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Twobobbinsofsatisfactionsuperwash My skills improve with every spin of the wheel.  The first time I tried to spin Teyani's CMF superwash roving turned out to be a disaster.  But, after several more weeks of practice with many varieties of wool, my skills have caught up with my desire.  'Satisfaction' is spinning up on the bobbins very nicely and there has been great improvement with my spinning skills in general. Intuition has kicked in to help me find the right wheel settings for each fiber and my hands can do what my brain knows they should.  Drafting has improved and is much more consistent, which pleases me to no end.  Two bobbins are almost full and, here's the ground breaking part...a third will be spun in order to make my first 3-ply yarn!

I give credit the Friday Night Spinners for my production increase. I was able to put in about an hour on the wheel before we set out for Park City and dinner with the Mr E and Laurie.  Even if I only have 10 minutes or so, I'll head for the wheel because, as with knitting, bits of time do add up over the days.  By the end of the week I hope to be plying all three singles. 

MamestwistedfiberclubsilverbellsSpinning well with superwash has given me a bit more confidence, so I may need to try and spin the merino/tencel from Erin’s Twisted Knitters Fiber Club.  Silver Bells arrived last month and at first I was completely intimidated.  While I may wait a bit longer before actually spinning with this luscious colorway, I won't be so worried about doing a good job.

Handsdpunsockisgrowingquickly Monica asked why I didn't like knitting with my hand spun.  The yarn just isn't the best for yarn for socks and it has a bit too much texture. I shouldn't complain too much, as it is rather rewarding to knit with your own (albeit bad) yarn.  Progress has been made...the foot will be a darker color and there will be detail around the cuff with more white yarn and another that is predominately bright pink (as seen in yesterdays photo).

Topofbinofsockyarnliddoesnotclose One of my favorite knit items has been my Sally Melville Gauntlets. I've been wearing them under gloves for extra warmth and find I just can't live without them in this freaking cold.  The other day, in an email, Ann said that mitts were the 'new socks' and they do seem to be all the rage. Yarnsforannsmitts There are patterns all over Blogland and Knitty's Fetching had to be the 'gift of the year'.  However, I'm rather partial to Ann's two new designs and will be knitting them with some of my burgeoning sock yarn stash (on the left).  This is proof that you can never have too much sock yarn as it can be used for everything from scarves, shawls, mitts, AND socks. Oh yes, and mitts are a great way to use hand spun yarns, too.

Speaking of can show solidarity with sock knitters everywhere, and especially the Blue Moon grrls, by displaying Sonya cool button.  Show your socks, come on! You know you want to!


Those singles of Teyani's fiber look really even and well spun. And mitts -- that's a GREAT idea for handspun -- I'm starting to accumulate a lot of different yarn in small yardage -- mitts are just the thing!

Mitts are certainly quicker than socks. I'm not sure they're quite as satisfying, though.

I am spinning that exact colorway from Crown Mountain farms and love it!!

I wanted to do handspun Bitchin' Mittens, and of course I never got to it. But I do keep thinking along those lines.

Great spinning. Mitts are a great idea for the handspun. Learned to Navajo ply yesterday and have some yummy squishy bulky yarn now. Have one more bobbin to go of that colorway to ply- it's a blast!

The texture is what MAKES the handspun. If you want perfect mill-spun yarn, well, you know where to get it. Go with the 3-ply!

I think you are going to be happier with the structure of the 3 ply handspun. Your work is so beautiful, that it will meet even your high standards!

Mitts are a great idea. I think I'll do another pair. Sure have enough yarn! I think they work best in fingering wt.

I had a lovely phone conversation with a famous (not-to-be-named) sock designer/knitter last year who told me that she thought mittens were realler her first love, and while socks are fun and lovely to wear, mittens represent less heartbreak and muggles can actually appreciate them. Hm. Heresy perhaps, especially from such a high priestess of socks, but I took it to heart. And also, thanks for the head's up about the button.

You may be right about mitts being the new socks. They are perfect for small amounts of yarn.

The wheel is coming out of the bag this week. I need to practice. It's encouraging to see how much you've learned in such a short time.

Your spinning looks great! I have some satisfaction superwash headed my way and after seeing yours I can't wait to spin it up!

What Norma said!

Thick, textury socks are wonderful to wear in bed!!

It's amazing how soft the superwash merino is. I've been having fun dyeing it. I can't imagine what it's like to spin it!

Yours looks so pretty!

Great spinning. I love how your sock is turning out.

Yeah for three-ply yarn! I actually just cast on for some fingerless mitts using the three-ply CVM that I just finished. The design was partially inspired by Ann's patterns and partly Fetching.

The Silver Bells roving caught my eye. The color is so beautiful and pleasant to the eyes. I am looking forward to seeing it spun and later knitted, it is going to be gorgeous.

3 ply...yay! It is so exciting making your first 3 ply. It's going to be beautiful!

Your spinning is outstanding. I don't knit much with my own handspun stuff. I don't know why exactly. Maybe I just don't have a project for it all.

Very pretty socks so far! I do like my sock yarn to be nice and even, mainly because I walk on it, but I love the look of not-quite-even.


Mitts sure do come in handy with these temps (no pun intended). I will be knitting socks in public, but picking one or the other of those two lovely, lacy mitts to make soon. Thanks for the links!

and you're going to do a three ply.. whoa.. congrats :-) I haven't done one of those yet - great job!

I love seeing your handspun knitted up there! You could just keep going with it and it would be a veritable history of your spinning :o)

Just reading your blog these days is so exciing! Makes me want to trash the housework and just sit and knit and spin all day. (Job? What job? Leave me alone, I'm busy fibering.)

I ordered Ann's Delicato yesterday, but haven't received it yet. I think it would be perfect for some bison fiber I recently ordered. It is supposed to be quite warm so if I spun it fine it would work for that pattern and still keep my hands snuggly.

Awww I'm so glad the Friday NIght Spinners is helping, I know it's helping me immensely. I can't wait for Friday night any more though.

Your spinning looks lovely by the way.

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