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I've Been Bad - But, I'm Trying Hard to be Gooder

The title is just for the Knotty Grrls and Norma...at least it's not misspelt, is it!?  I just love reading Jen and La's year end recap of our Bloggerhood. They have their fingers on the pulse of the community at large. Make sure you have emptied yourself before you read and don't take anything personally. And Norma? What can one say about Norma that hasn't already been said?

I haven't been a very good host for the Twisted Knitters.  I've been just plain bad and haven't dyed, haven't spun (until now) and clearly can't start knitting without the other two things happening first.Judyselectriclakefinewool1  On a recent trip to Three Wishes, our local spinning shop (it's so nice to have Kristine here!), I picked up 4 oz of roving from Wasatch Watercolors (our own Ewe-tah grrl, Judy Jackson’s fiber company). The name is Electric Lake and it reminds me of the dyeing in  the Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook and the colors are just me!  The wool is so easy to draft and spin, the colors so vibrant and exciting. 

As a way to practice plying chained singles, I decided to spin a sample skein. Well, it didn't go very well...apparently it was too lightly twisted in a few places and the single broke frequently.  There will be much more practice before I can actually ply chained singles. The sample skein is really quite a mess, but I think I can see how it all works.   I'm not discouraged or frustrated...just a little disappointed in my abilities so far.

So, onward and upward, I started again and this time there is more twist in the single.  The main challenge in learning to spin has been to get that single twisted!  The second attempt worked and I was able to make a two ply yarn that looks better and should be strong enough for sock knitting. (At least that's what I'm telling myself.) The goal for the next pair is a smaller grist, but that's getting ahead of myself a bit.


The Swizzle Socks from Spindlecity, by blog pal Janine, was the inspiration for my spinning.  It was fun to mix up the Electric Lake colors and add a bit of undyed wool to create more contrast.  I'm actually considering toe up sucks socks so every bit of the wool can be used.

Jenny, shares some very good information on spinning for socks (along with a lovely post about her mother). It's this type of information that is so helpful for a new spinner and will guide me on my quest for workable yarn, especially sock yarn! 

Wish me luck with my first pair.

(My Bloglines feeds have exploded! Since the New Year weekend nearly everyone I read has posted at least once.. What did you all do...save up your posts until January!?) 


You go grrrl!

I think the sample skein is way cool. Would make a fun crocheted shredder beanie. Lovely work.

I did a really really bad thing on 1/2/07, when I hit the "mark all read" button on my Bloglines...........

I think your spinning looks wonderful!

The spinning is lovely. And "congratulations" on that Tiny Tim award thing. Thanks for all the great links, especially to the one for sock yarn. I need more links in my Bloglines, too, heheh.

Talk about bad. I haven't done anything with Twisted Knitters. I'm going to be lucky to even get some spinning done. Your handspun is looking good - the colors are fabulous.

Your handspun looks great and the colors are so pretty! Good luck with the sock knitting!

I've been wondering the same thing. Did everyone make a "not really a resolution" resolution to post more?

Is Twisted Knitters on for 2007, then? I'm really thinking this is my year for it.

And YES, we still love you, silly! I'm going to comment more just to prove it.

thank god! i just dyed my roving, and was worried i'd get the boot off twisted knitters! esp. since i pooped out on the trekking ;-)

Pretty colors!

Oh that is such pretty yarn. My goal is to spin thin yarn for a shawl and good sock yarn. I wish you luck. I'll be watching. :)

beautiful sock yarn. enjoy the knit. Socks are so wonderfully forgiving - you'll never notice any under-over spin. besides, most of it'll be under your jeans anyway (nice eh!)

Thanks so much again, Margene, for your kindness in linking to my blog. LOTS of your readers have visited. Much appreciated!
Cheers, Jenny

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