Freaking Cold
Saturday Sky with a Contest!


Yes, I am still obsessed with the cold weather.  It's unusual to have so many days in a row below freezing, as this time of year our average temperature is 37F.  It was ZERO F. at my house yesterday with a wind chill of -13.  I felt every wicked prickle of cold on my skin.  My hands are a mess even though I do my best to keep them slathered with lotion and covered with gloves.  The little slits around the nails make it hard to spin, but I do it anyway!  I'm obsess with spinning, too.

Isn't this fiber fabulously luscious!  If only you could touch it, feel how soft it is...  Lynn processed it according to Anne's specifications and it is 'to live for'!  ETA: (40% gray alpaca, 30% gray angora bunny and purple/blue dyed angora, and 18% purple/blue dyed silk, 2% purple angelina.)


Babysilkcloverleafmitts I made good progress on the Cloverleaf Lace Mitt at SnB and at home afterwards.  It’s a quick, easy pattern to memorize and the yarn has a very luxurious feel to it.  The pair should be finished in time to give to my sister this weekend, as it will still be cold enough to use them for a couple more months (at least).

Hidcoteattheendofchartthree Sadly, Hidcote has only had one evening of attention this past week.  Chart 3 has now been completed and, hopefully, over the next week she’ll have a growth spurt.  It was rather difficult to take a photo as all the garden rocks were frozen in place!

It feels as if I have just put down the 'facts ma'am' and not given you much else to chew on. Please bear with me while I take a break from blogging tomorrow.  Have a wonderful weekend! If all goes well, I'll be spending time with Emmylou.



Enjoy your weekend and quality time with Miss Emmylou.

The roving in that last photo is yummy. And the stuff from Anne looks incredible. Have a great weekend!

Happy " Satisfaction" Spinning!. You deserve a blogging break! Have a great weekend.

Welcome to what my winters are usually like up here in the North Country.... It seems as though weather in the country has just flipped, doesn't it?

Your lace shawl and Anne's fiber all look scrumptious!

It finally got cold here! I am still hoping for some snow!

That bundle of fiber is soooooo soft looking! What kind(s) of fiber is it? Have a great weekend.

It's been such an odd winter everywhere -- my dad, on the Oregon coast, has had more snow this year than we have in Wisconsin.

Have a wonderful day off and a GREAT weekend, Margene. I mean it.

Yay for blog breaks! I took one yesterday! ;-) Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

Gorgeous roving! Have a wonderful weekend!

Remarkable productivity, despite the toll on the hands. Bleeding on the knitting slows one down. :( Have a wonderful weekend.

It's a balmy 14F here today. Quite an improvement from yesterday's 14 BELOW. :)

Wow, look at you, Ms. Busy-body. If it were me, I'd just be curled up under a blanket doing nothing. Of course, that's what I do even when it's warm... I actually really miss Utah winter. I swore I'd never say it, but it's sortof sad to me that we've seen nary a flake this year.

I'm taking tomorrow off work, too. But I'll probably be entertaining Hannah all day, not spinning.

Enjoy your day off! The pictures are eye candy and plenty to chew on! The stuff you're spinning is BEAUTIFUL.

Remember, you don't have to be brilliant everyday. I'm sure even Einstein had days that weren't all about the e=mc2.

It was great to see you last night for a yummy dinner! Thanks for suggesting that place.

I think I almost like your picture of the roving better than mine. Enjoy it. :)

Oooh that warm orange roving seems just the thing for cold weather spinning. Hope you have a great weekend!

That roving does look "good enough to live for". Much better! Have a good weekend. A day spent spinning is a day to relish.

Beautiful fiber! Have fun spinning this weekend.

You deserve a day off! And, you just convinced me to send some of my precious black Cormo to Lynn for processing...for sure, I'm not finding time for it!

It looks like you have a few things to keep you warm there. Enjoy your day off!

That's the worst pat about the cold, when your hands get all dry and cracked! That happens to me too. No fun.

Oh that fiber looks to die for! I love the singles on the bobbin too!!! I just started spinning a crosspatch creations batt that is soft and light as a cloud myself. I can't believe how many amazing fiber artists are out there coming up with this fabu fiber for us to spin! I have no need for a drum carder myself at all...just another wheel! lol :)

I know what you mean about the cold weather and hands - I started using my Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream on my hands because there were so dry.

My hands get splitty too and all I have to do is think of the cold :)
Have a great weekend with Miss Emmylou

I am done with the weather. Done. It is way too cold for anything. Have a great weekend--hopefully it will warm up.

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