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First Saturday Sky for 2007


Tuesday morning, as I was leaving for work, the sky above the mountains caught my eye.  The inversion had abated a bit during the night and the clouds looked like they were swhirling over the mountains.  The color was a much brighter salmon, too.  This is for you, as always, sweet Sandy.

Thursday we had lake effect snow hit the valley. The mountains receive no more, maybe even less in inches, than the valley.  However, the most spectacular winter wonderland was created. Pictures next week.   


What an amazing, wonderful picture, wow!

That is one of the most lovely sky pictures I've ever seen! I love how the mountains and swirling clouds merge so that it's difficult to separate the two.

Wow! Those clouds look like they've been painted by a giant sweeping brush. Beautiful!

WOW! How beautiful...and how lucky you are to have that view.

Beautiful sky picture! It's much better than the perpetually grey skies I've been looking at. Have a great weekend.

Breathtaking, Margene! A day that starts out like that has got to be great!
Now, I've got to go buy me some fun fur. Imagine??


Oh, that's just beautiful. It just never gets old, does it?

That is one of the coolest sky shots I've seen. Good catch, Margene!

OMG........that is incredible!! You are making me want to move to Utah!

Beautiful. I envy that you're so near such majestic mountains.


THAT should be on a calendar or something. Gorgeous sky!

Beautiful shot. Very peaceful.

Amazing! Love the motion and the color.

What a pretty sky! I stopped twice on the way to work to try to get my sky pic.

What a lovely photo! I see gorgeous sky shots on the way home from work all the time (since I drive into the west chasing the setting sun). Do you pull over with your handy camera? I must be more prepared!!

Beautiful Sky!

Just stunning! And with brighter salmon coloring, I bet it was even more glorious. Thanks for sharing!

So beautiful. And we have record breaking warmth here.

Ummmm - just gorgeous!

That is a lovely moment. I see a book of such photos in your future. (Because you clearly don't have enough hobbies....)

Wasn't that sky just awesome?

How beautiful!

Yet another way of looking at the mountains. They, and you, are amazing.

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