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Y is for....

Yei-bi-Chai    (yay-ba-chay)


This beautiful Navajo Rug hangs over our bed. It has been credited with 'healing' our marriage, as it the dancers symbolize a healing ceremony.  It's been there so long that neither of us remember what year we bought it, but it was while we were on a trip to Bryce Canyon.  We stay in Ruby’s Inn, just outside the park, as they have a good restaurant and a very nice gift shop.

Where did the year go!?  Here we are with only one more letter of the Alphabet for the ABC-Along. Anne's idea was a wonderful way to get to know other bloggers and their part of the world.  Everyone made the ABC Along their own with the entries.  It's been a fun read!   

You have two weeks, actually until December 31st, to put your best letter forward and create a "Z" that is unique yours.  If you have posted all the previous letters you could be in for some prizes, like Xocolate.   Anne and I will pick our favorite and then pick someone randomly for prizes.  Good luck!!


That's a beautiful (and unique) Y. I see the healers marching along.

I've done all the letters, ma'am. And I posted my Y today, too. I'm still working on Z, though.

I totally missed out on this for the year, but starting 07 with a little blogging "experience". Beautiful rug!

Oooh, lovely rug! I've got my Y ready to set up, but damnit it's awfully dark again today....

I love navajo weavings - that is a great rug!

What a beautiful weaving with even better sentiment behind it.

Good for you for sticking with your alphabet....you're almost there :-)

This is one of my favorite "letters"....I'm madly in love with Navajo tapestry!

It is a beautiful rug. And I've managed to post all of my ABC entries too! I've even got my "Zed" worked out! :)

Eh, even though it's dark, I did it anyway....

Me too, all the letters, with "Y" yesterday and "Z" in the works. What a fun idea this was... I just love this rug and of course this one's a natural coming from you. What a blessing to sleep under such watchful spirits.

I can't believe it, you've posted yours today, too. It really is Y Day today!!

I've blathered on numerous times about how much I loved this project. I wish I had a do-over on a couple, but for the most part, I'm thrilled and I can't wait for Z so I can finally put together my Abecedary!

Oh, that is a great Y!

I visited Bryce Canyon in July, and we also stayed at Ruby's Inn. It's a great place. I also spent some money at their extensive gift shop :)

That is a very unique Rug and the placement of it in your house couldn't be any better.

I think we should do an ABC along again. any takers???

I've enjoyed reading everyone's posts in the ABC-Along. It really was a good idea.

Many years ago the hot tub at Ruby's Inn was outdoors - do you remember that? One night we were lounging in the tub and an eagle flew over and perched in the tree right by the hot tub.

This is such a great Y post - and such a cool thing to share about your home/your self. You stay SO BUSY with the blog related things you do Margene! I don't know how you find time for a day job!

That is a lovely Navajo piece.

That's a lovely bit of fiber art. Thanks for hosting knit unto others.

I love it! We're on the same wave length as I just put some photos of Navajo rugs on my blog.

That is really a beautiful hanging. If you have access to the magazine Wild Fibers (an amazing magazine) the last issue had a wonderful article on Navajo rugs and crafts.

I know that I am an emotional wreck lately, because reading one sentence about your beautiful rug just brought tears to my eyes.
more tea, perhaps.
LOVE it.
And you!

Gorgeous. I've wished numerous times over this year that I had joined the ABC along (mostly as an excuse to practice my photo skills). But, I have definitely enjoyed seeing all of your lovely posts.

What cool rug! Even though I didn't participate I had a great time reading everyones abc posts.

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