 7 days. I'm going with the local not-so-gurus, as that's what my intuition tells me will likely happen. 

SO, here is the contest.  Leave a comment as to the date the temperatures will rise up to 'normal'.  Let's go with day time highs.  What day will SLC finally hit the more 'normal' of 37F or above? 

The person who picks the date (or closest to it) will win a Mason-Dixon round warshrag (knit by me) and a bar of "Hand Knit" Blessed Juno soap.  Oh, and of course, a yarny prize as well..something bright and sunny for your feet!


Good luck!


Hmmmm... January 28th comes to mind. Though for your sake I do hope it's sooner than that.

I bet you'll hit normal on Wednesday,Jan. 24th.

Long hair is such a blessing on a cold neck. But then, isn't that what scarves are made to mimic?

Feeling down is part of the normal ebb and flow of life. Surf the wave. You'll be at the crest again in no time.

I'll pick Feb 4th.

I shall guess January 25th. That's not too far away.

I think it will be January the 29th.....or at least hope so!

I'm predicting Thursday, January 25th.

I had my hair cut just before the Christmas season and decided that I'd just use my stole as a scarf. It's worked out beautifully. :) But I do understand the insulating properties of hair.

Oop, I see Karen already took the 25th. Erm, I will predict a fluke and it will get nice and warm on Tuesday the 23rd. Lucky number, that 23.

I was going to say the 24th, but someone already has SO ......I'm going to be super optimistic and go with Tuesday the 23rd of January....Stay warm!!

FEbruary 1!

I''m gonna say Jan 27th, 2007.

Feb 10th :) if your lucky heheh

I'm going to guess Friday the 26th, simply because it's Australia Day according to my calendar here at work. I'm guessing that makes my guess just about as scientific as anyone else's!

Happy Saturday, lovely sky by the way;)

February 2. That's it. I promise that you'll have "normal" temps then.

I should be a meteorologist. LOL!

Jan 26, 2007

Jeez. Can't even spell my own name.

Since it seems to be the only date not taken yet, I say January 30th. We'll see, hope it gets warmer for you by then.

THIRTY-SEVEN during the day is your winter normal?????? Cripes, that's June for us. What are you whining about???? :D

So, my guess is: next Sunday, in time for you to go for brunch at your Favorite Place. That would be the 28th.

I was going to pick the 24th because that's my mom's birthday and surely the weather gods would celebrate that.

Since that date has been hijacked by someone else, I'll go with 2 Feb. My home state of PA celebrates that day well, Punxatawny Phil for Groundhog's Day... and usually around that time is when fausnaughts start showing up at the farmer's markets. YUM!!!

My guess is Thursday, January 25. Keep warm and have a good day "up above it all'.

I guess January 31. Oh - and I usually think that whomever does the weather at weather.com smokes something - their forecast never seems to be accurate.
Stay warm!

I'm optimistic. The 23rd.

Jan 31st :)

Pretty sky .. I'm envious of your view, yet again.

My guess is January 26th.

I will say you'll get normal temps beginning on the 29th of January. Here's hoping its actually sooner.

I am guessing Feb 3.

I really like wunderground.com. They seem to do a decent job predicting our weather.

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