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Favorite Knit of 2006

The other Carole asked, in a recent post, what was our favorite 2006 FO.  To pick a favorite is a little difficult, but the one item I wear most and love because of it's versatility and warmth is Seaweed.


At the end of each year I have been combining the Photo Albums of socks and other items into one album.  The total number of items knit this year is down from last years total for one simple reason.  I learned to spin.  A new photo album, called the Handspun Gallery, is in order. Besides the 'bigger' items knit (and shown in 2006 album), there were many smaller items like hats, scarves (all for charity) and Mason Dixon warsh rags (for gifts). The last of the 2006 FOs has yet to be placed in the gallery.  Ariann is finished and waiting for her chance to shine and we'll work to fit a photo shoot in this weekend.  Ariann may well end up being my favorite FO of 2006, but that won't be clear until 2007.

Bejeweledishalfwaydone There are only a couple of things to finish up in 2006.  Yarn to finish the Estonian Scarf is still on the spindle, so it will be an FO in 2007.  Bejeweled might make the finish line in 2006, as it is my carry around, easy knitting, but I'm only half way.  'Oh so still poor neglected', Jóhö is waiting patiently for a little lovin' and hopefully there will be knitting time this week to give her her due. Even if she doesn't see completion in 2006, any progress will be good.

Firstknitsfor07organizedandreadytogo_1While resolutions of any sort, or goals of the knitting kind, have not been the norm for me, it does feel good to mkae a clean (or fairly clean) sweep of 2006 projects and make ready for the 2007 knits. Yarns have been pulled from the stash, copies made and supplies organized. 

Cashmereconeofpurpleformyrtleleafshawl_3As soon as my eyes are open and my belly full of food and coffee, I'll be casting on January first for Lace-uary (which is not a formal KAL, but a state of mind).  The question remains if I'll have Jóhö finished before that date, but if the stars align in my favor it could happen. Birdsong and Knitnana are going to start a KAL for Hidcote (my first choice for Lace-uary). And just to prove that I'm crazy for lace, my second choice is the Myrtle Leaf Shawl from Victorian Lace Today.

To give no doubt as to the holes in my head, there will also be a new sock and sweater started in January.  January 1st may not be the day they are cast on, but certainly, before the month is a week old, both should be on the needles.  I think I'll keep you in suspense until then.


You made so many lovely things this year. I choose your Rosarie vest as my favorite. It's a knockout.

I love Seaweed. I think that my 2007 knit resolution (or one of them) may be to knit somelace lace that's larger than a scarf. My production (not high to begin with) is also down due to spinning; my overall bliss -- definitely up!

I'm still contemplating on my first project of the new year. I'm thinking perhaps a sweater for ME.

I don't know....for someone who is all "about the process", you sure seem to have a lot of PRODUCT there, lady! Make me look like a lazy slug.

I can't wait to see what new sweater you'll be pulling out of your hat!

How to choose just one project from Victorian Lace Today...

Laceuary! Love it ;) I have some things in mind for my New Year's project - I am going to do Bejeweled - but I was thinking of giving lace a try... of course, that may be more than I bargained for. I have a bad history with lace - but it is always a joy to see your lovely projects!

You are the knitting queen! So productive and always choosing tasteful knits. Love it. That Bejeweled scarf is such a beautiful use of that yarn!

My resolution for the new year is to finish up some of my WIPs (and to frog those that should never have been), and to learn to spin! I got a spindle and some wool months ago, and haven't yet had the time to have a lesson.

I love the Seaweed pattern - perhaps I need to move it up on my long-term "to do" list? I also really like the bird tracks shawl and scarf AS/JS have on the VY website.

Agreed. I'm wearing Ariann right now and am amazed how much I like it. (no, I didn't actually knit it).

Seaweed is fabulous. I'm seriously considering ordering the kit - the yarn is just so marvelous!

Look forward to seeing your Ariann. I love the edging on the Myrtle Leaf Shawl (and the shape)-it would look beautiful in that color yarn.

Gosh I wish I could be blessed with some of your knitting chutzpah. I want to wave my magic wand and make my noro scarf and my shadow shawl be FO's. *sigh*

All of your projects this year have been such beauties.

It's almost magic how the zen of process produces FOs. May 2007 be contemplative, joyful, and full of wool!

That Roxie is so clever, stealing the words right out of my head. Seaweed is gorgeous, but then so are all your projects.

Spinning does eat into the knitting time doesn't it?

I love all your projects this year and can't wait to see Ariann's debut.

Can't wait to see Ariann in all her glory! You've chosen such beautiful lace projects. I'm still not sure what lace project I want to start yet.

I too love all of your f.o.'s. I'm stealing your idea and have projects set to cast-on on 1 Jan. I'm not sure if the mojo works by "the more you cast on, the more you'll complete" or if that just means I'll have more WIP's lying around.

What a nice way to end the year with a retrospective of your knitting! It sounds like you've got great knitting plans for 2007. I like the idea of Lace-uary, as I've got one or two lace projects in the wings. Perhaps I'll cast on one of them on the First.

Thanks for all the inspiration and Zen this year. You definitely have changed the way I approach my knitting and spinning. Now if I can only find more time to do both!

I hope 2007 is full of love, light, joy, and fibery goodness for you!

Mm, I wondered if maybe that pink picture yesterday (or the day before?) was a completed Ariann. I just started the sleeves last night on mine. I'm looking forward to seeing a completed one in person.

I agree with you re: the Myrtle shawl. It is one of my favorites in that book, as well.

You did lots in 2006! Hope 07 brings you all you desire in knitting and life.

You inspired me with all your socks. When I was first starting to knit (about 1-1/2 years ago) I came to your blog and I saw all your lovely socks and I wanted to knit them all.

You have been an inspiration. Seeing all your beautiful knits has been inspiring.

I finally got my little mits on a copy of VLT and love the shawl you picked for second choice (one of the first that made me so excited just looking at it). It's going to be beautiful in the color you've chosen!

Lovely projects are the norm over here, but I agree that Seaweed was one of my favorites. I am excited for some lace in 2007 too, and some sweaters, and some socks, and some spinning...

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