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Knit Unto Others 2006

Tomorrow is the official kick off for Knit Unto Others.  For the next two weeks, Carole and I ask you to join us in giving thanks for the bounty we have by giving of your knitting time. Knit anything you like and give it to the charity of your choice.  There are so many places around Blogland that have put out the call for warm knits and a few links can be found on the side bar of the KUO blog.

Homelesshatsforknituntoothersnov I'm already knitting a hat that will go to the Good Samaritan Society where Blogless Val volunteers her time.  I use Susan's Amber Hat  as a template as it makes for very quick knitting.  Soft wool yarn makes very warm hats. 

Stacey is in the process of knitting loomed hats for KUO.  She took a fall while at work and dislocated her elbow.  During the visit to the ER to have it realigned, the Dr. broke it  (can you believe that!?) and she had to have surgery. She's now healing and doing well in physical therapy.  Stacey believes that if she can contribute, then anyone can.

Many bloggers have stepped up with prizes for the participants.


KPixie has generously donated a $75.00 gift voucher to their shop. Carole and I thought this should go to the person who knits the most items over the next two weeks (Nov. 18-Dec. 2, 2006).

Other prizes (names will be drawn randomly from the participant list):

Susan and Laurie are teaming up. Susan will knit face clothes and soap socks to be filled with Laurie's fragrant soaps. Blogless Karen is donating a skein of her fabulous Sleeping Dragon Yarn and Mim will donate three of her fabulous patternsCrown Mountain Fibers and Scout's Swag will also supply us with gifts as will Carole and I.   There may be a couple of other prizes, too. We'll draw names on December 3rd and announce the winners on Monday the 4th.

Leaving a comment on the KUO blog is enough to sign you up so you can give of your talents and perhaps receive a lovely gift in return.

Enjoy your weekend!


My needles are ready!!
Have a great weekend, Margene.

I'm in. Hats are fun and such a quick knit! What are the 2 yarns I see?

Must finish my dulaan sweater...thanks to you and carole for hosting this. :)

I think I already said I was in, but if not, I'm in. I'm donating a prize too.

I'm THERE! What a generous prize from Kpixie. I know I won't get that one. heh But I'll be knit knit knitting for various charitiess over the next two weeks. :)

Ack!! No - Suzannah isn't knitting. hehe It's Mommy. :)

I better go sign up. It's time to knit Santa hats for The Preemie Project.

Each one reach one. Your generous heart is inspiring SO many giving hands! OK if I just take some hats down to the local homeless shelter?

wow, kpixie is so generous!

I'm ready and waiting for midnight.

I'm in! I've already got yarn and a pattern all lined up. And I'd love to donate a "Make One" t-shirt as well. Size and color to be determined by the winner.

Fun prizes, even... I was signing up without them, just to focus on some gift knitting for others, but that is the icing on the cake. Thanks to all the generous prize providers.

congratulations on the new job! you'll find your balance soon with it...

I've already got my projects picked out!

I'm doing a little bit which is all I can manage right now but every little bit helps. Great idea!!! My blogless best friend and I are knitting for a woman who has lost so much in her life. My story is on my blog.

Will knit socks...will worry about who to give them to later ;)

i don't have much knitting time these next few weeks, but you can put me down for part of the prize partrol.

Sounds like some fabulous prizes, you generous folks, you. Big hugs, grrlfriend.

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