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Freaking Cold

It's just been too, too cold this week.  Normal ranges in temperature change don't bother me much, but the extreme cold (and heat) do take their toll.  When it's this cold (single digits or below zero in the a.m.) it just hurts to be outdoors.  It is amazing, however, just how comfortable 10 can feel after morning lows near zero.  Temps closer to freezing will be here by the end of the week and will feel rather balmy.

This week has been so busy I've had little time to knit and, therefore, little progress to show.  A few gift items are in the works, such as a couple of  Mason-Dixon's round warshrags. They are still one of my favorite gifts to knit and take just over an hour each. They look very sweet with a little ribbon woven through the eyelets and a bar of handmade soap. Tahki Cotton Classic is my favorite yarn to use as it comes in a multitude of mixed and solid colors.


In the picture you can also see the beginning of Ann's Cloverleaf Lace Mitt.  This was the perfect project for SnB last night as I could see the yarn (not too dark) and the ribbing was easy to knit while having a wicked, good time. They should work up quickly, as I need a gift by Sunday, and in this weather, mitts make a great gift (especially in Elann's Peruvian Baby Silk, Raspberry).

Smithsgarterstitchsockfinished While winding the yarn for Smith's Garter Stitch sock, my ball winder let me down and let the tangles come through.  The ball was such a mess that half way through the first sock I had to break the yarn and ended up sitting on the floor for hours trying to find my way through the maze of knots and tangles.  I'm happy to say I came out the wiiinnner and the ball has been rewound perfectly.  The first sock is now finished, too.  It has Smith's seal of approval and he can't wait to have a finished pair.  The second sock will be cast on right away, as a warm pair of boot socks are a must at this time of year (especially this year!). Thank goddess worsted weight socks knit up quickly.

Tonight I'm meeting Anne for dinner because she has some roving to deliver, not that we need an excuse, but fiber is a wonderful reason to meet up. Six oz. of Oberon is mine, mine...yum, it's so pretty and, surprisingly, she has a bit left of the other colors. 

While knitting sleeves do you feel like they'll never end, like you can't take another stitch or you'll scream? Then you must read Liz’s post on the sleeves she knit for her husband's sweater.  You'll never complain again.

Erin and Michelle have started a very special charity project they call Project Compassion.  The project  is...

...dedicated to creating acts of kindness and organizing the fiber/crafting community to join together, project by project, to show compassion and care to folks in need.

You can read on the blog about the first family in need and how you can help. As Erin put it in her email-  "It is about the power of connection, creation through compassion, and the healing force that kindness is." 

I'll be knitting a square.


Thanks Margene.

Stay warm. The freezing weather has arrived here!

The cold has finally hit VT, too. The actual temps are not that bad (10?) but the wind chill---ouch.

I tried to knit one of those wash cloths because you recommended it. I fucked it all up. Sometimes simple is a bad idea! I will give it another try, though, just for YOU.
And the temps here are cold, although not as cold as there. Only 11 this morning!

I too will make a square. Show me your sock!

We are cold too in ARizona.

Love the wash rags.

Like I've always said.... minus 25 doesn't really feel all that much colder than minus 10. When the cold gets to a certain cold level it's just freakin cold. The rest is just a matter of details. I've been glad for my angora hat and scarf in the barn in the mornings. I think I'm gonna have to knit a pair of thin angora gloves to wear under my other gloves!

Thanks for the link, Margene!

We are in our first cold snap of '07 here in Philadelphia too, so I am trying to decide between a hat and mittens!

That's very little knitting progress to show?! Thanks for reminding me about those round warshrags - very clever they are indeed.

I know EXACTLY what you mean about the temperature - we're having the same thing here and it's especially hard to drag myself out of bed in the morning, knowing what awaits.

Jessie lives in the balmy south of Vermont. My temp. right now? -12F

All the more brutal since last week I was walking in shorts. Ugh.

P.S. That is BEFORE the wind chill, and the Weatherbug is chirping wind chill warnings every few seconds.

I just got the Mason Dixon book for Christmas and have those cloths marked as something I want to knit. The community afghan is a wonderful project.

It's so cold I finally broke down and asked Village Wools if I could use the dye room to dye this week. I guess I'm not so tough!

We're still suffering through a cold snap here in Oklahoma as well. We have ice on the ground, temps in the low twenties with windchills much below that, and more snow expected this weekend! Gah!!

Love the washrags too. Stay warm! It's freaking cold down here too. All the snow we got last week isn't melting at all.

The washrags are great, and I love that lace mitt pattern. And last night WAS wicked good fun.

It is VERY cold here in Missouri too! WE got hit by the ice storm last weekend and I haven't had power at my house since Friday (Brr!) Luckily I have relatives with electricity that have been nice enough take in me, my hubby, and our poor little dachshund, who dislikes the cold most of all!

It is way too cold. I had forgotten it could get this cold. At least I can wear more hand knits though. Must look at the bright side.

Mmmm...Oberon! I was considering that roving, either that or Peacock. In the end, I ended up not getting any because I've got a lot of fiber that isn't being spun. Anne's rovings are very, very tempting. Do you have a project in mind for the Oberon?

MAN, that stuff is pretty. I just visited Anne's blog and saw Peacock, too... must resist... saving money for wheel...

The cloths are really cute. Doesn't it feel good to untangle something?

Beautiful blog post - thanks for not letting us miss it.

I hear you on the cold. It was -17 at my house this morning. It's really hard to get dressed and get to work when it's that cold.

yeah when it is that cold I say it just time to stay under the covers and order in hot chocolate :)

Stay in and stay warm! And thanks for the link; I'll have to see if I have any washable wool around.

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