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Zen is a complicated idea. It is very simple It is hard to understand. It is an easy concept to understand.  Zen is nothing. Zen is everything. 

During my teens, and into my college days, my life was full of anxiety and fear.  My stomach was always in knots and life was very uncomfortable.  All I did was worry and fret.  After my first marriage ended and I was on my own, a bit of enlightenment came to me.  Worry had not helped change the outcome of my feared problem(s) and nothing was ever as bad as I worried it would be. It was then I decided that if the subject of my worry could be changed then I would work toward that change.  If it was out of my control and couldn't be changed, I would work to stop the fretting.

It took practice and patience, but fretting about life has abated, albeit not completely. Life is a process, eh?  Although I am not as Zen as I’d like to be, Zen is part of my daily life.  Zen has helped me find balance, simplicity and peace.

Creation with ones hands is much like the process of life. Step by step we learn a craft, study it, do it and perhaps become a master of the technique.  We can also go through life the same way.  The goal is to live without the sway of emotional attachments, without wishing for the end, but instead, enjoying every step of the process.  We are who we are and life is not an easy road.  We must accept that this is so and take life as it come, enjoy it ALL, as without the darkness you cannot know light.

The Japanese lantern in my Zen Garden,  is a daily reminder to walk the path of non-attachment and to enjoy the journey of creating a life.  The garden is beautiful in all seasons. Its beauty is everything. It's beauty is nothing.

The ABC-Along was such a fun part of blogging this year.  Anne, thank you for this wonderful idea.  We were able to learn things about friends and other bloggers that may not have come to light. So much creativity went into many of the posts.   

If you have participated, and published all 26 letters of the alphabet, you have until December 31st, to put up your last letter (or catch up if need be).  Deb has a fun post that shows all the members of her family catching Zzzzs and Cathy has a post on the best Zoo ever. Anne and I will pick our favorite post, and will also pick a person at random, for a prize. If you haven’t already, please leave a comment, and we’ll put you in the hat for some Xocolate (and maybe an extra surprise, too.)


I love your entry - what else could it be but Zen?
I'm now done and dusted! http://dyedinthewool.blogspot.com/2006/12/z-is-for.html
I can't believe I've made it this far.

Of course this is your Z. And it's so perfectly you. Worry does nothing but it's so hard to stop sometimes. Thanks for the wise words on all of this.

awww...margene, I heart you.

I have really enjoyed reading everyone's ABC posts this year. You have been one of my inspirations to bring out my spindles and roving that I was given a year or so ago. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Hard to believe that it's been a year of ABCs.

Wow, the year is over! Where did it go!

I always love reading your posts on zen. It's a good reminder for me!

I wish I could be more Zen. :) I made it A-Z. Yay!!!

Lovely post - and so appropriate for you. :) From the comments, it looks like we already have a lot of folks who toughed it out from A to Z, and now want chocolate!

Oh, I knew ever since A that your Z would be ZEN! ; ) Hahaha! Oh yeah, everyone knew!!

It was just a question of how and it's beautiful -- lovely photograph.

I knew it would be Zen. :) Lovely post and picture!

Wonderful post, Margene. The words you said really resonated with me! I bet you were waiting all year for the "Z" post ;) Thanks for sharing.

Zen is a perfect Z!

Beautiful post! And a great way to wind down the year.

Great post and so timely. I was a much big worrier when I was younger too -- so much so that my husband bought me a book called "Worry". And then I realized that what I was worried about really never came to fruition and that you can't plan for the things that are problematic. I do slip up, but I try to keep on even ground. The perfect "Z" for you.

That's the perfect Z post for you. Thanks for sharing all of your alphabet this year it's been very enjoyable. Shortly after I started knitting I read Zen and the Art of Knitting. It confirmed what I suspected - that the knitting has a positive effect on life in general.

I would have been dissappointed had you chosen a different 'Z' for this post. A good reminder not to stress out during this busy time of year.

Whether you call it Zen or the practise of contentment or living one day at a time, the concept is the same; stop the anxiety and enjoy what each day brings, something that we all can certainly use more of. Your ABCs have all been wonderful and fun

Zen is so you Margene:D Thanks for all the wonderful posts this year and for your involvement in the fun ABC-Along. I've had a great time and it's helped to make 2006 go by so fast.

Your Z could have been nothing else! I am so sorry that I missed the boat on this one...I've enjoyed reading what everyone has said for the appropriate letter and had a few good ones myself. Snooze, you loose, I guess!

Very appropriate Zz -- I can't imagine you doing any other! I've my Zz left to post and will make sure to have it up by the 31st so I can be eligible! Thanks for the heads up!

Great entry and wise words to live by.

Very well said! Zen has become an important part of my life over the last few years and you are right...very simple, yet hard to practice sometimes. You have been an inspiration to me over the last year :-)

Zen - everything and nothing! I love your entries, especially this one. I wonder why we take so long in live to find a balance? At least we find it, or most of us do. I love the 'knitting' entries on blogs, but I have learned so much from knitters about living - after all, we live all the time and knit some of the time! Thanks, Margene, and you will always be one of my daily reads!

Oh, Oh, that should be "why we take so long in life to find a balance?"

Margene I love everything about this post and the things that you share about yourself through your blog. The comments prior to mine on Zen are so wonderful and it's obvious that all of your readers feel the way I do. It's also so comforting to see that I am so familiar with, and feel so friendly with, virtually all of your commenters. Your blog was one of the first that I really felt like reading all the time... and you have been such a sweet person to know and become friends with through your blog. The daily reading here is such a personal moment of meditation no matter what the subject and a very nice way to begin my days (when I make it here at the beginning of the day hehe). Thank you so much for a wonderful year of friendship and zen meditations through your blog.

xoxox to you and Smith. I hope you have a wonderful happy warm and safe holiday season. :)

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