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First Saturday Sky for 2007


Tuesday morning, as I was leaving for work, the sky above the mountains caught my eye.  The inversion had abated a bit during the night and the clouds looked like they were swhirling over the mountains.  The color was a much brighter salmon, too.  This is for you, as always, sweet Sandy.

Thursday we had lake effect snow hit the valley. The mountains receive no more, maybe even less in inches, than the valley.  However, the most spectacular winter wonderland was created. Pictures next week.   


Wow, that's some sky. I'm very impressed. I almost went to my organ workshop today without my camera. so glad I grabbed it at the last minute. I have pictures of the INSIDE of the pipe organ in Libby Gardner Hall.

Oh that's beautiful! Now that doesn't look real at all!

a very beautiful carole said, no such weather here. it hit 71 degrees this afternoon.

That is truly gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

That's so beautiful, it looks like a painting! Wow!

Fantastic picture! Very unusual and evocative.

Amazing sky and photography!

Those colors and the swirly effect are really nice.

I think THAT picture is amazing. I tried to get something like that from the plane. I'm not sure it turned out, but it had sky/mountain confusion also.

That may be your best sky picture yet! It's like something out of Lord of the Rings. ;-) Beautiful!

thanks for the great picture. I made it this weeks background on the 'puter.

What a breathtaking sight. Wow.

That is an amazing photo!

Spectacular! Thanks for sharing. :)

What a stunning picture!

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