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Yesterday, 1/28/2007 in SALT LAKE CITY, UT: 31 high, 7 low

ValleyairfromthehigherelevationsisthickuBlueblueskiesofsnowbirdinjanuary What does a real man do when the air of January is (in)edible, unhealthy and unbreathable?  He follows the suggestion of Utah's Motto "Life Elevated" and takes off for higher elevations.  He fills his lungs with clean, crisp mountain air and enjoys the bright blue sky at Snowbird.

ArealmanhasabigolheapofbreakfastArealmanwearswarmbootsandhemshisownpants A real man eats a big ol' pile of hardy breakfast, with strong black coffee (ok, with an added bit of cream and a touch of sugar), and stares with love into the eyes of his charming and talented wife. He knows the value of all things good and has worn his favorite cap, from the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics, for years.  A real man knows how to dress for the cold, wears warm boots and pants he hemmed himself ( his secret is iron -on seam tape).

A real man wears warm wool socks, hand knit by his very talented and loving wife. 


He also knows just how special his real socks are.  He is a real smart man.


Pattern: Garter Rib Socks from Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn: Jessie’s Superwash Worsted from her A Piece of Vermont Store
Color: Black Walnut
Needles: Size 4 DPN Bamboo
Time to Knit: 1-01-07 - 1-25-07


You guys slay me.

Fabulous manly socks!

As we like to say here in the Bay State, he is wicked smah-rt!

Yes, a real man takes his shoes off in the cold to pose for his knit-blogging wife's pictures! Hurray for Smith!

Love the pants! And the socks too, they look great. And so does Smith. And the breakfast. Well, actually, everything looks great except that damn inversion.

That real man seems like a keeper. ; )

Too bad you can't just stay up there.

WooHoo! I'd take a handknitsockwearing man ANY DAY! With that 'stache. Num! You're both so lucky to have each other!

My husband has been BUGGING me to make him some socks - and here it is... his birthday today. The guy is getting a sweater pattern. On paper. ha For the sweater I plan to make for him but don't even have the yarn yet. It's totally worth it to make socks if I can get him to do a photo shoot like this one with Smith. Hi Smith! Happy Sock Wearing Smith! :)

Great hubby. Great socks. Great books (one of my favorite sock books).

Those are fantastic, Margene! You've inspired me to try out that pattern for my uncle's socks. I'm ordering that book this morning.

Those look great - great color, great fit. But now you've spoiled him and you know he's only gonna want a sock drawer to match yours now!

Nice manly socks! Good job! And belated happy anniversary!

He looks mahvelous, dahling, especially below the knee.

I'll second that one - that's a real "keeper" of a man!
Love the socks...

A very smart handsome man........yes, indeed. Especially because he obviously appreciates his very talented wife.......

Great guy, great socks, great scenery. :-)

Fab socks on a fab guy!!

Love the socks. I also as a kid split open black walnuts with a rock (mostly shell and little nut) and yes the color is pretty spot on. My hands were well stained after from the skins that covered the nut. Wish I had scored that skein from Jessie- very manly.

Hi Margene (aka "charming" and "talented" wife)!!!

GREAT new warm manly socks for Smith!! It's amazing how fast you knit them up :-) Looks like a fun day at Snowbird...wish I was there wearing my hat from the 2002 Winter Olympics! The "BEST" Olympics I have attended...well the only one I have been to...

Hmmmm...iron on seam tape!!!? I'm going to have to check it out!

Happy Knitting!

Great socks - very manly!

Great Photos! You have a 'keeper' there, Margene, especially if he can hem his own jeans and not foul up the sewing machine!!

That is one lucky man! Great socks!

He's lucky to have you and knows it! Can't beat that... glad you both got lots of clean mountain air, and that the socks turned out so well.

Great socks. I'm glad he appreciates them. Hope the air gets better soon.

Brave man. Sock foot in that weather. After reading your update from yesterday, I'll keep my "cold" because at least we are having bright sun.

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