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Waiting for Another Weekend


The weekend weather was delightfully perfect, with blue skies and temps in the 60s.  The ski resorts are partially open and it would be nice to have more snow, but no one would really wish this weather away.  Winter will have a grip soon enough.  I drove to Stitch 'n Bitch on Sunday with my windows down and a cool breeze blowing through my hair.

Aonehomelesshatfinsihed It took the weekend to catch up with myself after the hectic schedule of last week.  Piles of laundry are much smaller and we even did a bit of house cleaning in anticipation of guests on Wendesday.  Most of my free time was spent with Emmylou or knitting a hat for KUO. The hat on the right is now finished and a second has been started.   

SetupmyspinningcornerSecondskeinofspunandpliedyarn_1 Emmylou now has her own corner in my junque room/studio and she and I have been making better music together.  It is rather exciting to watch my progress with each skein of yarn created.  The Poppy roving turned into yarn that is better than my first attempt, but more practice is still needed. And practice I did. 

Bobbinsfullofnewsingles The basket beside my chair is full of roving that has been readied for predrafting and spinning. It's the yarn I dyed at the Great Basin Fiber Festival last summer during Kate’s class. The intended colors were to be more like a Georgia O'Keefe painting, deep gold with deep poppy reds and oranges. The colors turnout a bit brighter, but I'm turning that in to a happy happening and spinning it up in chunks of color and will then mix and play with them while knitting.  Progress is being made and I'll update you as soon as I can on this process of learning, spinning, and plying. 

Today should be my last commute of the week to Utah County, as I need to work on the last vestiges of my old job.  I'm still at the same company, although we have a new name, and I still work with the same people.  So far change is good.  Spinning and my 'new' job are bringing more challenges on this path called life.  It's the process and I'll have much more to say on that subject, bet on it.


Good morning! That's a great attitude, Margene!

I love the bright colors! You and Emmylou are singing some nice duets! ; )

Love the music you and Emmylou are making. Keep up the great work!

I wish I could have done spinning that good in my first attempts! Lovely.

The spinning corner looks very cozy and warm.

Emmylou...what a name. Love it. Cute hat. Good luck closing up loose work ties.

Glad to hear that you and Emmylou are getting along better. The roving you dyed is spinning up nicely!

The spinning is looking vastly improved! So glad that the changes you're experiencing are good ones.

*sigh* Every time you post a picture of the mountains I get a little teary-eyed remembering a (long ago) time when I spent a summer working in Waterton National Park. Hugs.

VERY nice spinning! Don't forget that some of the inconsistencies will just evaporate when you knit that yarn. Have you knit with any of your handspun yet? It's amazing, even the "beginner" stuff!

The spinning looks great!

What a wonderful name for your wheel!

Yay! In no time at all you'll be an expert.

Your spinning looks wonderful so far. I cant wait to see how that roving spins up.

Ahhh...the weekend will be here before you know it. Hope you have Friday off too. Soon the change will become your normal routine and you'll forget all of the comotion.

What a great spot of Emmylou! Your yarn is looking better all the time. I practiced on Eve all weekend too. Wheel spinning is very different from spindling, no?

Poppy looks really nice and will be lovely when it's knit up. There are always challenges -- big and small -- I guess the trick is to roll with them (easier said than done, right?!?)

ohhh I love your orange/gold roving! YUM DIDDLEY!

Your yarn sure looks professional! Awesome. You're probably just a natural at it.
Good luck on the job too!

poppy yarn looks great! job change sounds good and so does your spinning progress....

I am not normally a fan of yellow or orange, but when they're mixed with red like that... splendid.

What a great name for your wheel...........I wanted to name Bella EmmyLou, but Bob vetoed it.
As is the case with all new things, practice will no doubt make perfect!

Beautiful spinning - beautiful roving! Happy Monday Margene! All things are right in the world when I get to the Z's and see a new post from you. Have a great week. I'm so glad to get the feeling of a positive outlook regarding the changes that have come your way. :)

Lovely new spinnning. I hope the new job turns out ok.

I love the red / orange! We're alternating between snow and heavy rain up here, but Whistler mountain opened last weekend and Blackcomb opens on Thursday and the alpine certainly has plenty to ski on!

Your spinning is looking great, it'll just get better and better.

What bright cheery colors to give you a weekend-off feeling. My weekend whizzed by, with no time at home,and today has been spent setting up a new computer system at home - you are the first blog I am commenting on! I can't get into Gmail yet, though...

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