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This week is packed full every day and every night with meetings and obligations.  There is little time to sit and knit or spin.  Even work is busy as I'm training for a new job and have been at a different location, away from Blogland.  I'm already looking forward to the weekend when there will be time to relax and catch up with my fibery pursuits.

This weekend is the start of Knit Unto Others and much of my knitting time will be spent knitting hats.  Also, the end of the year is coming quickly and it feels right to finish up what's on the needles and to begin the new year with a fabulous new project.  Last year, on January 1st, I cast on for Rosarie. New Years Day knitting, and a great new project, were the right combo for the January blahs.  I'm planning to start 2007 the same way.

Alpacasilkforvictorianshawl Friday this book arrived and I couldn't wait to sit and thumb through it.  Victoria Lace Today by Jane Sowerby is as elegant as a book can be.  The photographs are glorious and will take you back to a time when skirts were large and lace shawls hung around the shoulder of every Lady. The designs run the gamut from simple, yet elegant, to complicated and spectacular. The yarns and colors (oh the colors!) for each project enhance the lace and romance of the shawl.  The book is true eye candy and yet it is full of information. From the history of the Victorian Shawl, how to read charts, (the charts are excellent), how to block a shawl and other important lace information, this book covers it all.  You'll find it hard to choose the first shawl to knit.

Oh, and the cone of yarn sitting on top of the book? Well, that's where one thing led to the other. On a quick stop at Three Wishes Saturday, a display of colorful cones stopped me in my tracks.  It is alpaca/silk (1700 yds), lustrous and beautiful, soft to the touch, so I picked up a bright and happy Chinese Red/Orange.  The two together may be the perfect combination for my New Year Knitting.

Thoughts of knitting lace in the New Year leads to thoughts of the pooPoorjohohasbeenneglectedformonths r neglected Jóhö. Langsjal Jóhönnu, from Three-Cornered & Long Shawls, by Sigridur Halldórsdóttir, has not seen the light of day for several months.  In order to start anything new this poor lonely shawl must be finished.  There are no steadfast rules for finishing up WIPs, but the yarn and pattern are so beautiful that it's a crying shame to not finish and wear it.  Grayce's lace weight (Plain and Fancy Wool) is so soft that this stole can easily be worn  as a scarf. December knitting will be dedicated to Jóhö and I'll have her with me the rest of the winter.  

The reason I went shopping at Three Wishes in the first place was to find a fancy threading hook.  This one fit my desire and need perfectly and now hangs from my wheel.  As 'they' say, 'It's the little things'.


Now, if I can just find some time to spin.

Are you feeling stressed about your Holiday knitting?   Marcia has a solution that may help.  Read her post and comment if you'd like to knit throughout the year for Holiday gift giving.  She's thinking about setting up a blog and having a KAL for 2007.


That orifice hook is adorable! I've never seen one like that before. Does Three Wishes have lots like this to choose from?

I'm always looking for a fancy threading hook but I've yet to find one I really like.

That little hook suits you :-)!

Love the hook, love the beautiful red yarn.

I always mean to do my holiday knitting over the whole year, but somehow it doesn't happen. Last year I managed knitted gifts for the whole family. This year... well, maybe if I don't do anything else.

cute hook there. lovely yarn for a new shawl...what are you planning to do?

cute orifice hook! and that cone of red yarn caught my eye -- lovely!

That red yarn sounds wonderful. Red is such a powerful color and alpaca/silk - don't even get me started. I can't wait to see what it becomes.

I loved Jane's book, too. I cannot choose what to knit from the beautiful pages. There is a pound of white Zephyr calling out from the lace yarn tub. . . what to choose? Maybe I can wait until January and knit along with you.

I love that threading hook!! And this year I'm right there with you for the New Years knitting. I have a special project in mind for a sweater for my husband's birthday. But it's an aran. And his birthday is Jan 29th. Think maybe I should have started it before now? heh

CUUUTE hook! And that red yarn is wickedly gorgeous, but dare I ask whatever happened to the M/D Linen Robe? By the way, the "Gift-a-Month Club" was YOUR idea around this time last year! Thanks for the plug, though.

Hope you'll like your new job...
; )

Everyone at the shop has gone ga-ga over that book! Then the other one is called Artic Lace? Have you seen that one?


It flew right off the shelves.

I like your idea of how to start the new year. I find New Year's kind of sad since I hate the thought of the holidays ending so that is a nice way of beginning a new beginning!

What a great week you've had! The hook is just beyond cute, and I can't wait to see what you make with that pretty yarn.

I love the idea of starting a wonderful new project on the first of the year! You are an inspiration!

I'm happy to see poor Joho is back! I really can't wait to see her finished and another of your wonderful F.O. photoshoots! Beautiful threader too...oh what I wouldn't do for a LYS

I ordered the Victorian Lace book from Amazon, and I wanted it so much that I paid for 2 day shipping...............can't wait!!!!!!!

Lovely red - that should make for a very festive holiday lacey-thing!!!

I'm so excited about that book - I should be getting my copy tomorrow.

Love the hook. Were you able to see any of the Victorian Lace shawls modelled at the Stitches events? Jane Sowerby was lovely and they were more gorgeous in real life than the pics.

Really cute hook! I always contemplate finishing all WIP & look forward to a New Year's day of fiber. If it doesn't get done, 2007 will have nice FOs right?

I love that hook!

Love the cardinal on the hook!

That orifice hook is the cutest! I'm having some major covetous thoughts over here... ;o)

I like your idea of finishing up WIP before the end of the year. I think I will try that, Margene. As always, you inspire me, but so far I stand back and admire spinning - no thoughts of diving in just yet!

The cone of red makes it worthwhile getting other things off the needle, so you can devote your time to something red and beautiful!

So, what's your first project from the book going to be? ;) I've started on the Hexagon Spider's Web and have added about half a dozen more to my must-do list. It really is a beautiful book and so much pretty lace!

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