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Chocolate just has never been a favorite flavor of mine.  As a child, when other kids eating the usual chocolate bars, I was enjoying Big Hunks or or perhaps a Butterfinger. Caramels and bars with nuts were my favorite choices. It wasn't until adulthood that I feel head over heels for chocolate.  REAL deep dark chocolaty goodness....GOOD, real chocolate.  Having one piece of chocolate is often enough for me, but one a day is a must.

Caseofhandmadechocoates Giftchocolatesineverynook Xocolate opened in Salt Lake City a few years ago and it has been difficult to stay away.  Their chocolate is fine, delicious, and completely addicting (in a good way).
The shop is very small, simply decorated and has beautiful xocolate on every wall. Right now they are featuring gift tins of Peppermint Bark for the Christmas Season. Gift boxes and bags are always ready, so you can run in for a quick gift or a special treat for yourself.

Have you been keeping up with the ABC-Along?  If you have a post for every letter of the alphabet then Anne and I have a special treat for you.  We'll pick our favorite "Z" and randomly draw names from all the ABCers, who made it to "Z", and both winners will receive....XOCOLATE! (You must email me so we won't miss your post.)


Post your "Z" before December 31st and then email me (on side bar) so we can check out your post.  Anne and I will pick a winner the first week of 2007.  Now, put on your thinking caps!


And why did we not visit this lovely shop when I was there? Hmmmmm?
I've kept up with the ABC Along. I haven't always been on time but I've posted for every letter so far. I consider it quite an accomplishment. ;-)

You are such an enabler, now I'm going to have to go down there and try that place for myself!

Oh my -- that looks delicious. I may have to do a little mail order.

There ought to be a warning on this post. Here I am about to have my breakfast and all I want to do is skip it and eat chocolate. Ugh!

I'm proud of any peron who hung in there through the entire alphabet during the ABCalong! I've been sad all year long that I missed out on joining up! If Anne does it next year I'm definitely in. And what a fun surprise it was to find that there is, of course, a perfect "X" right there in SLC! Fun! Now you've got me looking forward to reading the Z entries. I bet there aren't very many people who will actually qualify for the contest since they had to keep up with every letter all year! :)

Looks YUMMY! Thank you for the link!

Yummy. I adore Dagoba chocolate in whatever form I can find it! Thanks for the link, Margene. Sounds like a fun contest, too. I think I might actually qualify, only a few more letters to go. ; )

Looks yummy! Hmmmm... only a 9 hour drive to SLC. Anyone up for a road trip?!?!

I guess it's too late to start the ABC-Along now... Darn. BTW, I did see on her website that Beverly Hill's cakes -are- sold at The Store. You were right (of course).

I wish I was in the ABC-Along because that ia my absolutely favorite hot chocolate. Lucky winner!

Of course, now I wonder how "Xocolate" is pronounced...

love it.
that shop reminds me of the movie "Chocolate" - one of my favorites :-)
and I totally agree - chocolate every day is a must.
I have loved watching the ABC'along pop up all over blog land. It was a great idea.

I didn't know about this chocolate shop. You've done a great job with the ABC-Along showing us unique places in your town and state.

I am glad to hear I am not the only weirdo who could pass a chocolate bar up. Xocolate looks wonderful I will have to show my daughter. She has been piping chocolate at school now for 7 weeks, and it does look quite beautiful piped out into elaborate designs.

oooh -- i have that same hot chocolate mix. It is EXCELLENT!

I think you sent me some from there. It was delish!

Oooh - that lovely Dagoba cocoa is from over here in Oregon! Mmmmmm....good stuff.

Mmmm... xocolate! No better motivation - must dream up something very special for Z!!

I, of course, love the name..........
xtinec1 is my moniker.
((((((((((((more hugs)))))))))))))

I'm behind on my ABC pix but will try to catch up ~ we have some of that Dagoba hot chocolate and it is way tasty!

Yum! I do so adore good dark chocolate.

Xcellent X! I'm slavering on my keyboard. And WOW what a reward for staying faithful! You can bet I'll be there with my ZZZZZZs. I wasn't sleeping on this one this year!

Whahoooooooo! I'm in the running for this. Hee. I'm struggling with an X, but I'll think of one. YOU are so lucky that you have Xocolate. What a COOL NAME for a chocolate shop!

I'm on my 10-minute break. What a day. I have to finish work, then it's followed by an office meeting which will probably last all evening. (big changes -- I think I've already told you about them...) And tomorrow is another long day, so if I'm away from the keyboard (which I will be), don't fret.

I love Xocolate. Stopping by the shop is like a mini vacation.

Wowee! I've been able to keep up with the ABC's, too. What a great shop there, btw - so handy for "X is for...!"

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