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More Ground Breaking

Ground Breaking


You might say this is why I'm happy to be a knitter. It has been dang cold around here the last few days, with the temps no higher than 18 and the morning lows hovering around zero.  However, it's better here, in the Salt Lake Valley, than in Cedar City, where sister Neena lives.  A few storms have left 40" of snow and temperatures in the subzero teens.  Brrrrr...stay warm sis!!

The Utah mountains miss Laurie  and Mr. E. Every minute we were together we never stopped talking.  It took several attempts for Smith and Mr E to get our attention, as Laurie and I were more interest in our conversation on spinning than thoughts of food.  Camera's were at hand, but the light was never really good enough for pictures, the good memories are stowed in our head and come to mind often.

Over the weekend a few ground breaking events of the knitting/spinning variety happened.  Not only did I cast on a sock in my handspun, it also happens to be a TOE-UP! And, even better, I rather enjoyed it.  The 'round toe' method is from Sensational Knitted Socks and it was worth working through the fussy beginning to insure every bit of my handspun can be used and the made socks as long as possible.  My handspun, toe up socks...ground breaking.


Look at the way the pink stripes around the toe!  You would think I'd planned it that way. But, it's just one of the lovely, serendipitous things that happens from time to time. The yarn is more textured than I would like for socks and I can't say it's all that fun to knit...but it is my own yarn.

Erinsenglishgardensockyarnandbag Another ground breaking happening was more sock yarn  came to my door.  This may not seem like such a ground breaking event, but it did put my current sock yarn stash at record levels.  I'll not be joining any 'Knit from Your Stash' Alongs, or even 'Yarn Focus' challenges.  Each yarn I purchase is done with forethought and I only buy what I love and want to knit.  There is no time limit on yarn, as it seems  to age very well.  The newest entry in to my sock yarn collection is from Mama E’s C*eye*ber Fiber Warehouse.  The handmade bags Erin sews up are the perfect size for a pair of socks, or some fiber and a spindle, and I just had to have one.  So I had her add this beautiful English Garden sock yarn.

Beautifulclaudiahandpaintfreesiayarn Jessiesblackwalnutyarngarterstitchsockfo Also, from the Loopy Ewe came this fabulous colorway of Claudia's Handpaint, Freesia. I've looked at this color for about 6 months and when Sheri had it in stock, I snatched it up. I may start knitting with it now as it is just so hard to see dark colors (like Smith's Garter Rib socks) while at Stitch 'n Bitch.  My old eyes and the dark corners of the Jitterbug Coffee Hop just don't get along well with dark knitting. 

Did you hear (of course you did unless you've been hiding under a rock) that Cara and Blue Moon have given away 30 skiens of STR?  Friday I called for every sock knitter to show their finished socks, and socks in progress, to everyone and spread the word that we sock knitters are everywhere, in.great.number! Lucia has taken my call to heart and is having a contest for those of you who would like to PROVE that you're a public sock knitter. Check out her post and have someone capture you in the act!


For a new spinner, that's some nice even handspun Margene! The Freesia is lovely, do you have any pattern in mind yet? I totally love Claudia's Handpaint, I know you will too!

That pink and green yarn is tremedous, and the socks with the handspun are looking great.

What a great handspun sock yarn! I can't wait to see how it progresses.

Socks are looking good! There is something special about knitting with your own handspun - I don't know what it is but it is special :-)

The new sock yarns are gorgeous - as is your handspun. Saturday night I took up your call and night socks at the comedy night fund raiser we were attending. They were even Jaywalkers in STR, in honor of Cara. No photos were taken, however, so I'll have to look for another opportunity for Lucia's contest.

The striping on your handspun sock is very cool! I hope it continues.

Lots of nice sock happenings in your corner of the world! Your handspun colors are so pretty!

You are missed. Very much.

I know what you mean about the handspun. Despite the time commitment, I think I'm heading towards three ply. The sign at Deer Valley labelling the ski slope was simply fate clarifying my path. You will love the sock regardless, as it is very special. I'm impressed on the toe-upedness.

Wednesday is going to be SIP day. Manise will capture the picture.

It must be so wonderful to knit with your own yarn. The colors alone are enough to make you smile. Great new purchases too.

Wow, your handspun socks are lovely! All you need now is a sheep, to journey from sheep to sock completely. Moxie could be a sheepdog :)

The socks are beautiful! love the little stripe!

I love, love, love, how that pink and those blues play together so nicely around the toe. I'm still in awe of all you spinning persons. :)

Alas, I did not bring a camera with me yesterday, but I did engage in some Public Sock Knitting on the subway to and from the movie theatre where Lloyd and I saw Pan's Labyrinth. Truth be told, I contined PSKing all the way through the coming attractions, but had to put the sock down for the actual movie, not just because the theatre was dark, but also because Pan's Labyrinth is a Spanish movie, and I still haven't cracked the code on knitting while reading subtitles. (Yet. :)

This weather is all my fault - we were planning on riding all winter. See what happens? We've had the stock tank frozen every morning even with a heater in it. Stay warm!

Your handspun looks great in those socks. I bet you will LOVE wearing them!!

Your handspun yarn is knitting up beautifully!

Oooh, I love your little handspun toe-up. The socks are going to be fabulous.

OH how cool those socks look already!

Your sock looks great!!!

Homespun sock!! And they're beautiful! They look just like the socks in the sock book.

If you can try something as daring as a toe-up sock, then perhaps I can, too! Your own handspun yarn.............gorgeous!

Love that green sock yarn!

Delectable yarns, awesome handspun socks, and more pictures of that nasty freezy skid stuff. Todayyy's blog chills my winkles and arms my heart. I need a cup of tea to even things out.

Holy Cow--I can't believe you're doing a toe-up sock and have green yarn all in one post. I think I'm going to faint!!! ;)

Hey, thanks for the shout out! I continue to be impressed with your handspun -- I'll have to check out that toe-up method. (I use Wendy's short-row toe.)

That is some beautiful handspun! I am so impressed that you are going to actually make your handspun into socks. (Actually, I'm impressed you have made enough handspun to turn into a completed project. My spinning adventure is stalled.)

Love the pink-and-blue stripes in your handspun socks!

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