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Lace projects have been growing during this month of Lace-uary. January is the right time to knit lace because mother nature creates inspiration everywhere.   If only I could write, I'd write an ode to Miriam.  How does someone create such a complicated, elegant and fascinating lace pattern as Hidcote?  In only a couple of evenings I was able to knit through chart 2, and I must say, it is so enchanting to knit this lace.  What makes it even better is the soft, silky and, yes, elegant, JaggerSpun Zephyr.  The pattern and yarn together make a perfect knitting duo and I am now half way through the third chart (of ten).

Johoisgrowingslowlybutshesgrowing Jóhö has been enjoying more time in my hands, too.  Grayce's Plain and Fancy Wool lace weight is just as delightful to knit as Zephyr, but its even softer.  I love the way the blue and pink tones of violet change and flow throughout.  You can see how much  Langsjal Jóhönnu has grown in the last week or so, by clicking on this link (a picture taken some time ago). 

Last week I told you my hands and arms had started to hurt from the larger needles and stiff yarn that I'm using to knit Bejeweled.  After two long weekend, Christmas and New Years, and spending more time than usual on the home computer, it became apparent to me that the problem was the un-ergonomic computer desk we use at home.  Monday I bitched suggested to Smith that it having a lower desk, one with a keyboard tray, might help with the developing RMS pain.  Tuesday when I came home from Stitch 'n Bitch he said there was a surprise for me in the office.  He'd built a tray under the desk while I was away (YAY!) and it has been the perfect fix to me from more pain.  I was so touched, so excited and very, very (really, really*) pleased.  The pain in my arms and hands started to ebb away and by the end of the week I was able to pick up Bejeweled again. Here's a sneak peek, but you'll need to come back tomorrow and we'll walk through a winter wonderland and see the finished Bejeweled, my first finish of 2007!


(*Hi Norma.)


You do such beautiful work. I'm glad your arms and hands are feeling better. Thank goodness it was such a fixable problem!

Hooray for Smith for taking good care of you.

Three cheers for Smith!

Hidcote is looking very pretty already, but what I really love are those rocks.

Yay Smith! Yay Miriam! Yay lace! Such healthy growing children you have.

Oh, geez, lace has kicked my ass in '07. I am struggling with Icarus, which is not a hard knit at all. Urgh!

I'm glad you are having more luck, and am glad to see the return on Joho. I just need to get the mojo back.

Such rare privilege I had, to see Bejeweled in her splendor on her second (?) outing.

Smith is remarkable. But I knew that.

Hidcote is a surprise stunner. I haven't seen that before. Must.Go.Look.

Gorgeous lace. Smith's a keeper! ;-)

I finally made a mistake on my Shetland Triangle. I had been doing so well...so it is marinating while I knit charity stuff. Contemplating a tink or a rip.

Oh, how sweet and clever of Smith! Your shawls look lovely.

That guy Smith.....he's a keeper!

Your shawl.....soo pretty!

What a nice surprise! Hidcote is SO pretty!

I'm right handed, but learned to operate the computer mouse with my left hand to minimize stress on my right, which tends to get overworked from knitting. Lovely lace projects!

Hidcote is lovely, and Smith is a doll!

Such gorgeous lace!

What a way to start the year! Congrats on the new desk gadget (very important) and your shawls are just gorgeous!

Wow! What progress on your lace projects and yes, Hidcote in particular!! So glad you had a relatively "easy" fix for your hand/arm pain!

Hidcote is gorgeous. And I hope you continue to see progress in healing. The link to the stretches in your sidebar really helped my arm feel better, although I'm still nursing some lingering soreness. Tendons just take time to heal.

Both of your shawls look great. Ahh lace! I must go home and do a little lace knitting tonight.

I envy those who can do lace. Hidcote is so beautiful. Glad your arms are feeling better.

awe... *blush* I'm glad you like knitting it :) I'll see you tonight! Woot! PARTY!

Scarf's going really well there. Pretty Hidcote.

I'm glad to see Jóhö again! :-)

I've decided to frog my Hidcote and try again in a less fuzzy yarn. I love my cashmere/bison blend, but it just isn't quite right for this project. Yours has beautiful stitch definition--Zephyr will go on my list of possible replacements.

Great lace, girlie!
Glad to hear that your suggestions were taken to heart by your Smith. Pat him on the back for me.....

wow! beautiful lace projects! hidcote is a definite stunner!

What a guy! You have lots of beautiful lace there.

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