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Knit Unto Others 2006

WIP Rundown

This is the view on my left as I drive south on I-15 to our home office in Utah County.


It's Mt. Timpanogos, which has a lovely legend (long, but fun if you want to read it). The round trip is almost 80 miles, but traffic is OK at the times I travel.  Working with the grrls in the home office has been enjoyable and the new job is more interesting.  Hopefully next week I won't be away from the computer quite so much.  I've missed reading all your blogs!

With very little time for knitting this week there has been very little progress on my few WIPs.  Simpletreksockonefini When there isn't enough time to knit, there isn't enough time to start anything new, either.  The Pink Granite sock was frogged as the advice from so many of you proved to be was crazy to knit STR medium weight with size 1 needles. By helping me to see the error of my ways you saved my sanity.  The yarn will soon be restarted as a Garter Rib socks. But, before starting any new sock knitting, I must finish up the Simple Trekking Sock. One sock is finished, the other just started and there is no rush to finish. The simplicity of the pattern has been comfort knitting during this busy time.

Ariannsleeve The Options needles arrived Monday and I cast on one of Ariann's sleeve in the Magic Loop method. At first it was a little discombobulating to knit in this manner, but after a couple of tires every thing fell into place and I made (slow) progress.  As the sleeve grows it should be easier to knit. I'm a lover of DPNs, but only the smallest of bamboos, and not when it feels like your knitting with logs.  Once the strangeness of knitting ML wears off I can see it will be nice for larger knit items. There are no plans to do away with DPNs for sock knitting.

Simplebuffaloscarf I did start a small simple scarf from the left over Buffalo yarn.  It's my lunch time knitting and gets only about 20 minutes a day.  Maybe it will be finished in time for Christmas, but I'm not really in any rush. It's the Boyfriend Cashmere scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

The Estonian Lace Scarf is sitting patiently waiting for a turn to grow.  This lovely shawl is at the bottom of my WIP list and likely to remain there until Ariann is finished. But, as I keep saying (more to myself than anyone else), there is no rush. While life is hectic I will relax and enjoy the beauty of the yarn, simplicity of the pattern and knit when I can.


Enjoying it is what it's all about. Lovely mountain photo.

I hope the long commute isn't going to be permanent! At least you have beautiful views for driving. Hang in there, knit when you can, blog when you can, and have fun!

Sounds like you have a lot of great wips and Ariann is such a beautiful color!

Sometimes I get caught up in trying to get something done and forget that I knit for enjoyment. If its no fun, don't do it! Sounds like you have your priorities right. Beautiful picture. Does it make the commute worthwhile?

I wish my ride to work was as beautiful! What you really need is a driver so you can knit for the ride.

I find that driving can be a great time to catch up with one's thoughts. Beautiful drive.

Keep me posted on your meanderings through the Magic Loop! ;)

I love the mtn views you give me Margene. Just beautiful.

And I've been coveting that new lace book so now I think I have to get a copy because AGOL is my fav and if its anything like that book I have to have VLT then!

So pretty. My drive yesterday was quite hellish. Fog you could cut with a knife, zero visibility, and behind a tractor-trailer pulling a Bobcat, chugging up the mountain at sometimes 15 miles an hour. I was a bit, shall we say, ON EDGE?!

Eighty miles is quite a hike but at least you have nice scenery to enjoy along the way. I finally ordered my Options on Monday and I can't wait for them to arrive.

Have you abandoned the After-Dark linen robe? I'm doing sleeve number two on my sweater using two circs for the first time and agree that it's better than knitting with baseball bats! How do you like the Options?

There is no rush. That's what I'm telling myself about all of my knitting projects. I'm not committing myself to ANY Christmas knitting so there truly is NO RUSH about anything. Whew. Nice to hear what you're doing and hope things slow down for you soon. :)

As you always say so aptly, Margene, it's the process. I get into these ideas of needing to finish something so quickly and then I realize it's my own made-up timetable. No need to hurry.

That's a helluva commute. Don't suppose there is any sort of car-pool finder in the area, is there? Save on gas and get knitting time while You meet new people.

Beautiful commute. I do miss my old drive (previous job) that took me past some great vistas. Enjoy the process!

What Teresa said: you need a driver. I'm lucky enough to carpool to and from work with my husband, who always drives (our view is not nearly so nice, though). I can't knit anything too complex as I need to keep up my end of the conversation, but I'm gonna start some easy Dulaan mittens and/or hats. That'll keep me going for KUO.

I wish my 'view to the left' on the way to work was even a smidge as interesting as yours! It's almost the weekend...
; )

Those mountains remind me of my family. A ton of them live in the Southern Idaho and Utah areas.

What a beautiful place you drive thru to collect your thoughts before and after the day.

I recently tried Knitpics double pointed needles and I LOVE them :-)

Heh. I only use the bamboo DPNs in larger sizes! The little ones snap so easily in my hands. I think you must be a more relaxed knitter than I am. ;-)

Magic Loop... what's next? Knitting socks toe-up? ;-)

Good advice about the pressure knitting is NOT supposed to induce... I am trying to KIS and not wish for more so much! Glad the new grrls are easy to work with and that the new responsibilities feel positive.

I love "Timp" as we Utah Countiers call it! And what is even more wonderful is that I can see it anytime I want - just look out the window. Have you ever hiked its trail? Or been through its cave? LOVE IT!!

Well, it's true there's no rush, but it can be frustrating to want to knit, but not have the free time.

I loved that folk tale so much I am going to print it out to tell the nieces and nephews this Chrstmas...the only time we really get sit-down-and-talk time! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Ariann looks great. I broke down and bought the pattern last week and I have some black yarn earmarked for it. I can't wait to see the finished sweater.

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