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That's A Wrap

From Vicki via Celia.

The first sentence of each first post of the month from 2006
(one picture from every month, in order, is Vicki's addition):

First up - Happy Birthday, Cara!!

While working on the last few rows of Rosarie's body my thoughts have turned to what I'll knit next.

How do you like the new look?


Finally!! Blue skies arrived Sunday...all day Sunday!

The last day of April lived up to the well known rhyme "April showers bring May flowers".

Kamas in Summit County, Utah.

Lemon Drop Martini's with a toast to Carole for sending the recipe.

Despite the obsession with spinning, knitting has continued.

While assessing all the WIPs in my life...look what arrived in yesterday's mail.

I was looking at the mountain, and the colors gracing its face, and Smith was looking with envy at the 50 or so motorcycle riders in front of us.

The title of this post is NOT about the Toasty Toes Socks that I knit for my pal, Leah

I was able to hold it together until yesterday afternoon.


Celebrate safely!  See you next year for more knittin' 'n spinnin'!

Favorite Knit of 2006

The other Carole asked, in a recent post, what was our favorite 2006 FO.  To pick a favorite is a little difficult, but the one item I wear most and love because of it's versatility and warmth is Seaweed.


At the end of each year I have been combining the Photo Albums of socks and other items into one album.  The total number of items knit this year is down from last years total for one simple reason.  I learned to spin.  A new photo album, called the Handspun Gallery, is in order. Besides the 'bigger' items knit (and shown in 2006 album), there were many smaller items like hats, scarves (all for charity) and Mason Dixon warsh rags (for gifts). The last of the 2006 FOs has yet to be placed in the gallery.  Ariann is finished and waiting for her chance to shine and we'll work to fit a photo shoot in this weekend.  Ariann may well end up being my favorite FO of 2006, but that won't be clear until 2007.

Bejeweledishalfwaydone There are only a couple of things to finish up in 2006.  Yarn to finish the Estonian Scarf is still on the spindle, so it will be an FO in 2007.  Bejeweled might make the finish line in 2006, as it is my carry around, easy knitting, but I'm only half way.  'Oh so still poor neglected', Jóhö is waiting patiently for a little lovin' and hopefully there will be knitting time this week to give her her due. Even if she doesn't see completion in 2006, any progress will be good.

Firstknitsfor07organizedandreadytogo_1While resolutions of any sort, or goals of the knitting kind, have not been the norm for me, it does feel good to mkae a clean (or fairly clean) sweep of 2006 projects and make ready for the 2007 knits. Yarns have been pulled from the stash, copies made and supplies organized. 

Cashmereconeofpurpleformyrtleleafshawl_3As soon as my eyes are open and my belly full of food and coffee, I'll be casting on January first for Lace-uary (which is not a formal KAL, but a state of mind).  The question remains if I'll have Jóhö finished before that date, but if the stars align in my favor it could happen. Birdsong and Knitnana are going to start a KAL for Hidcote (my first choice for Lace-uary). And just to prove that I'm crazy for lace, my second choice is the Myrtle Leaf Shawl from Victorian Lace Today.

To give no doubt as to the holes in my head, there will also be a new sock and sweater started in January.  January 1st may not be the day they are cast on, but certainly, before the month is a week old, both should be on the needles.  I think I'll keep you in suspense until then.

Smith's First (Hand Knit) Socks

Viewfrommoonbeamlodgeatsolitude After breakfast at Silver Fork and our usual trip to Silver Lake, we stopped to check out the newish Solitude Moonbeam Lodge.  (Which happens to be where we bumped into Santa enjoying the first day of his vacation.)  As often happens during the winter months, it was warmer in the mountains than in the valley below. We sat on the deck, enjoyed the blue skies, laughter from skiers and relaxing atmosphere.  I got in a bit of knitting in on Bejeweled, too. 

This was a banner Christmas for Smith, as he received his first hand knit socks.  He has always protested when I've offered to knit him a pair because he thinks I'll get carried away and make him something shockingly colorful.  As I knit this pair he would say he liked the color and I would always respond, "I do too".   I tried to never give him any idea they were not for me. That's the reason they were never given a proper photo shoot.  So, here they are...Smith's First Hand Knit Socks. They fit perfectly, thanks to the measurements in Sensational Socks.


Miriam's Simple Trekking Socks (Free Pattern)
Sockotta Colori – Gray multi
Start 10-18-06 – 11-26-06

Miriam kindly tweaked the pattern for the larger size. I cast on 80 stitches and worked the heel over 40 st.  Miriam even Kitchenered the toes for me.  How lucky I am that she's a Ewe-tah Grrl.
Smith is very pleased, but the down side is that he now expects every other pair of sock I knit to be his.  This is the 12 pair of socks for 200Sox. 

I wonder how many pair can I knit in 2007?

It Was a Wonderful Weekend

How wonderful it was to have three days to doodle my time away.  With a little of this and a little of that, the weekend was as relaxing and delightful as it could be.

There was a little (or a lot) of knitting....
...and there was a little spinning.

There was a bit of swatching...


...and some mental stimulation.


There was a wee bit of cooking...


...and a few delightful gifts.


There was breakfast at our favorite spot....


...and joy all around.


How was your Holiday?

Be Merry

The first day of winter has arrived, at last, and  the days will lengthens as we head toward spring.  The Holiday weekend starts at noon tomorrow and I plan to spend the weekend relaxing and enjoying time with my sweety.  You can bet there will be knitting and spinning, too.

May all the joy of the Holiday Season be yours.


May your Holiday be full of love and light.

Z is for...



Zen is a complicated idea. It is very simple It is hard to understand. It is an easy concept to understand.  Zen is nothing. Zen is everything. 

During my teens, and into my college days, my life was full of anxiety and fear.  My stomach was always in knots and life was very uncomfortable.  All I did was worry and fret.  After my first marriage ended and I was on my own, a bit of enlightenment came to me.  Worry had not helped change the outcome of my feared problem(s) and nothing was ever as bad as I worried it would be. It was then I decided that if the subject of my worry could be changed then I would work toward that change.  If it was out of my control and couldn't be changed, I would work to stop the fretting.

It took practice and patience, but fretting about life has abated, albeit not completely. Life is a process, eh?  Although I am not as Zen as I’d like to be, Zen is part of my daily life.  Zen has helped me find balance, simplicity and peace.

Creation with ones hands is much like the process of life. Step by step we learn a craft, study it, do it and perhaps become a master of the technique.  We can also go through life the same way.  The goal is to live without the sway of emotional attachments, without wishing for the end, but instead, enjoying every step of the process.  We are who we are and life is not an easy road.  We must accept that this is so and take life as it come, enjoy it ALL, as without the darkness you cannot know light.

The Japanese lantern in my Zen Garden,  is a daily reminder to walk the path of non-attachment and to enjoy the journey of creating a life.  The garden is beautiful in all seasons. Its beauty is everything. It's beauty is nothing.

The ABC-Along was such a fun part of blogging this year.  Anne, thank you for this wonderful idea.  We were able to learn things about friends and other bloggers that may not have come to light. So much creativity went into many of the posts.   

If you have participated, and published all 26 letters of the alphabet, you have until December 31st, to put up your last letter (or catch up if need be).  Deb has a fun post that shows all the members of her family catching Zzzzs and Cathy has a post on the best Zoo ever. Anne and I will pick our favorite post, and will also pick a person at random, for a prize. If you haven’t already, please leave a comment, and we’ll put you in the hat for some Xocolate (and maybe an extra surprise, too.)

On the Road with Emmylou

Emmyloubuckeldintotheseatnexttome Margespindlespinningandmarueenonherwheel That is Emmylou buckled into the seat beside me as we set out Saturday morning.  It was Spinning Saturday, a monthly meeting of the Wasatch Woolpack, and since it was at Three Wishes, I decded to butt join in.  They were very welcoming and we enjoyed a delightful day spinning together.  Not everyone was a stranger.  Marge and Maureen are Salt Lake Knitters Guild members and it was nice to see them and visit again. Marge is spinning on a spindle and Maureen is the only other person there with a Lendrum.  The woman sitting on the other side of the photo wasn't part of our group.  She had come into the shop to try a wheel and she bought the one she's using.  She was a new spinner, too.  How cool is that!?

ShirleyspinningonherhitchhikerandjudykniBasketofbflfiberygoodnessdyedbykate Shirley spun on her HitchHiker and Judy sat nearby knitting (doesn't she have a great smile?). They had spent the previous weekend in Idaho with Kate, who is the dyer of the lovely BFL that I was spinning.  She called it 'Garnet', but it looks the liberty to rename it 'Glowing Embers'. Late in the day Blogless Katherine came and took a minute to give Emmylou a try.  I'd say she was hooked.  Three Wishes was 'lousy' with spinners who were laughing, sharing stories, spinning, knitting and enjoying good treats.  I've signed up to join the Wasatch WoolPack as they made me feel so welcome and comfortable.

Bloglesskatherineonemmylou_1 Theplacewaslousywithspinners

Is it bad that I left Emmylou in the car all day Sunday? I knew she would be a major distraction and I need to get my knit on.  It meant that she was ready to go Monday as we headed out to see Anne and have a lesson on plying chained singles (PDF), as Spin Off calls the technique, aka Navajo plying.  (BTW, the Spin Off on line pages are full of great information. Take time to check out the many resources they provide.)

Newmanisdoingwellbutnolongerlikescherrio Emmacomesrightuptothecameratoseewhatsup Anne had a horrible experience with her beautiful, sweet bunnies last week and it nice to see Newman doing so well. I did my best to capture a shot of Emma, Anne's new kitty, but she is very curious and constantly on the move.  I did see Digger and Happy out in the pasture and Rowan tearing around the yard, with Sidney watching from the porch steps.  It was great to see the hole bunch of critters.  Anne took me through the steps of plying singles in about 2 mnutes flat.  It was so easy to learn. I had been over thinking the whole process, of course.  Best of all, Anne and I went to dinner and had nice time catching up. 

This weekend I hope to spend more time with Emmylou (who is now safely in the 'fiber studio') and practice plying and just spinning time away. 

Winters Darkest Days


After reaching 59F on Friday afternoon the clouds moved in and the temperatures dropped like a rock.  By 10:00pm it was snowing and 30F.  Winter has returned.  This picture was not taken in black and white, but full color, and as you can see, Saturday was very gray.  The longest night of the year is later this week and it is a good time to count blessings and assess the year. It was a year full of fibery goodness, fiber friends galore and more, I feel very blessed indeed.

This is the time of year for traditions and over the years Smith and I have made a few of our own. Each year we watch "It's a Wonderful Life", a movie that forever brings tears of joy to our eyes. As Clarence says in the movie:

Each mans life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole.

The message is that each one of us, even though we live lives without fame or fortune, has a great impact just by the way we choose to live. Not only does your life impact the people closest to you, you can change the coarse of lives around the world and Blogland provides easy and positive ways for us to accomplish great good.

Rabbizipplespeakingofperformingamitvah_1 Sunday evening we enjoyed another of our favorite traditions by attending the lighting of the Hanukkah Menorah.  It was very cold and snowing, but we braved the weather, as any well dressed knitters family can (hand knit socks, gloves, hats and scarves made it bearable).  The ice Meanorah looked like cut crystal and a festive atmostphere filled the air.  Rabbi Zipple told the crowd that the only way to bring back the light was to perform a mitzvah, a random act of kindness, a giving of oneself to others. 


The message of the season is one of giving, but the meaning is often skewed into an act of consumption.  Giving is a mitzvah not only to others, but to oneself.

Stephanie   has set the goal for Knitters Without Borders  to double the funds raised for Doctors Without Borders and Wendy is continuing her drive for Heifer International. Both organizations touch many lives and help the people of the world, who have so much less than any one of us, to help themselves attain a better life.  A donation of any denomination can add up to an enormous amount of support  Give until it feels good and you will reap the rewards of a life well lived. 

Snowydecemberdayinslc Saturday's snow storm was a bust, but Sunday morning revealed a winter wonderland with snow continuing throughout the day.  We'd thought about breakfast in the canyon, but dismissed the idea as the roads would surely be treacherous. It will make our trip to Silver Fork on Christmas that much more festive.

Am I That Weird?

Christine said I HAD to do this meme.

"Each player of this game starts with the ‘6 weird things about you.’ People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly.  In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says ‘you are tagged’ in their comments and tell them to read your blog.”

1. The smell of meat cooking is one of my least favorite smells.  We cook all our meat outdoors all year round.   I'm not big on perfume smells of any sort, either. Dryer sheets and potpourris are the worst.

2.  At all times there must be something on my lips, as in lipstick or lip balm.

3.  I wear something hand knit almost every single day, at least during the colder months.

4.  Being alone is one of my favorite things.  If I had to be alone more often maybe I wouldn't love it so much.

5.  In times of stress I chew my fingers (cuticles mostly but not only) and end up with several bloody holes. Right now my hands look like chopped liver.

6.  I can't think of many weird things. Is that weird?  If you can think of more weird things about me I'd love to hear them.

Memes are like viruses.  I'm washing my hands of this one and will not spread it around.  If you want it, take it, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions


Salt Lake enjoyed a beautiful, warm end to the week.  Temperatures were into the 50s with partly cloudy skies. The weekend is expected to be cold and snowy, but because we need snow desperately, I won't be complaining.  Training for my job went into high gear the last couple of days and my brain feels like it is about ready to burst, that or maybe, it's full of holes.

The decision over just what lace will be in my near future has been a hard one to make.  One reason it's been difficult is that I've had little time to consider the options. Ariann and Jóhö have had little growth this month, as the usual hectic nature of December parties and events, is taking a toll.  Using every bit of will power I can muster, I have been able to stay away from Emmylou's siren song…to some degree.  She still snags me from time to time, but more knitting is being accomplished this week than last.  (Someone suggested I put Emmylou in the closet, but neither of us would be happy about that and she might get noisier!)

Sleevenumberoneforarianntooslow Sadly one sleeve of Ariann was sacrificed to the frog-god because there are times I just don't/can't knit well.  The second attempt is going much better.  The goal is to finish  the sleeves in the next week, and with a quiet weekend ahead, that may just happen.  The best news is that all nightly Holiday obligations are over, which give me more time to make my self-imposed deadline of finishing up Ariann and Jóhö before the new year.

Vanillazephyryarnforhidcute Even with a lack of time for contemplation a decision on the Lace-uary projects has been made.  The main lace for the January 1st start date will be Hidcote by Miriam.  It was calling to me long before she ever finished the design, and it still calls.  This Vanilla colored Zephyr was purchased a few months ago, from the Wool Cabin, just so it would be in my stash when the time came.  The time has now been designated to be the first day of 2007. 

Coneofcashmereformyrtlelace Having decided on that project doesn't mean I won't be knitting a shawl for the Victorian Lace Along.  Quite the contrary.  The first two months of 2007 are Lace-uary, after all, and the book Victorian Lace Today has captured my imagination.  There are very few shawls that I wouldn't want to knit from this book, but the first will be the Myrtle Lace Shawl with Willow Border.  It's actually a stole style and this cone of cashmere lace weight (almost cobweb), that Laurie gave to me last year, has been waiting for just the right project.  Myrtle will be elegant in this deep purple, luxurious yarn.

Bejeweled has also been an easy, fun project to work on, especially when I only have a minute or two to knit.  She grows quickly and the lace pattern,  knit with the heavier weight yarn, is nicely visible.  This will be a warm and comfortable scarf to wear.  The Estonian Scarf is waiting patiently as I need to spindle spin the rest of the yarn.  It will be a continuing project for 2007.
The month is half over and I have so much to finish before years end.  Must keep knitting!

Enjoy your weekend and keep that Holiday frenzy to a minimum!!